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and we'll be taking a medium sized coach so there'll be forty five places on that

and how we can better plan our cities using trees to provide a more comfortable environment for us to live in

in spite of staff cuts we counseled two hundred and forty international students for a total of twenty six hundred hours counseling

they think their misfortune is an accident or that it's the fault of no one in particular

At forty five dollars it's very expensive anyway it's really for adult tastes

Just over forty percent of the respondents were in favour

Finally given the number of unfortunate incidents in the current Union over the past few months

Yes so do I but I seem to remember when we did it at high school we had to wait up to a fortnight

Well obviously safety is a very important factor as well as comfort and convenience

Initiatives such as this can give women the economic skills and knowledge they need fo r a comfortable independent retirement

although sometimes you can get one with only six hours notice However the earliest you can book a computer is forty eight hours before you need it

Fortunately in October 2001 we won an Enterprise Award which helped us enormously

Living in the Antarctic hasn't always been so comfortable

Fortunately no one was hurt but these buildings became a huge challenge to architects who finally came up with a remarkable solution

We were quite shocked to discover that only 9 of people here in the UK make an effort to recycle their household waste

so they're much more comfortable now

Yes A friend of a friend mentioned them the children do painting and make models and so forth

Unfortunately the sound on this early film was not very good and I believe they put subtitles on the film

Maybe twenty five or under for one group and fortyfive or over for the other group

But now unfortunately only very small sections of the lions former habitat remain

There were points about this strange business which would I was sure have specially appealed to him and the efforts of the police would have been supplemented or more probably anticipated by the trained observation and the alert mind of the first criminal agent in Europe

His fortune was a considerable one and such a loss could not in any way affect him

The unfortunate young man was found lying near the table

I endeavoured to apologize for the accident but it was evident that these books which I had so unfortunately maltreated were very precious objects in the eyes of their owner

But for all his efforts he could not get his balance and over he went

But I struggled upward and at last I reached a ledge several feet deep and covered with soft green moss where I could lie unseen in the most perfect comfort

It showed an enormous face more than a metre wide the face of a handsome man of about forty five with a large black moustache

A dreamy man with hairy ears called Ampleforth rewrote old poems until they supported everything the Party believed in

He sat at her table and at that moment saw Ampleforth the dreamy man with hairy ears who rewrote poems

Ampleforth was walking around with his lunch looking for a place to sit down

Ampleforth did not see Winston and sat down at another table

She sat down in the old armchair to see if it was comfortable

It was Ampleforth the man who re wrote poems for the Party

Ampleforth walked up and down the cell

He must speak to Ampleforth even if they shouted at him through the telescreen

It was possible that Ampleforth had the razor blade for him

Ampleforth he said

Ampleforth stopped walking up and down

You too What are you in for Ampleforth put a hand to his head trying to remember

Ampleforth looked surprised

Ampleforth was too large for the narrow shelf and moved from side to side

He waved his arm at Ampleforth

Ampleforth marched out between the guards

They made sure he was not comfortable and was in slight pain

That was forty said O'Brien

The new cell was more comfortable than the others he had been in

Fortunately, the house is strongly built, and is not damaged even by the worst winter storms

I did not feel at all comfortable

He could live here at Thrushcross Grange, which is a finer house than Wuthering Heights, but he would rather receive rent than live comfortably

They put Catherine on a comfortable sofa, cleaned her wound and fed her with cakes and wine

And don't be jealous of Edgar Linton! I wish I had blue eyes and fair hair like him! I wish I behaved well, and was going to inherit a fortune! He has none of your intelligence or character! And if you have a good heart, you'll have a handsome face

Unfortunately old Mr and Mrs Linton caught the fever too, and died within a few days of each other

Unfortunately this happiness did not last

He knew that if he and Catherine had no sons, Isabella would inherit the considerable Linton fortune

He did not like the idea of the fortune passing to Heathcliff, as Isabella's husband

Unfortunately she heard me

She was expecting a baby, and we all hoped she would have a son, who would inherit the Linton fortune

I thought it was very unfortunate that Catherine had only given him a daughter, not a son

Now the Linton fortune would pass to Isabella and her husband after Mr Edgar's death

OK. In that case the quickest and most comfortable is a cab and of course there are always plenty available

But unfortunately individual differences are also the root of conflict between staff

unfortunately many managers think the entire notion of encouraging individuality amongst their staff is far too hard.

We are very fortunate to be going to an area where you can find some of the most important sites in the entire world And I hope to show you how easy it is for everyone to make mistakes in looking at cultures which are different from our own the first and most important lesson we have to learn

That sounds like fun but unfortunately I have evening lectures so that's not possible, I'm afraid Is there anything during the day?

