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the production of recycled glass and paper uses much less energy than producing them from virgin materials

Another difficulty is that toughened glass used for cooking doesn't fully melt at the temperature required for other glass

Glass is easy to recycle because it can be reused over and over again without becoming weaker

Two million tons of glass is thrown away each year that is seven billion bottles and jars

Oddly enough half the glass that 's collected is green

and a lot of that is imported so more green glass is recycled than the UK needs

As a result new uses are being developed for recycled glass particularly green glass

for example in fiberglass manufacture and water filtration

A company called CLF Aggregates makes a product for roads and 30 of the material is crushed glass

A tall thin man with coloured glasses whom I strongly suspected of being a plainclothes detective was pointing out some theory of his own while the others crowded round to listen to what he said

As he sank to the level of this opening the light of the street no longer dimmed by the dusty glass fell full upon his face

There was a strange loud whiz and a long silvery tinkle of broken glass

O'Brien was a large man with a thick neck and glasses

O'Brien was pushing his glasses up his nose

It could take two years to get new glass in a window

Winston pulled the speakwrite towards him and put on his glasses

When he stood up he was covered with bits of glass from the nearest window

He was a small gentle looking man of about sixty with a long nose and thick glasses

He looked at Winston over the top of his glasses

O'Brien took a bottle and filled three glasses with dark red liquid

Julia picked up her glass and smelled the liquid with great interest

His face became serious again and he lifted his glass To our Leader he said To Emmanuel Goldstein

Winston lifted his glass wide eyed

He filled the glasses and held up his own glass

There was a crash of breaking glass

He drank a glass of gin although it tasted terrible

There is a beautiful blue glass vase on the table

It isn't now! He runs across the pieces of glass to the window

Now the reporter is talking about the blue glass vase

There's some blue glass in Harry's shoe, Janey thinks

Where ? Oh! Suddenly, she remembers the photo of the blue glass vase on the TV

She looks again at the piece of glass in Harry's shoe

But there's blue glass in his shoe What? Yes, he's looking for the newspaper now

One of the policemen takes the glass from Harry's shoe

This is a very expensive piece of glass, he says

When it did not open, I broke the glass angrily and stretched out my hand towards the branch

I rubbed the creature's tiny wrist against the broken glass so that blood poured down on to the bed

Unable to move, I stared in horror at the shape behind the glass, and screamed There were rapid footsteps outside my bedroom door, and then I saw the light of a candle in the room

Cathy poured him a glass of water

She used to go silently in and out of the room with a plate of food or a glass of beer.

Get me a glass of wine now.

He took me in his arms and carried me downstairs to the library, where he put me in front of the fire, and gave me a glass of wine.

Then she saw a little glass table with three legs, and on the top of it was a very small gold key.

After a while she locked the door again, got up and went back to the glass table.

When she got there, she remembered that the little gold key was back on the glass table.

Soon she saw a little glass box near her on the floor.

She was now very, very small and the little garden door was locked again, and the little gold key was lying on the glass table.

So she went in. And there she was, back in the long room with the little glass table.

Would you like a glass of water, sir?

but only three people could drink at the same time, because the family only owned two glasses and a cup.

Now Bob lifted his glass and said, A merry Christmas to us all, my dears! God bless us!

To Uncle Scrooge! they all cried, cheerfully lifting their glasses.

When Carton sat down and asked for a glass of wine, Madame Defarge looked at him carelessly at first. Then much more carefully.

And in my dream I saw the sea. It was silent and smooth as glass .

Giles was a big, heavy man. His eyes smiled at me from behind his thick glasses.

The glass cracked. I opened my eyes and stared at Mrs Danvers.

And to think I used to boast that I didn't even need glasses, Well it just goes to show.

He tried to gather up the flowers, never thinking of the broken glass,

Very slowly, gently probing with his good hand, he tried to locate the splinter of glass, as sharp as a tiny dagger, and, by bringing the nails of his thumb and forefinger together, he managed to extract all of it.

I'm afraid not, neither of us wears glasses,

my husband does not wear glasses and never has, yes, he has excellent eyesight, just like me, I also see perfectly well, ah, many thanks, I'll wait, I'll wait, yes,

There was an old man with a black patch over one eye, a young lad who looked cross eyed, accompanied by a woman who must be his mother, a girl with dark glasses,

No, doctor, I don't even use glasses.

