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in a band that spread east through various countries of the Middle East all the way to India

but it was only in the nineteenth century that they disappeared from everywhere but India

Well I'd like to talk to you now about the Gir Sanctuary in India

There are now around three hundred Asiatic lions in India and almost all of them are in this sanctuary

India's lions are particularly vulnerable because they have a limited gene pool

When you see the Asiatic lion in India what you sense is enormous vitality

in ancient India one of the greatest tests of leadership for a man was to fight a lion

Now it seems in modern India it will be a great test to see if the lion can be saved

This gentlemen is Colonel Sebastian Moran once of Her Majesty's Indian Army and the best heavy game shot that our Eastern Empire has ever produced

He was the best shot in India and I expect that there are few better in London

Clubs The Anglo Indian the Tankerville the Bagatelle Card Club

He was always a man of iron nerve and the story is still told in India how he crawled down a drain after a wounded man eating tiger

Without any open scandal he still made India too hot to hold him

For example in Big Brother's speech in the Times of 17 March he had said that South India was safe

The Eurasians had attacked South India not North Africa

I'll need it for my missionary work in India, and you could help me to learn it by studying with me.

Jane, come with me to India as a missionary!

I've seen how hard you can work, Jane. You will be a great help to me with Indian women, and in Indian schools.

So I said, I'm ready to go with you to India, but as a sister, not as a wife.

St John achieved his ambition by going to India as planned, and is still there.

One very warm evening in the Seeonee hills in Southern India, Father Wolf woke up from his day's rest

The wolves of India do not like him, because he runs around making trouble and telling bad stories about them

A lot of this e waste is shipped overseas to countries like China and India.

New Delhi is one of the biggest cities in India.

Also, chaining wild animals goes against India s wildlife protection laws.

India. Oh right. And what will you be studying?

It was a minute anatomical and generally descriptive account of the large fulvous Ourang Outang of the East Indian Islands.

He had lately made a voyage to the Indian Archipelago.