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first we've got to write an essay about ways of collecting data Then

I've got it here Assess the two main methods of collecting data in social science research

we have to choose one method of data collection and carry out a small scale study

Did you get as far as discussing which form of data collection we should go for questionnaire or interview isn't it

At Pedal Power we collect secondhand bikes in the UK and send them to some of the poorest regions in the world

Now there are many ways in which you can support the work of Pedal Power not just by taking a bike to a collection in your area

We also discovered that waste that's collected from householders is taken to places called bring banks for sorting and baling into loads

but only 500000 tons of that is collected and recycled

Oddly enough half the glass that 's collected is green

and one of its most successful activities is recycling plastic bottles to make containers which are used all over the country to collect waste

At the moment 500 million polycups are collected processedand sold on to other businesses

Next we have Gina Costello she's the treasurer and she will collect the fees from you for the season

It's a training resource a collection of materials for people to study on their own or use in their own organisations

and you will be in the red team so please collect a red Tshirt

and a collection of textbooks and teaching resources covering most of the subjects taught in secondary schools

I remember that as I picked them up I observed the title of one of them THE ORIGIN OF TREE WORSHIP and it struck me that the fellow must be some poor bibliophile who either as a trade or as a hobby was a collector of obscure volumes

To my astonishment it was none other than my strange old book collector his sharp wizened face peering out from a frame of white hair and his precious volumes a dozen of them at least wedged under his right arm

Maybe you collect yourself sir

Already a few loiterers had begun to collect in the street

My collection of M's is a fine one said he

You may have some recollection of the death of Mrs Stewart of Lauder in 1887

You know I collect the money for Victory Mansions and we're going to have the best flags around

Perhaps you could collect it from my flat at a convenient time

that should give you plenty of time to, you know, collect your baggage, maybe grab a coffee?

More importantly it's full of equipment that's designed to collect data

Well at this stage nothing, but as it rises to the surface it collects all sorts of data

Then when it gets back to the surface all the data it's collected is beamed up to the satellite

One morning in March 1780, Jerry had to go to the Old Bailey to collect an important message from Mr Lorry.

Well, we collect data to begin with!

Maps can be folded and put in a pocket and can provide a great store of reference when they're collected into an atlas.

We collect them up and take them back to the laboratory to examine the contents. How do you do that?

I thought you might also be interested in some of the problems I encountered in collecting my data

The immense collection of people and animals began to travel faster.

To the boy's surprise, the Englishman took a chrome plated revolver out of his bag and gave it to the men who were collecting the arms.

It's a collection of Chinese Art called Faces of China that's in Gallery 1

Stranding networks have been established around the world to aid in rescuing animals and collecting samples from those that could not be helped.

By using a device that reads bar code information, waste collection crews will be able to know if the home owner has paid for their services.

In an instant afterward I recollected myself, and my astonishment was profound.

As we crossed into this street, a fruiterer, with a large basket upon his head, brushing quickly past us, thrust you upon a pile of paving stones collected at a spot where the causeway is undergoing repair.

As soon as they forced an entrance, they reclosed the door, to keep out the crowd, which collected very fast, notwithstanding the lateness of the hour.

Then came the swineherd; he was collecting thistles and shrubs to burn them for the ashes.

In the course of the winter the bird had in this way collected many crumbs and given them to other birds,