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It was pretty scary at the time but looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made

But of course this is the very worst time for anyone to make important decisions

Syme was an enthusiastic supporter of the Party's decisions about war prisoners thoughtcrime the deaths in the underground rooms below the Ministry of Love

As he realized now he had given in he had been ready to belong to them a long time before he had made the decision

Instead, people making these decisions often use a range of psychological tests

Continually remind yourself that one of the most important decisions you make each day is your choice of what you will do immediately and what you will do later, if you do it at all.

You need three qualities to develop the habits of focus and concentration which are all learnable. They are decision, discipline and determination.

First, make a decision to develop the habit of task completion.

he seriously considered that it was unwise to remain in this state of indecision, shall I wake up, shall I not wake up, shall I wake up, shall I nowake up,

A goal or decision without a deadline has no urgency. It has no real beginning or end.

This decision, this discipline alone, can make you one of the most productive and successful people at your generation.

They never have to make any decisions, he thought.

Always ask an objective question. But, if you can, try to make your own decisions.

But I had to insist on the payment of six sheep because I helped you to make your decision.

From then on, he would make his own decisions.

I promised that I would make my own decisions, he said to himself.

The man still said nothing, and the boy sensed that he was going to have to make a decision.

He said that to himself with certainty, but he was no longer happy with his decision.

He still had some doubts about the decision he had made.

But he was able to understand one thing: making a decision was only the beginning of things.

When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.

And joining this caravan may have been my decision, but where it goes is going to be a mystery to me.

And, one day, the leader of the caravan made the decision that the fires should no longer be lighted, so as not to attract attention to the caravan.

because it depends too much on one or two people at the top, and when these people make poor decisions there's no one else who can influence them.

What we'll do is jot down some points that might help you in your decision.

Doing so, may give a business leader an incentive to make decisions that increase profits for a short period of time.

Those same decisions may harm the company over the long term.

Then how? Fortunately, there is but one mode of reasoning upon the point, and that mode must lead us to a definite decision.

He did not turn back a second time, but stepped up with decision, and rapped at the door of our chamber.

It's particularly interesting that being an artist is an autonomous career meaning you have the freedom to make your own decisions and apparently this is not common for women in Japan.