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I guess the best place to start is the Cathedral and then the Castle

The Castle is just open from one to five so we can't go there until after lunch

The Castle's open every day except Mondays so we're OK there and the Gardens of course only close at night

the Rembrandt then have lunch and go on to the Castle after that and then theCathedral

On Saturday the 16th there's Building Castles Oh sounds great

which is set in the parkland that used to surround the old castle

This one here is the Fordham Site and the other is on Castle Road

Oh yes I see But the Castle Road site has books on the sociology of education

There are departures from Central Station, Castle Hill and Long Walle This is a hop on hop off service and tickets are valid for 24 hours

Later that day, as the sun was going down, the same coach stopped in a village near the Marquis's castle.

When the Marquis arrived at his castle, he asked if his nephew, Monsieur Charles, had arrived from England.

The castle was surrounded with darkness.

The people in the castle did not get up until later, but when they did, why did the great bell start ringing?

Why did people run out of the castle to the village as fast as they could?

Yes, all of them. The castle and all of the family of Evremonde.

Jacques, said the stranger. He shook the road mender's hand, and turned to look at the Marquis's castle on the hill.

No one saw the four men who came quietly to the castle and said nothing.

But soon the castle itself could be seen in the dark sky.

Monsieur Gabelle called loudly for help, but the people in the village watched and did nothing to save the castle where the Marquis had lived.

Castles were burned, laws were changed, and the rich and powerful nobles died their heads cut off by that terrible new machine of death, the Guillotine.

They climb the mountain to see the castle, and they wind up thinking that the past was better than what we have now.

But I'd like to see the castles in the towns where they live, the boy explained.

he had already seen many castles and met many women but none the equal of the one who awaited him several days hence.

I'm a shepherd, and I have been to many places, but I come from only one place from a city near an ancient castle. That's where I was born.

As he walked past the city's castle, he interrupted his return, and climbed the stone ramp that led to the top of the wall.

I left my father, my mother, and the town castle behind.

The lad wandered through the desert for forty days, and finally came upon a beautiful castle, high atop a mountain. It was there that the wise man lived.

Rather than finding a saintly man, though, our hero, on entering the main room of the castle, saw a hive of activity

So, he called his bar King's Castle.

Let the rain fall on the window pane, And fill the castle keep,

One minute I held the key Next the walls were closed on me And I discovered that my castles stand Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

Let him discourse; it will ease his conscience, I am satisfied with having defeated him in his own castle.

She is not to be seen at all, said they all together; she lives in a great copper castle, with a great many walls and towers round about it

They all say she is very beautiful; but what is the use of that, if she has always to sit in the great copper castle with the many towers?

The dog did not notice at all how the flour ran out in a stream from the castle to the windows of the Soldier's house, where he ran up the wall with the Princess.

The Princess came out of the copper castle, and became Queen, and she liked that well enough.

but the most attractive to the eye was a pretty little paper castle.

In front of the castle a number of little trees surrounded a piece of looking glass, which was intended to represent a transparent lake.

All this was very pretty, but the prettiest of all was a tiny little lady, who stood at the open door of the castle;

and lives in a castle, while I have only a box to live in, five and twenty of us altogether, that is no place for her.

there were the same children, the same playthings, standing on the table, and the pretty castle with the elegant little dancer at the door;

And this little daughter was a princess, and people streamed to the castle, and Karen was there also,

He walks about in the castle garden and on the promenades.