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where he discusses the research results And lastly there's Forster

then we can advise you and discuss the career you are aiming for so that you can see it all in context

Did you get as far as discussing which form of data collection we should go for questionnaire or interview isn't it

This presentation is essentially a summary and discussion of the key points of this report

Then you'd have to attend a seminar or discussion workshop one weekend a month

Well you can discuss that with my colleague in a moment

liaise between you and discuss your concerns with them

I didn't think it was all that wonderful when we had great long group discussion sessions that went on for hours and hours

I don't mean we shouldn't have group discussions just that they shouldn't go on too long

Ah well in fact what I want you two to do is to go away when we've finished our discussion today and write a report

Your department will discuss the planning stage of the dissertation

Are you sure that you are really fit to discuss things I have given you a serious shock by my unnecessarily dramatic reappearance

We have three years of the past to discuss

And now Watson let me see you in your old seat once more for there are several points which I should like to discuss with you

And we'll talk more about it next week! Now before I invite you to join in a discussion in this second part of the seminar, I'd like to make some very important points about our fieldwork and in fact any field trip to look at rock art

Well, that's about all I want to say before today's first discussion, but if you have any questions please ask them now and don't forget you'll find some fascinating information about world wide sites on the Internet

this week I'm going to discuss the luxury end of the market Let's consider the following scenario

The idea of building a public park here was first discussed when a property developer proposed a high rise housing development

She played the piano excellently, she sang sweetly, she discussed intelligently, and all the time her flashing eyes, rich black curls and fine figure attracted glances from every gentleman in the room.

Discussing the gipsy, I imagine.

I read the books they read, and we discussed them eagerly.

He had clearly not imagined that men and women could discuss such deep feelings together.

I'm going to pay you well, and help you with your family, and we'll discuss it all this afternoon over a Christmas drink, Bob!

Either decide for yourself or sit down with your boss and discuss your goals and objectives until you are crystal clear about exactly what is expected of you and in what order of priority.

It is amazing how many people are working away, day after day, on low value tasks because they have not had this critical discussion with their manager.

Among the relatives I've known or have heard discussed, no one,

if you want me to believe you, then, of course, I believe you, but I have my orders, unless you tell me what you want to discuss I can take this matter no further,

The men fell into an animated discussion.

The man hadn't participated in the discussion, and, in fact, hadn't said a word up to that point.

The discussion ended. The chieftains were silent for a few moments as they listened to what the old man was saying.

Well, the power company have agreed to bear the cost of this themselves after a lot of discussion with the council.

I'd like to discuss with you the value of the English for Academic Purposes course you did here last year before starting your university course.

during the whole semester I've not said anything in our tutorial discussions. Not a word.

They use so many colloquialisms, they're not very polite and sometimes there seems to be no order in their discussion.

Also, they are very familiar with each other so because they know each other's habits they can let each other into the discussion.

and then it was much easier for me to be part of the discussion.

Hi Jun. As you know, I've asked you here today to discuss the future of our Self Access Centre.

OK, anyway that's great for now. We'll discuss it further when we've managed to

Well, some people find it helpful to organise peer group discussions you know, each week a different person studies a different topic and shares it with the group.

Well, there are four of us in the group and one day while we were discussing a possible focus, two of the group mentioned that they had seen yet more sparrow hawks one of Britain's most interesting birds of prey in their own city centre gardens and wondered why they were turning up in these gardens in great numbers.

Our own informal discussions with neighbours and friends led us to believe that many garden owners had interesting experiences to relate regarding wild animal sightings

This was the last subject we discussed.

and since, when we discussed this subject not very long ago, I mentioned to you how singularly, yet with how little notice, the vague guesses of that noble Greek had met with confirmation in the late nebular cosmogony,

Well, we'll talk more about that later in the show, but I should say at this point that today we're discussing genealogy

Anyway, today we're discussing memory and whether we can remember things accurately.

I'm Dan And I'm Neil. In this programme we'll be discussing romance, as well as teaching you 6 new items of vocabulary, of course.

I'm Dan And I'm Neil. In this programme we'll be discussing armed police, as well as teaching you six new items of vocabulary, of course.

I'm Dan And I'm Catherine. In this programme we'll be discussing life expectancy, as well as teaching you 6 new items of vocabulary, of course

I'm Dan And I'm Catherine. In this programme we'll be discussing mermaids, as well as teaching you 6 new items of vocabulary, of course

I'm Dan And I'm Neil. In this programme we'll be discussing the lovely topic of lunch and what our lunch choices say about us.