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if you think you're already under stress well just wait till classes begin next week

The kids go around the class measuring things you know how long the desk is and that sort of thing

pushing each other around a classroom like that Someone could get hurt

But I naively chose a college that was almost as expensive as Stanford and all of my workingclass parents' savings were being spent on my college tuition

The minute I dropped out I could stop taking the required classes that didn't interest me and begin dropping in on the ones that looked interesting

Because I had dropped out and didn't have to take the normal classes I decided to take a calligraphy class to learn how to do this

If I had never dropped out I would have never dropped in on this calligraphy class and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of 99 wear sunscreen

For that you would join an evening class and have a lecture twice a week

This College for example is one of the educational institutions which offers night classes in Money Management

OK Oh by the way another thing I was wondering about was if you ran any writing classes through the library

He's our resident author He runs the creative writing classes

Are the classes here at the library

and so all this term we run small classes which will bring you up to speed on how to access the computer loaded information

Naturally we do still have the full range of classic reference books additional to the CD ROMS

We have a range of classes too

Do you have judo classes I'm keen to learn

We're planning to add judo and stretch classes soon We're currently running a range of yoga classes too

You can also join in as many classes as you like for free

And do I have to pay for classes

Yes it's £3 for each class you join

You've got a choice of first and second class and there's a buffet car

though refreshments are included in the cost of a first class ticket

But I'm afraid I didn't manage to get hold of the essays about classroom manageme

Well we should include classical Some people like it you know

Moriarty supplied him liberally with money and used him only in one or two very highclass jobs which no ordinary criminal could have undertaken

We'll sit apart from them, as we're of a lower class! Will that please you, Edgar darling? Decide quickly! I must have him near me! Ellen, you go and bring him up, said Mr Edgar

You have paid a great deal of money to stay in this first class hotel with its contemporary technology

a natural feature here long before the park was designed Just next to it we have our outdoor classroom

As the bell rang a third time to indicate the beginning of lessons, the girls moved into four groups around four tables, and the teachers came into the room to start the Bible class.

I was put in the bottom class. How glad I was when it was time for breakfast!

I stayed in the bottom class, but noticed the girl that I had been talking to was in another class.

Her class were studying history, and her teacher, Miss Scatcherd, appeared constantly annoyed by her.

But even with her help I don't concentrate properly in class,

I could just hear because I was at the front of the class.

Inside, in the long, cold, silent classroom, a lonely boy sat reading near a small fire.

To put it simply, this woman could be classed as a prostitute, but the complexity in the web of social relationships,

Without any doubt, this woman goes to bed with men in exchange for money, a fact that might allow us to classify her without further consideration as a prostitute,

In American schools, almost every classroom is a mix of boys and girls.

Recently, though, some schools are reconsidering separating classes.

They just study without boys in the classroom.

They also behave differently in the classroom.

In a separated classroom, they behave better and can focus on studying.

Another reason for separated classes is that boys and girls often like different things.

In an all boys English class, the teacher can choose books that will be interesting to boys.

Not all the classes are separated just the main subjects like English, math, science, and social studies.

Right now, less than six hundred schools are trying separate classrooms.

City leaders asked for help. So the schools allowed students to take time off from class.

They can easily get angry with their friends or get in trouble in class.

I've just remembered that's my evening class night.

Oh, it was First Class Movers.

Welcome to class, Danny.

6. Good morning, class. Good morning!

And this is Dominique. She's in my English class.

2. What time is your Japanese class, Rod?

5. Susan, what time is your dance class? It's at nine forty five. it's nine fifty now.

Do you go to class on the weekend, too?

I have classes from Monday to Friday, but not on the weekends.

Good, thanks. Let's have some breakfast before class.

It's famous throughout the world as one of the major venues for classical music.

If you're interested in classical music, then we recommend you go along to the National on either Monday or Tuesday evening at 7. 30 for a spectacular production of The Magic Flute probably the most popular of all Mozart's operas.

Also, in class we regularly had speed reading tasks to do, and we kept a record of our reading speed, so the teachers were encouraging us to work on that.

Sometimes in the English class I felt frustrated when I had to read articles about the environment or health or education, because I wanted to concentrate on my own field.

The majority of students say that they enjoy using it because it provides a variation on the classroom routine

Well, the library is big enough to incorporate the Self Access Centre, but it wouldn't be like a class activity anymore.

and we've certainly got room to do it, but it's the problem of timetabling a teacher to be in there outside class hours.

The students could study the main course book in class and then do follow up practice in the Self Access Centre. That sounds good.

I'll have to talk to the teachers and make sure we can all reach some agreement on a timetable to supervise the centre after class.

What about if we agree to only use it before and after class? Yes, that would be fine.

One well known writer has classified company cultures by identifying four major types.

Well, I found computer modelling fascinating I have no problem following what's being taught, whereas quite a few of my classmates find it difficult.

McElroy says she sees a great difference in Aelane and her classmates.

And as a classroom teacher that's phenomenal because, you know, there is very little that I can do to convince a kid to go home and practice reading, where 20 minutes a week with Izzy is all that they need.

The American state of Texas joined eight other states this week in giving individuals a right to bring guns to college classrooms.

Under the new law, people are permitted to carry guns into college buildings, classrooms and student housing.

Then, after her son was born in 2010, Makkonen decided to start taking classes at another school in Maryland called Montgomery College.

It lets students choose a class schedule that does not conflict with their work or parenting duties.

The economy was growing and many Brazilians entered the middle class for the first time.

Sousa said, during the best times, middle class people would come and socialize with people in the favela.

Brazilian economist Rodrigo Magalhaes said people who recently moved up into the middle class were hurt most by the economic slowdown.

It's the classical dilemma between the head and the heart;

It's the classical dilemma between the head and the heart, The head and the heart;

And in this classical dilemma, I find for the heart.

First Direct Nigeria is designed for the expanding class of health conscious people who live in the city.

I never thought of it. I mean, he was seven at some point. He was in somebody's English class, wasn't he?

Coincidences, in general, are great stumbling blocks in the way of that class of thinkers who have been educated to know nothing of the theory of probabilities

Moliere is named, the learned men talk of the classic school of remote antiquity.

and with this class of emancipated women the two Maidens in the shed associated themselves.

He examined and tested the plant, but it did not belong to his system of botany, nor could he possibly find out to what class it did belong.

When the students come out of class, he walks beside them with a book under his arm, and wearing a black coat.

For example, one celebrity who was very proud of his working class London roots or origins discovered that he's actually a direct descendent of an English king!

So, where's your favourite getaway, Dan? My favourite getaway is my yoga class. I find it really, really refreshing.

I prefer classic and timeless.