Could we make it a bit later? Unfortunately, I've got something to do at ten Would that be OK Not a problem

Your bedding and so forth will be carried by them We ask that you only walk with a small rucksack with needs for the day

I hope that you're all wearing your most comfortable shoes and that you can keep up the pace

Shouldn't we say something about the economy you know agricultural produce minerals and so forth?

But fortunately Catherine had left him something of herself, her daughter Cathy

Cathy was sitting comfortably in the kitchen, talking eagerly to Hareton

My son Linton will inherit all the Linton fortune when Edgar dies

He hoped that, if Cathy married Linton, who would inherit the Linton fortune, she would at least be able to remain in her family home

Mr Edgar realized that his enemy wanted to get hold of the Linton fortune, through his son

Heathcliff inherited all of Linton's, and what had been Cathy's, fortune, so Cathy is now very poor

Her face ? it was fortunate he could not see her face, or he would never have been able to concentrate on his studies

1801 to 1802 I was delighted to come back to the Heights, and hoped I could make Cathy's life more comfortable

You ought to beg in the streets, not live here in comfort with a gentleman's family

Fortunately I suffered no serious illness as a result of my terrible experience in the red room,

He was interrupted by the arrival of three ladies, who had unfortunately not heard his comments on dress and hair.

We went to her warm, comfortable room upstairs.

His leg was supported on a chair, but he made no effort to greet me when I entered.

No, sir, not because of that, but because you forgot about it, and because you care whether a servant of yours is comfortable or not, I gladly agree.

I gave her a carriage and jewels, in fact I threw away a fortune on her, just like any fool in love.

He's nearly forty, and she's only twenty five.

Lady Ingram, although between forty and fifty, was still a fine woman.

She had made every effort to attract him, but he had not given her his heart.

No sooner had Mr. Mason joined the group of guests than a servant entered to announce the arrival of an old gipsy woman, who was supposed to be a skilled fortune teller.

The ladies were very excited and decided to ask her to tell their fortunes.

So you want me to tell your fortune? she asked.

Why don't you ask me to tell your fortune? I'm not a fool.

I'd stay with you, sir, to comfort you.

Jane, you are too sensitive. That was just a dream. Don't think about it any more! he answered comfortingly.

I wanted desperately to be with him, to comfort him, but somehow I made myself keep walking, and when a coach passed, I arranged to travel on it as far as my money would pay for.

St John, on the other hand, made determined efforts to discover who I was, but I, just as firmly, refused to explain more than necessary.

I told them only that, after attending Lowood school, I became a governess in a wealthy family, where an unfortunate event, not in any way my fault, caused me to run away.

Yes, said St John, but unfortunately we can imagine how different our lives might have been.

My uncle, on the other hand, made a fortune of twenty thousand pounds.

But it seems this other relation has inherited his whole fortune.

But I reminded myself that I was fortunate to have any sort of job,

If something which we know is wrong tempts us, then we must make every effort to avoid it, by putting our energy to better use.

and advertisements placed in newspapers, and every effort made to find her, nobody knows where she's gone.

A fortune brings serious worries and responsibilities with it, which I could hardly imagine.

St John smiled. You were serious when I told you had inherited a fortune.

I had not forgotten Mr. Rochester in all these changes of home and fortune.

Your spirit and mine must have met to comfort each other!

Then she saw another door, a door that was only forty centimetres high.

They were large, round, comfortable looking men, with books and papers in their hands.

Now they were in another place, in a room which was not very large, but comfortable.

He isn't at all happy or comfortable, although he's rich.

As he was walking, he suddenly noticed one of the comfortable looking gentlemen who had come to his office to ask for money for the poor.

Put more wood on the fire at once, Bob Cratchit, and let's be comfortable!

Dr Manette was now well enough to work as a doctor, and he, Lucie, and Miss Pross led a quiet, comfortable life.

Unfortunately, our family no longer has the power that it once had.

He's about forty years old, quite tall, black hair, thin face, said Defarge.

Good day, Monsieur, said Madame Defarge, but to herself she said, About forty years old, tall, black hair, thin face. Yes, I know who you are, Mr John Barsad.

Maxim took my hand. I'm forty two, he said. That must seem very old to you.

He's much older than you, you know. He's only forty, two, I said. I know what I'm doing.

The library was a large comfortable room. Its walls were covered with books from the floor to the ceiling.

Comfortable chairs stood on either side of a great open fireplace.

I think you will be very comfortable there.

But this is a very charming room. I'm sure I shall be comfortable here.

