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Well the guidebook says the Botanical Gardens are worth spending some time in

The Castle's open every day except Mondays so we're OK there and the Gardens of course only close at night

I think there's a charge for all of them except the Botanical Gardens

Then tomorrow let's go to the Botanical Gardens and have a picnic

I'm not used to a big house with a garden swimming pool pets and all that

Like the famous Mekong Water Puppet Troupe performing in the City Gardens this week

And also if it 's possible a TV and I'd also like the house to have a real garden rather than just a yard

Welcome everybody to the lovely house and gardens of Rosewood

Now please look at the map I've given you of the house and gardens

As you go further down the path there's the kitchen garden on the right and as you go round the first sharp corner

you will see the entrance to the Mulberry Garden with its 500 year old tree

Past the Mulberry Garden follow the path until you reach the front of the house

It was perfectly easy therefore for anyone to get into the garden but the window was entirely inaccessible since there was no waterpipe or anything which could help the most active man to climb it

I was pushed out into the garden, but I stayed to watch through the window

One evening I was bringing in a basket of apples from the garden, when a voice behind me said, Ellen, is that you? It was a deep, rather unusual voice

While Heathcliff was getting his breath back, Mr Edgar walked out of the other kitchen door into the garden

And when I found Dr Kenneth, he told me someone had seen Isabella and Heathcliff meeting secretly in the garden earlier that evening

I'll wait every day and every evening in the Grange garden, until I find a chance to see Catherine

He's in the garden, and wants to see you

I found him in the Grange garden, where he had been waiting for news all night

At Stop A, if you have time, you can visit the fine I6th century palace here built for the king with its beautiful formal gardens

It has two areas, a nature reserve and a formal park with man made features and gardens

The tall blue and white building in front of us is called The Tower and is the centre point for the formal gardens

And around to the west, you can relax and sit on a bench to smell the flowers in the rose garden

Until she was thirteen she had never been outside the Grange garden alone

She spent her days walking her dogs and riding her pony in the large garden

At the gate I found a workman, who had seen her jump the low wall separating the garden from the road, and then ride on towards the hills and Wuthering Heights

Father didn't forbid me to leave the Grange garden! He won't scold me, Ellen

One day when we were walking in the Grange garden, I noticed her crying

As I came close to the old house, I noticed that there were flowers in the garden, and the doors and windows stood open

I'll have to leave! I wanted to die here, where I've been a servant for sixty years! But now she's taken my garden from me! She's stolen the boy's soul, master! I can't bear it! Is the fool drunk? asked Heathcliff

You should let me have a bit of garden, as you've taken all my land! replied Cathy sharply

At a sign from me, Cathy and Hareton went quietly out into the garden, leaving me alone with Mr Heathcliff

The following night was very wet, and in the morning as I walked in the garden, I noticed that the bedroom window was wide open

Sometimes I looked out of the window at the grey November afternoon, and saw the rain pouring down on the leafless garden

We were delighted, and all rushed out into the garden to eat our lunch.

One afternoon, while walking in the gardens of Thornfield, he told me the story of his love affair in Paris with a French dancer, Celine.

When it was fine the host and his guests went riding, visited places of interest, and walked in the gardens, and when it was wet they played games indoors.

As we were walking back through the garden to the house, he said to me, Jane, you've had a strange night. You look pale.

Oh, I can hear some of the guests in the garden.

One evening, after Adele had gone to sleep, I went into the garden.

but then I noticed Mr. Rochester had come into the garden too.

Outside, the storm continued furiously all night, and in the morning we discovered that the great tree at the bottom of the garden, which had stood for hundreds of years, had been hit by lightning and torn in half.

A wild, stormy wind was blowing, and in the garden I passed the wreck of the great tree.

I ran into the garden calling, Where are you?

He might even be walking in the gardens, I thought, and I could run to him, touch him! Surely that wouldn't hurt anybody?

So she lay on the floor and looked through the open door, into a beautiful garden with green trees and bright flowers.

What a wonderful garden! she said to herself.

And now, she said happily, I can get through the little door into that beautiful garden.

One way or another, I'll get into the garden.

Quickly, she took the little gold key from the table and hurried to the garden door.

