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Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography in lifestyle because the older you get the more you need the people you knew when you were young

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The one you're submitting for the Geography Society field trip competition

So, welcome to your introductory geography lecture.

Firstly, what do we learn by studying geography?

But we learn far more than that, because studying geography also informs us about the different kinds of relationships that develop between a particular environment and the people that live there.

Okay. We like to think of geography as having two main branches.

These include bio physical geography, by which I mean the study of the natural environment and all its living things.

There's the study of political geography and social geography too, of course, which is the study of communities of people.

We have economic geography in which we examine all kinds of resources and their use agriculture, for example.

Next comes historical geography the understanding of how people and their environments and the ways they interact have changed over a period of time

and urban geography, an aspect I'm particularly interested in, which takes as its focus the location of cities, the services that those cities provide, and migration of people to and from such cities.

the oasis, rather than being just a well surrounded by a few palm trees as he had seen once in a geography book was much larger than many towns back in Spain.

Let's hear more about imperfect superheroes from Jason Ditmer, professor of political geography at University College London.