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and these provide us with evidence for the effects of such human activities as agriculture and industry

but you also recognize the culture of the organization

We are very fortunate to be going to an area where you can find some of the most important sites in the entire world And I hope to show you how easy it is for everyone to make mistakes in looking at cultures which are different from our own the first and most important lesson we have to learn

This shows you some of the dangers of coming from one culture to another, as we'll be doing, without understanding it fully

It may be disrespectful to the people of that culture, and certainly don't make fires, however romantic it may seem

Their culture is so rich all those wonderful stories.

We have economic geography in which we examine all kinds of resources and their use agriculture, for example.

Every Friday evening we put the spotlight on different arts and culture facilities, and look at the shows and events that are on offer in the coming week.

And we often refer to these social characteristics as the culture of the organisation

One well known writer has classified company cultures by identifying four major types.

The first type is called the Power Culture, and it's usually found in small organisations.

It's the type of culture that needs a central source of power to be effective,

Now one of the benefits of this culture is that the organisation has the ability to act quickly,

And the kind of person who does well in this type of business culture is one who is happy to take risks, and for whom job security is a low priority.

The next type is known as Role Culture that's R O L E, not R O L L, by the way, and this type is usually found in large companies, which have lots of different levels in them.

What are the benefits of this kind of culture?

On the other hand, this culture is often very slow to recognise the need for change, and even slower to react.

What kind of person does this type of culture suit?

Moving on now to Task Cultures this type is found in organisations that are project oriented.

Now one of the major benefits of this culture is that it's flexible.

People who like working in groups or teams prefer this type of culture.

And finally, the fourth category is called the Person Culture

He said there is a culture of concealment at the FDIC.

Every year, scientists discover remarkable new microbes in Yellowstone's hot springs, with implications for medicine, agriculture and energy, as well as offering clues to the formation of the earliest life on Earth.

and that for all our embrace of this great food culture and everything,

Exactly, we're aware of a great food culture, we embrace this culture but only for special occasions.