Poor Alice! She lay on the floor and looked into the garden with one eye.

She was now very, very small and the little garden door was locked again, and the little gold key was lying on the glass table.

First, I must get a little bigger, and second, I must find my way into that beautiful garden.

And now I must find that garden.

At once, she picked up the gold key from the table, unlocked the little door into the garden, and then began to eat a piece of mushroom.

When she was down to about thirty centimetres high, she walked through the door, and then, at last, she was in the beautiful garden with its green trees and bright flowers.

Near the door there was a rose tree and three gardeners, who were looking at the roses in a very worried way.

You see, Miss, said the first gardener, these roses are white, but the Queen only likes red roses,

and sheThe Queen! said the second gardener suddenly, and at once, the three gardeners lay down flat on their faces.

It was a pack of cards, walking through the garden.

And who are these? said the Queen, looking at the three gardeners.

Off with their heads! she shouted, and soldiers hurried up to take the gardeners away.

He told me about the gardens and the flowers in the woods. He told me about the sea.

We would walk in the gardens of Manderley together.

Beyond the lawns were gardens and beyond the gardens, the sea.

Oh, nothing much, said Maxim. They have been getting the rooms in the east wing ready for us. There is a lovely view of the rose, garden from there.

The rose, garden lay below me. Beyond the rose, garden, the smooth grass stretched to the woods.

Maxim walked to the window. I love the rose, garden, he said.

I've so many things to do this morning. Why don't you go into the garden. You don't mind being alone, do you?

I was glad that my rooms were in the east wing. I loved the quiet beauty of the rose, garden. The sea was too near here.

The house is beautiful, of course. I haven't seen the gardens, but I'm sure I shall never get tired of them.

If I could not sleep, I went to the window and looked out on to the rose, garden.

We came to a garden party too, one summer, the bishop's wife went on.

It was a lovely day. We all had tea in the rose garden. It was such a clever idea. Of course, she was a clever person.

I don't want that man at Manderley. I won't even have him in the gardens. I'm telling you for the last time.

Now, if we've all finished tea, we'll go into the garden.

Hundreds of them were brought in from the garden and Mrs Danvers knew exactly how to arrange them.

Then I went out into the garden and cut some roses. Very soon Maxim will be back, I thought.

There was another silence. Shall we go into the garden? I said.

Maxim and I stayed quietly in the house or in the gardens. We did not walk in the woods or go down to the sea.

Yes, of course, said the woman. My husband is in the garden. I'll tell him you are here.

The gardens had gone and the dark woods came up to the walls , of the house.

The Monkey People called the place their city, and ran around everywhere, in and out of the empty houses, up and down the fruit trees in the old gardens

Sunday 17th of June. Singer, ticket 6 pounds includes drinks in the garden Sounds like a bargain to me!

In the south eastern corner, beyond the marsh, is our Market Garden area, growing vegetables and flowers.

It's very well furnished and equipped It also has plenty of space for parking, and it's available for a minimum of a year Oh, and there's a big garden.

Well, asked the wise man, did you see the Persian tapestries that are hanging in my dining hall? Did you see the garden that it took the master gardener ten years to create? Did you notice the beautiful parchments in my library?

Relieved, the boy picked up the spoon and returned to his exploration of the palace, this time observing all of the works of art on the ceilings and the walls. He saw the gardens, the mountains all around him, the beauty of the flowers, and the taste with which everything had been selected.

He runs across Zaza's garden and down the street.

It's in the Garden Hall and tickets start at only 8 pounds, but you'll have to be early if you want to get them that cheap!

You'll start with a tour of our herb garden, practise the technique of using them as colour dyes for cloth,

And if you just want to sit and relax, you can go to the flower garden: that's the circular area on the map surrounded by paths.

Yes, the first's Rose Garden Apartments. I'd like to go with another friend in the last week of October.

This is dealt with organically it's purified by being filtered through reed beds which have been planted for that purpose in the garden.

Please make sure to put it back when you've used it. The previous guests lost it in the garden and I had to get another one made!

Good morning. Today I'd like to present the findings of our Year 2 project on wildlife found in gardens throughout our city.

