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Now small amounts like this may seem insignificant for individual customers

Let me issue you with a customer reference number for when you call back

but if it does, we also want all customers to be insured.

As a regular customer, you'll be kept informed of special offers,

The research suggests that even the most opulent, luxurious hotels seem to have underestimated the most basic needs of their customers

Down one street there was a small shop, where an old man was sitting waiting for customers.

Miss Manette, he said. I have a strange story to tell you, about one of the customers of Tellson's Bank. That's where I work.

In the wine shop of Monsieur Defarge there were not many customers and Defarge was outside, talking to a man in the street.

Defarge came in and his wife looked at him, then turned her eyes to look at two new customers, a man of about sixty and a young lady.

In Monsieur Defarge's wine shop in Saint Antoine customers came and went all the time.

One day there were more customers than usual.

One customer got up and went out.

As soon as they saw this, the customers stopped talking and, one by one, without hurrying, left the wine shop.

My work is to find and hide papers that might be dangerous to our customers.

looked at one of the customers, and cried out in a loud voice, Oh Solomon, dear Solomon! I've found you at last, dear brother! But whatever are you doing here in Paris?

In Defarge's wine shop the only customer was Jacques Three, who had been on the Tribunal that had decided Darnay should die.

Call on a specific number of prospects or customers.

20 percent of your customers will account for 80 percent of your sales.

He had been in the same place for thirty years: a shop at the top of a hilly street where few customers passed.

In half an hour, he had cleaned all the glasses in the window, and, as he was doing so, two customers had entered the shop and bought some crystal.

Two customers came in today while you were working, and that's a good omen.

The merchant turned to a customer who wanted three crystal glasses. He was selling better than ever… as if time had turned back to the old days when the street had been one of Tangier's major attractions.

Business has really improved, he said to the boy, after the customer had left.

You've never had dreams of travel, said the boy, turning to wait on a customer who had entered the shop.

Two more months passed, and the shelf brought many customers into the crystal shop.

He went down the stairs and found the merchant waiting on a foreign couple, while two other customers walked about the shop, drinking tea from crystal glasses.

4. Hello. Star Computers. This is Kevin Geary. Ah, Mr. Geary. How are you? I'm fine. Could I please speak to . . . ? I'm sorry. She's with a customer.

There will be free tickets for local sporting events for the first 50 customers, and also a special competition open to all.

The FDIC holds secret information about the country's largest banks and its customers.

Other reports say many more computers were illegally entered and the information of individual bank customers was stolen.

Our ideal customer is somebody who is a maker or a hacker type person who wants to grow their own food but doesn't have the time.

The core problem is that they remove the paying customer in this case the student from the equation, Michel said.

It is real customers that are working and need lunch and want it delivered by drone, he said.