The ailment of the girl with dark glasses was not serious, she was suffering from a mild form of conjunctivitis which the drops prescribed by the doctor would clear up in no time,

You know what to do, for the next few days you should remove your glasses only when you sleep, he had told her.

She did not remove her glasses, the street lighting disturbed her, especially the illuminated ads.

decided to pay no attention when the man who served her commented how unfair it was that certain eyes should be covered by dark glasses,

went against her belief that dark glasses gave her an air of alluring mystery,

he did not mind when she warned him she could not remove her glasses,

So we have every reason to conclude that the girl with dark glasses, if her partner has known how to fulfill his obligation, in terms of perfect timing and technique, always pays in advance and twice as much as she later charges.

The girl with the dark glasses was also accompanied to her parentshouse by a policeman,

he simply stretched out his hands to touch the glass, he knew that his image was there watching him, his image could see him, he could not see his image.

The miners had to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Sit down, and let me treat you to something, said the boy. And ask for a glass of wine for me. I hate this tea.

Now it was too late to change anything the only thing he had ever learned to do was to buy and sell crystal glassware.

I can clean up those glasses in the window, if you want, said the boy.

Taking the jacket out, he began to clean the glasses.

In half an hour, he had cleaned all the glasses in the window, and, as he was doing so, two customers had entered the shop and bought some crystal.

The merchant turned to a customer who wanted three crystal glasses. He was selling better than ever… as if time had turned back to the old days when the street had been one of Tangier's major attractions.

But we could sell tea in crystal glasses. The people will enjoy the tea and want to buy the glasses.

And, as he smothered the coals in the hookah, he told the boy that he could begin to sell tea in the crystal glasses.

They went in to drink the tea, which was served in beautiful crystal glasses.

My wife never thought of this, said one, and he bought some crystal he was entertaining guests that night, and the guests would be impressed by the beauty of the glassware.

The third said that it was a tradition in the Orient to use crystal glasses for tea because it had magical powers.

The city was still sleeping. He prepared himself a sandwich and drank some hot tea from a crystal glass.

He went down the stairs and found the merchant waiting on a foreign couple, while two other customers walked about the shop, drinking tea from crystal glasses.

We are part of that soul, so we rarely recognize that it is working for us. But in the crystal shop you probably realized that even the glasses were collaborating in your success.

The tribesman who was searching the alchemist's belongings found a small crystal flask filled with a liquid, and a yellow glass egg that was slightly larger than a chicken's egg.

That was made of a double layer of very strong glass.

Sunlight floods in through the glass wall and to maximise it there are lots of mirrors and windows inside the house.

It also said she must deal with people tapping on the glass of the display for most of the day.

Razor in hand, and fully lathered, it was sitting before a looking glass, attempting the operation of shaving,

It was larger and more beautifully decorated than the one which she had seen through the glass door at the rich merchant's.

In front of the castle a number of little trees surrounded a piece of looking glass, which was intended to represent a transparent lake.

Oh, it is very pretty, exceedingly beautiful, replied the old minister looking through his glasses.

that we may assist your Majesty in putting on the new suit before the large looking glass?

and the emperor looked at himself in the glass from every side.

Then he turned once more to the looking glass, that people should think he admired his garments.

but the looking glass said: Thou art more than nice, thou art beautiful!

This took place at his house, in his room; where stood large glass cases, filled with elegant shoes and brilliant boots.

She was filling his glass, and he was digging his fork into the fish, for that was his favorite dish.

I can't bring her into the room will you give her a glass of mead?

And he poured out a great glass of mead, and went out with it to the dead grandmother, who had been placed upright in the carriage.

Here's a glass of mead from your son, quoth mine host.

Don't you hear ? cried the host, as loud as he could, here is a glass of mead from your son!

and threw the glass in her face, so that the mead ran down over her nose, and she tumbled backwards into the car,

The throng in front of the church knew where they could hit the King, and one of them flung a stone through a pane of glass, and the King lay there dead!

where a sash of the glass roof was partly open, so he quietly slipped in and buried himself in the warm earth.

He wanted something to eat, and a glass of ale to refresh himself; so he turned his steps to an inn.

Yes, that's true, Neil. But I can now reveal to you that I'm wearing glasses, Neil. I've lost my contact lenses!

I don't know how I missed that. Because actually you do look, well, completely different with glasses.

I pretended to drop it and the broken lightbulb made a glass shattering noise and she thought that I had broken her present.