And I'm sure we'll be very comfortable in these rooms.

He was comfortable, the master of his house.

They found her two months later. The sea had carried her forty miles up the coast. Maxim had to identify the body.

Of course, Maxim said. I prefer to be comfortable.

I'm in Eastern dress, too. I'm wearing a veil and lots of jewellery. I'll be cool and comfortable. That's all that matters.

Fortunately, your mind is like a muscle. It grows stronger and more capable with use.

so in order to avoid the discomfort of dragging himself from one seat to the other with the brake and steering wheel in the way, the blind man had to get out before the car was parked.

might still be relatively bearable if the unfortunate victim had retained sufficient memory, not just of the colours, but also of forms and planes, surfaces and shapes, assuming of course, that this one was not born blind.

It takes only about ten to twelve minutes for you to plan out your day, but this small investment of time will save you at least two hours (100 120 minutes) in wasted time and diffused effort throughout the day.

Lay out each of your major goals, projects or tasks by priority, what is most important, and by sequence, what has to be done first, what comes second and so forth.

resigned in advance to whatever capricious fortune might bring, something or nothing,

with the uncomfortable impression of being an intruder in a field beyond his competence, the mysterious terrain of neurosurgery, about which he only had the vaguest notion.

but sin and vice are so favoured by fortune that no sooner did she get there than the elevator door opened.

She stands over forty six meters high.

They can sleep comfortably outside in the snow.

Over one thousand students joined the sandbag effort.

He told himself that he would have to start reading thicker books: they lasted longer, and made more comfortable pillows.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story.

There are over forty restaurants! It has a shopping mall, a small golf course, and four swimming pools.

Now, she can wear the rubber tail all day and stay comfortable.

The soft gel makes artificial body parts much more comfortable to use.

but unfortunately the room was damaged in a bad storm recently when water came in the roof so that's closed at the moment

The lad wandered through the desert for forty days, and finally came upon a beautiful castle, high atop a mountain. It was there that the wise man lived.

At the highest point in Tarifa there is an old fort, built by the Moors.

Melchizedek, the king of Salem, sat on the wall of the fort that afternoon, and felt the levanter blowing in his face.

He had already spent much of the fortune left to him by his father, fruitlessly seeking the Philosopher's Stone.

The wind never stopped, and the boy remembered the day he had sat at the fort in Tarifa with this same wind blowing in his face.

And, when someone was in such pursuit, the entire universe made an effort to help him succeed that's what the old king had said.

Something was moving there, and the alchemist's eyes–the boy could see only his eyes squinted with his effort.

But, unfortunately, very few follow the path laid out for them–the path to their destinies, and to happiness.

When you appeared in my dream, I felt that all my efforts had been rewarded, because my son's poems will be read by men for generations to come.

A full moon rose again in the starry sky: it had been a month since he had set forth from the oasis.

5. Susan, what time is your dance class? It's at nine forty five. it's nine fifty now.

forty dollars? No, fourteen. lt's on sale today. Oh!

What struck me was that when people became more comfortable with me and less suspicious, we really connected with each other in a meaningful way.

Unfortunately, attempts like these usually turn out to be misguided and lead to problems.

So now I can put a bit of effort into meeting people I haven't had time so far.

Unfortunately, this type of event is a frequent occurrence in some of the locations that you'll be travelling to,

What I'll do is fill in a form with you to find out a little more about your preferences and so forth. Thank you.

I don't think that would be within our budget, unfortunately.

Yes, unfortunately there are only a few places. But it's worth looking into. Yes, of course.

We had lots of sightings, so all in all we had no difficulties with our efforts to count their numbers precisely.

The campaign's chairman, Paul Manafort, told the Associated Press that There were a few words on it, but they're not unique words.

He said the committee's report shows weaknesses in the FDIC's computer security efforts.

On Thursday, Gruenberg told members of Congress that he did not know about any possible efforts to cover up reports about the hacks.

At that time, Western countries were increasing efforts to limit Iran's nuclear program under then president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Brookings said the overall college degree average for the city's public school graduates was forty percent.

You bring me comfort, you keep me warm, You give me hope, you make me strong

You bring me comfort, you keep me warm, You give me hope, you make me strong;

A video released by the aquarium said it has also increased efforts to provide Pizza with more activities to improve her mental and physical state.

A chess player, for example, does the one without effort at the other.

and he ceased to bestir himself in the world, or to care for the retrieval of his fortunes.

Then we sallied forth into the streets arm in arm, continuing the topics of the day, or roaming far and wide until a late hour, seeking, amid the wild lights and shadows of the populous city, that infinity of mental excitement which quiet observation can afford.

