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That's where the furnace is and where all the metal was smelted and the tools were cast as you'll be able to see

and they're still furnished from that period so you can get a good idea of ordinary people's living conditions

When you move into a flat starting up expenses including furniture for it

A further example of corporate crime was

For further information please contact your local travel agent

Furthermore the high divorce rates in North America are creating a poverty cycle for women

Actually we got a top research grade of five for engineering geography and computer sciences One further point and I know from talking

Oh and one last thing before I invite further questions it's very important that you

And my third target was do further reading on discipline

As you go further down the path there's the kitchen garden on the right and as you go round the first sharp corner

could have been brought from anywhere further than England

Such were the circumstances of the Park Lane Mystery which were further complicated by entire absence of motive since as I have said young Adair was not known to have any enemy and no attempt had been made to remove the money or valuables in the room

The fury upon his face was terrible to look at

Nothing further you have to say Mr Holmes before we go Holmes had picked up the powerful air gun from the floor and was examining its mechanism

Anything further to say Only to ask what charge you intend to prefer What charge sir Why of course the attempted murder of Mr Sherlock Holmes

The room was a bedroom with furniture in it

I 'm selling the furniture slowly

The only piece of furniture in the large, dusty bedroom was a bed, placed next to the window

I'm just doing my work, miss, I replied, pretending to dust the furniture

I want no further advice from you, Ellen Dean, said Mr Edgar coldly

At the furthest point of the trip, stop D, the most exciting place to visit is the new Entertainment Complex

For further details call Top Bus on 02089447810

He spent the first part of the article talking about handedness in music instead of sport, which I have to say almost put me off from reading further

But we had walked further than I had realized, and I called to her to come back

I felt sure that if Mr Reed had lived he would have treated me kindly, and now, as I looked round at the dark furniture and the walls in shadow, I began to fear that his ghost might come back to punish his wife for not keeping her promise

But I was furious, and at the end of the afternoon, tore it off her head and threw it in the fire.

Although the house was dark and frightening, with its big rooms full of heavy furniture, I was excited at being in a new place,

I could get no further information from Mrs. Fairfax about Mr. Rochester, but instead she offered to show me round the whole house.

I ran to see if I could help the traveller, who was swearing furiously as he pulled himself free of his horse.

I can't stay! I cried furiously.

Outside, the storm continued furiously all night, and in the morning we discovered that the great tree at the bottom of the garden, which had stood for hundreds of years, had been hit by lightning and torn in half.

Mr. Rochester, staring furiously at him, raised his strong right arm to knock him down.

so I think you had better stay in England, until you receive further news of him.

There is only one thing for me to do, but you'll be furious if I mention it.

Rushing furiously across the room, he seized me violently and stared fiercely into my eyes.

To their further questions I answered that I was too tired to speak.

Miss Oliver, who lives in the area and is the only daughter of a rich factory owner, has kindly paid for the furniture.

I realized this must be the rich Miss Oliver who had generously furnished my cottage.

and saw the warm fires and polished furniture, and smelt the cakes and meat dishes cooking.

Together the two young clerks put away all the pens and papers, and, following Fezziwig's orders, cleared all the furniture away from the centre of the room.

His business was buying old furniture or clothes, and selling them again, to the poorest people in London.

It was an office still, but not his. The furniture was not the same, and the figure in the chair was not himself.

But before they left, they searched the room and the furniture very carefully, looking for small hidingplaces.

The room was furnished and there were books on the shelves.

I was surprised to see that the room was completely furnished.

All her evening clothes are here. Her furs, too. Mr de Winter was always buying clothes for her, beautiful clothes.

Furniture was moved as the great hall was prepared for dancing.

they beat furiously on the closed windows,

The lights had already changed again, some inquisitive passersby had gathered around the group, and the drivers further back who did not know what was going on,

Be patient, we're almost there, the other murmured, and a little further ahead, he asked, Is there anyone at home to look after you,

he could make out the items of furniture and objects simply by touching them,

Then, fumbling, stumbling, skirting the furniture, treading warily so as not to trip on the rugs, he reached the sofa where he and his wife watched television.

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

Without any doubt, this woman goes to bed with men in exchange for money, a fact that might allow us to classify her without further consideration as a prostitute,

what do you want, to go stumbling around bumping into the furniture, searching for the telephone without eyes to find the numbers you need in the telephone directory, while I calmly observe this spectacle, stuck inside a bell jar to avoid contamination.

if you want me to believe you, then, of course, I believe you, but I have my orders, unless you tell me what you want to discuss I can take this matter no further,

The dogs’ thick fur keeps them warm.

Bamboo has other uses as well. It makes strong and beautiful furniture.

Then further east in the largest section of our Park is the Forest Area.

The room's furnishings consisted of a table, an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and two chairs.

It's very well furnished and equipped It also has plenty of space for parking, and it's available for a minimum of a year Oh, and there's a big garden.

He was surprised when he saw that the Englishman had built himself a furnace outside his tent.

It was a strange furnace, fueled by firewood, with a transparent flask heating on top.

This is the first phase of the job, he said. I have to separate out the sulfur. To do that successfully, I must have no fear of failure. It was my fear of failure that first kept me from attempting the Master Work.

And, for wise men, gold is the metal that evolved the furthest. Don't ask me why; I don't know why.

In my travels around the world, I've often seen people speaking of love and looking toward the heavens, the wind said, furious at having to acknowledge its own limitations.

Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold.

And the situation's complicated even further by the fact that experts are usually not aware of their own ignorance.

OK, anyway that's great for now. We'll discuss it further when we've managed to

Well, I think you really need to work on these weaknesses before you go any further.

And the owners haven't bought a single item of new furniture they just kept what they already had.

But she thinks the US should go further.

The further that we walked, Well the heavier it became,

I was permitted to be at the expense of renting, and furnishing in a style which suited the rather fantastic gloom of our common temper,

The apartment was in the wildest disorder the furniture broken and thrown about in all directions.

There appeared to be no furniture in any part of the building except in the fourth story.

One of them is unobstructed by furniture, and is wholly visible.

The fury of the beast, who no doubt bore still in mind the dreaded whip, was instantly converted into fear.

throwing down and breaking the furniture as it moved, and dragging the bed from the bedstead.

but for that one had to stroke his fur the wrong way.

They had a very singular appearance in their rough, hairy dresses of fur, and riding in sledges over the ice.

They brought with them furs and skins in great abundance, so that the snow houses were soon provided with warm carpets,

and the furs also served for the sailors to wrap themselves in, when they slept under the roofs of snow,

I should like to know which of us will travel furthest, said the smallest of the five; we shall soon see now.

Karen Newirth, senior attorney at the Innocence Project in New York, explains this further.

I built some garden furniture quite recently, and it took me all day, and I was dead on my feet when I finished.