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Today we're going to look at one of my favorite fish the shark

Sharks are rather large fish often growing to over ten meters and the longest sharks caught in Australia have reached sixteen meters

Sharks have a different structure to most fish instead of a skeleton made of bone

The shark's skin isn't covered with scales like other fish

Unlike other fish sharks have to keep swimming if they want to stay at a particular depth

While most other animals including fish

Advice is a form of nostalgia dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal wiping it off painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it's worth

Sharks are rather large fish often growing to over ten meters and the longest sharks caught in Australia have reached sixteen meters

and there's no extra charge for that or on a fishing trip That's an extra 12$ I think

This is where they make scenes with fishes underground caverns and so on

Miss is just a selfish child, sir! You'd better ride home and forget her! But as he could not stop looking at her, I knew there was no hope for him

And Edgar won't listen when I tell him how happy I am! He's so selfish! He never liked Heathcliff, I replied, and he'll be angry if you go on talking about him

I still wanted to make her realize how selfish she was being, although I was a little worried by her pale, almost ghostly face

Apes get a large proportion of their food by fishing ants from ant hills

Studies showed that apes consistently using the same hand fished out 30% more ants than those varying between the two

Would that help with preserving fish stocks

Yes, and advising governments on fisheries legislation

We're well on the way to completing a project on this we hope it will help to bring about more sustainable fishing practices

And so selfish! He has to have a fire even in summer! He calls for cakes and hot drinks all the time

Who would fall in love with a selfish baby like that? He went to the kitchen door and called, Hareton! Come and take Miss Cathy round the farm

He's a selfish child, Miss Cathy, and I don't think he'll live till he's twenty

Sometimes she was happy with Linton, when he was cheerful and less selfish, but most of the time she was miserable

He'll make a cruel, selfish husband, I think

Now you believe your father's lies about her! And you leave her alone, ill and crying in a strange house! You pity yourself, but you won't pity her! What a heartless, selfish boy you are!

Why could I never please them? Eliza was selfish, but was respected

You know that I am trying to bring up these girls to be strong, patient and unselfish.

He was dressed like a boy, but his face was very like a fish, Alice thought.

The Fish Boy knocked at the door, and a second later a large plate came flying out of an open window.

A letter for the Duchess, the Fish Boy shouted.

I watched the fish in the stream, too.

But everybody knew that she was in fact a warm hearted and unselfish friend, who would do anything to guard her darling Lucie from trouble or danger.

There was a man standing on the shore, dressed like a fisherman.

Perhaps I did a very selfish thing when I married you, he said slowly.

Now go away, fish killer, eater of cubs! Go! Shere Khan went

He learnt to climb trees like a monkey, to swim in the rivers like a fish, and to hunt for his food as cleverly as any animal in the jungle

But they say bad things about you, and call you old yellow fish, I hear

In the United States, some fishermen found a baby dolphin caught in a crab trap.

Why would a fisherman be upset if his nets were full of fish?

If they were jellyfish, he would be!

All over the world jellyfish are causing a lot of trouble.

Even though the word fish is in their name, jellyfish are not really fish at all.

All jellyfish have the ability to sting.

The box jellyfish can kill a person.

These large groups of jellies can easily get caught in fishing nets.

When they do, they damage the nets and kill the other fish.

Some beaches have had to close because there were too many jellyfish in the water.

According to scientists, rising ocean temperatures might be causing this increase in the jellyfish populations.

They can accidentally carry jellyfish from one part of the world to another.

This could hurt fish and plants in the lagoon.

These two small rectangular shapes here are the Fish Farms where we rear fish for sale.

but there are interesting events on all year round for example John Havers, our expert fly fisherman, is currently giving displays on the lake.

For example, we know from the Dynamic paintings that over 8000 years ago, Aborigines would have rarely eaten fish and sea levels were much lower at this time.

In fact, fish didn't start to appear in paintings until the Yam period along with shells and other marine images.

We studied 107 paintings of the Rainbow Serpent and found that the one creature that matches it most closely was the Ribboned Pipefish, which is a type of sea horse.

Yes, it's the fishing industry.

It is all head and no body, like the pictures of the Goddess Laverna, or, at best, all head and shoulders, like a codfish.

and where the legend tells that the harem stood in the time of the Turks, poor fishermen are now spreading their nets.

Then the paper boat fell to pieces, and the soldier sank into the water and immediately afterwards was swallowed up by a great fish.

Oh how dark it was inside the fish!

The fish swam to and fro, making the most wonderful movements, but at last he became quite still.

The fish had been caught, taken to the market and sold to the cook, who took him into the kitchen and cut him open with a large knife.

They were all anxious to see this wonderful soldier who had travelled about inside a fish; but he was not at all proud.

There was a great table, with the cloth laid, and wine and roast meat and a glorious fish upon it.

She was filling his glass, and he was digging his fork into the fish, for that was his favorite dish.

but Little Claus could not help thinking of the capital roast meat, fish, and cake, which he knew were in the oven.

He says we are not to eat porridge, for he has conjured the oven full of roast meat, fish, and cake.

The woman dared not say anything, but put the things at once on the table; and so they both ate of the meat, the fish, and the cake.

the fishes, which swam in the water, shot past my ears, just as here the birds in the air.

The boat now came close to our beetle's ship, and the young girls fished it out of the water.

How would you like to be a mermaid? A half human and half fish? Well, Dan, I think it's all a myth.

Well, a mermaid is a creature that's similar in appearance to a woman but instead of legs, a mermaid has the tail of a fish.

You're telling me fish tales, Dan! Ok. I'll confess. They aren't real mermaids.

A real, real mermaid? That's a different kettle of fish, which is an idiomatic phrase that means a completely different matter or issue.

The next one after that was a different kettle of fish.

A different kettle of fish is an idiomatic phrase which means a completely different matter or issue.