Well, there are four of us in the group and one day while we were discussing a possible focus, two of the group mentioned that they had seen yet more sparrow hawks one of Britain's most interesting birds of prey in their own city centre gardens and wondered why they were turning up in these gardens in great numbers.

We were all very engaged by the idea of why wild animals would choose to inhabit a city garden.

The first thing we did was to establish what proportion of the urban land is taken up by private gardens.

Our own informal discussions with neighbours and friends led us to believe that many garden owners had interesting experiences to relate regarding wild animal sightings

so we decided to survey garden owners from different areas of the city.

Meanwhile, we were doing our own observations in selected gardens throughout the city.

Alongside this primary research on urban gardens, we were studying a lot of books about the decline of wild animals in the countryside and thinking of possible causes for this.

Garden ponds are on the increase, rural ponds are disappearing, leading to massive migration to the towns.

On the decline in the countryside, they are experiencing a resurgence in urban gardens because these days gardeners are buying lots of different plants which means there's an extensive range of seeds around, which is what they feed on.

Another factor is the provision of nesting places which is actually better in gardens than the countryside.

In a small home garden, about 1.5 meters wide and 3 meters long, a robotic device called the FarmBot is busy planting vegetable seeds.

Aronson says he has been testing the FarmBot in his garden.

They are attached to a long, thin rod that moves up and down the garden.

The FarmBot works with Internet programs and can design a garden based on each person's needs.

But the company is planning to make bigger robots for commercial gardening.

Now he lived merrily, went to the theatre, drove in the King's garden, and gave much money to the poor;

That stretches far across the other side of the garden, quite into the parson's field;

and before it well knew how all this happened, it found itself in a great garden,

Into the garden came little children, who threw bread and corn into the water;

High up in the clear, pure air flew an angel, with a flower plucked from the garden of heaven.

It must be a kind of garden plant, said another; and so they sneered and despised the plant as a thing from a garden.

He walks about in the castle garden and on the promenades.

There was a little flower garden with painted wooden palings in front of it;

the sun shone as warmly and brightly upon it as on the magnificent garden flowers, and therefore it thrived well.

In the garden close by grew many large and magnificent flowers, and, strange to say, the less fragrance they had the haughtier and prouder they were.

Half ashamed, yet glad at heart, it looked over to the other flowers in the garden;

Shortly after this a girl came into the garden, with a large sharp knife.

Then two little boys came out of the garden; one of them had a large sharp knife, like that with which the girl had cut the tulips.

Then they passed over well known spots, where the little one had often played, and through beautiful gardens full of lovely flowers.

Poor rose bush! said the child, let us take it with us to heaven, that it may bloom above in God's garden.

It became a splendid flower garden to the sick boy, and his little treasure upon earth.

because it gave more real joy than the most beautiful flower in the garden of a queen.

which washes the gardens round about the town, and flows on under the wooden bridges from the dam to the water mill.

but opposite there are gardens upon gardens, each different from the rest,

often displaying only cabbage and other kitchen plants; and here and there the gardens cannot be seen at all,

In the midst of a garden grew a rose tree, in full blossom, and in the prettiest of all the roses lived an elf.

At the other end of the garden, he knew there was an arbor, overgrown with beautiful honey suckles.

He could not any longer endure to witness all this agony of grief, he therefore flew away to his own rose in the garden.

and then he flew for a short distance, till he found himself in a beautiful flower garden, all fragrant with roses and lavender.

Is there not even a dunghill here in this garden, where a person of rank, like myself, could take up his abode and feel at home?

The gardener's little son and his playfellow had come into the hothouse, and, seeing the beetle, wanted to have some fun with him.

Then the boy went quickly towards a lake that lay at the end of the garden.

Well now, here is a little garden for you to amuse yourself with.

and during the last few days had raised herself in bed in the morning to look with sparkling eyes at her little garden which contained only a single pea plant.

The court was close to a garden, where everything looked blooming.

And the tree saw all the fresh bright flowers in the garden,

The boys still played in the garden, and the youngest wore the golden star on his breast,

Lend! she exclaimed, I have nothing to lend; nothing at all grows in our garden, not even a shrivelled apple;

Well, my current house has a garden and it has somewhere I can park my car,

I built some garden furniture quite recently, and it took me all day, and I was dead on my feet when I finished.