All at once Dupin broke forth with these words: He is a very little fellow, that's true, and would do better for the Théâtre des Variétés.

Believed that Madame L. told fortunes for a living. Was reputed to have money put by.

Had heard it said among the neighbors that Madame L. told fortunes did not believe it.

This room was crowded with old beds, boxes, and so forth.

Then how? Fortunately, there is but one mode of reasoning upon the point, and that mode must lead us to a definite decision.

It resisted all my efforts, as I had anticipated.

He will reason thus: I am innocent; I am poor; my Ourang Outang is of great value to one in my circumstances a fortune of itself

Upon sight of it, the Ourang Outang sprang at once through the door of the chamber, down the stairs, and thence, through a window, unfortunately open, into the street.

The air steamboat flies over the country whence Columbus went forth,

but here and there, on the rich sites of those that time shall bring forth, the caravan sometimes descends, and departs thence again.

At last the great egg burst. Piep! piep! said the little one, and crept forth.

You've a chance of making your fortune, ugly as you are.

They uttered a very peculiar cry, spread forth their glorious great wings, and flew away from that cold region to warmer lands, to fair open lakes.

the children tumbled over one another in their efforts to catch the Duckling; and they laughed and they screamed!

It felt quite glad at all the need and misfortune it had suffered, now it realised its happiness in all the splendour that surrounded it.

Within sounded a psalm; a coffin, decked with flowers, was borne forth.

It was not quite dark; the northern lights shot forth red and blue flames, like continuous fireworks,

the rain was pouring down, but the old poet sat comfortably in his chimney corner, where the fire was burning and the apples were roasting.

That would be unfortunate, said the little boy, taking it up and looking at it.

Now little Claus climbed up to the roof of the shed, where he lay, and turned round to settle himself comfortably.

but which, as he thought, the wizard had conjured forth.

Can he conjure the demon forth? asked the farmer.

Oh, here's a misfortune! cried the host, wringing his hands. That all comes of my hot temper.

With all my heart, replied the drover; and he untied the sack, out of which Little Claus crept forth immediately.

Oh, you are a fortunate man! said Great Claus.

On the following morning, when the flower once more stretched forth its tender petals, like little arms, towards the air and light,

It could not move one of its leaves, but the fragrance of its delicate petals streamed forth, and was much stronger than such flowers usually have

Nobody thought of the flower which had felt so much for the bird and had so greatly desired to comfort it.

There was once a girl who trod on a loaf to avoid soiling her shoes, and the misfortunes that happened to her in consequence are well known.

She grew worse instead of better with years, and, unfortunately, she was pretty,

Then, from a hole in the wall, gushed forth in song the swelling thoughts of the bird as he issued from his hiding place to perform his first good deed on earth,

And the flower had been planted by a fortunate hand, for it grew, put forth fresh shoots, and blossomed every year.

He looked out over it, and over the rampart, and over the nunshill opposite, where the convent lay, and the light gleamed forth from the nun's cell.

but that it is the air itself which sends forth the notes;

One shoot after another sprouted forth, and little white buds blossomed, which the poor girl fondly kissed.

And the jasmine opened its large white bells, and spread forth its sweet fragrance;

A beetle came creeping forth from the stable, where the farrier had been shoeing the horse.

It is done to annoy me, so I intend to go out into the world and seek my fortune.

He crept into a fold of the damp linen, which certainly was not so comfortable a place to lie in as the warm stable, but there was nothing better,

They are never ill behaved, except when they are uncomfortable in their inside, which unfortunately often happens at their age.

We live here, they said, and we are very comfortable. May we ask you to step down into this rich mud, you must be fatigued after your journey.

The following day passed very pleasantly, and the next was tolerably comfortable; but on the third it became necessary for him to think of getting food for his wife, and, perhaps, for children.

It is very comfortable here, he said to himself, and soon after fell asleep.

All this was very delightful, and when the beetle woke up he crept forth and looked around him.

Then, when I have made a step forward in the world, and found out a comfortable position, just as I could wish it to be,

Oh, it is very cold, said the little mouse, or else we should be so comfortable here, shouldn't we, you old fir tree?

A honeysuckle hung forth from the hedge, in full bloom; but there were so many girls like her, with long faces and sallow complexions.

It was not the weather for flying about in summer clothes; but fortunately the butterfly was not out in it.

Well, Neil, you're pretty confident but unfortunately it was wrong!

Well, if you grow up in a small town, it can feel claustrophobic which means not having enough space to feel comfortable.

Fortunately, I found some people with partners and asked them.