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There are root systems to consider and branches blocking windows and so on

So we choose one branch of the industry and then we look at how two different groups of people use it Is that right

It must be the branch of a tree, I thought, and tried to sleep again

When it did not open, I broke the glass angrily and stretched out my hand towards the branch

Suddenly there was a terrible crash of thunder, and the branch of a tree fell on to the roof

And lastly please don't even move rocks or branches to take photographs you should leave the site intact I'm sure I can rely on you to do that

Only a little sunlight came through their thick branches. Everything was very quiet.

Down below Baloo was shouting angrily, and Bagheera was trying to climb up the tree, but he was too heavy for the thin branches

The monkeys jumped from tree top to tree top, crashing through the leaves and branches

Okay. We like to think of geography as having two main branches.

Once a business has successfully introduced a new process managing a branch bank, say, or selling a new product

branch banks, retail stores, real estate agencies, factories, call centres to name but a few.

where exactly is the restaurant? Well, we have two branches the one we're recruiting for is in Hillsdunne Road.

the branch of a Danish sports goods company that opened a few years ago

it's attracted a lot of custom, and so the company has now decided to open another branch in the area.

The faculty of re solution is possibly much invigorated by mathematical study, and especially by that highest branch of it

Thousands of tapers were burning upon the green branches, and colored pictures, like those she had seen in the show windows, looked down upon it all.

The sportsmen were lying in wait all round the moor, and some were even sitting up in the branches of the trees, which spread far over the reeds.

where the elder trees smelt sweet, and bent their long green branches down to the canal that wound through the region.

Even the elder tree bent its branches straight down into the water before him, and the sun shone warm and mild.

With pious gratitude the girl looked upon this glorious work of God, and bent down over one of the branches, that she might examine the flower and inhale the sweet perfume.

Close by grew a slender, beautiful, rose bush, but some wicked hand had broken the stem, and the half opened rosebuds hung faded and withered on the trailing branches.

The tree bends for ward slightly, and the branches hang quite down to the ground just like green hair.

The branches of the old willow tree rustled in the wind, and large water drops fell from his green leaves as if the old willow were weeping.

then I would spread out my branches on every side, and my top would over look the wide world.

After the branches were lopped off, the trunks looked so slender and bare, that they could scarcely be recognized.

These young trees, which were chosen for their beauty, kept their branches, and were also laid on wagons and drawn by horses out of the forest.

They are not taller than I am: indeed, one is much less; and why are the branches not cut off? Where are they going?

And then, asked the fir tree, trembling through all its branches, and then what happens?

On one branch they hung little bags cut out of colored paper, and each bag was filled with sweetmeats;

from other branches hung gilded apples and walnuts, as if they had grown there;

and above, and all round, were hundreds of red, blue, and white tapers, which were fastened on the branches.

It trembled so with joy in all its branches, that one of the candles fell among the green leaves and burnt some of them.

At last the candles burnt down to the branches and were put out.

Oh, how they rushed upon it, till the branches cracked, and had it not been fastened with the glistening star to the ceiling, it must have been thrown down.

except the children's maid who came and peeped among the branches to see if an apple or a fig had been forgotten.

then came another; and they both sniffed at the fir tree and crept between the branches.

Now I shall live, cried the tree, joyfully spreading out its branches;

Look what is sticking to the ugly old fir tree, said the child, treading on the branches till they crackled under his boots.

An elder tree hangs over the palings; and beneath its branches, at the foot of the paling, is a pool of water, in which a few ducks are disporting themselves.