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لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

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What we've done in the past is to ask guests to bring some snacks

OK Anything else for the guests to bring

So we should ask the guests to bring photos OK I'll put it on the invitations

after our dinner at communal tables designed to make all our guests feel part of a family atmosphere

quizzes and respond to any special requests from guests

Sea View Guest House 14 Hill Road

Well I'm really serious about improving my English so I'd prefer to be the only guest if that's possible

No other guests Yes you get more practice that way

Or there's a very reasonable guest house which is 25 pounds per night

And it seemed that Mr Heathcliff hardly ever received guests

I don't keep guest bedrooms You can share a bed with Hareton or Joseph

He did not seem to recognize me It's only your guest, Lockwood, I said

I persuaded them both to come out of the room the same way, as I had no key to the door, and took Heathcliff down into the warm servantskitchen with me, while Catherine returned to her guests and the dancing

After a while their guest left

It seemed that Heathcliff's room was locked, and there were no guest bedrooms, so in the end I slept on a chair in the child's room

Is it possible that the external environment can affect a guest's well being?

but also a sleek modem kitchen that allows guests to cook and entertain if they wish at no additional cost

He told me his plan was to murder his hated guest that night, with the weapon he had shown me

I know they've invited a lot of guests, who'll be staying in the house.

At last the great day came. Everything was ready for the master and his guests.

We listened to the laughing and talking in the hall, as the guests were welcomed by their host and his housekeeper.

Adele was hoping Mr. Rochester would call her down to meet the guests,

I understand how you feel, said the old lady kindly, but the guests won't notice you much, and you can easily escape after a short time.

Well, tonight you may leave early, but I want to see you with my guests every evening.

When it was fine the host and his guests went riding, visited places of interest, and walked in the gardens, and when it was wet they played games indoors.

No sooner had Mr. Mason joined the group of guests than a servant entered to announce the arrival of an old gipsy woman, who was supposed to be a skilled fortune teller.

What do you think of his relationship with his guests, and with one particular guest? asked the gipsy, smiling wickedly.

What are my guests doing, Jane?

Jane, if all those fine guests of mine came and spat at me, what would you do? he asked.

Bedroom doors were opened as the guests woke up.

And so he calmed his guests and persuaded them to return to their rooms.

Oh, I can hear some of the guests in the garden.

Well, Jane, what is it? he asked, when we had left the room full of guests and gone into the library.

Mrs. Fairfax had written to me while I was at Gateshead, telling me that the guests had all gone,

I looked away. Then I saw that a new guest was sitting down at the next table.

No, you are my guests, said de Winter. He called the waiter.

Inside one of the drawers was a flat leather book: Guests at Manderley

I sat down and opened the Guest Book. Every page was covered with the same writing.

I thought of Rebecca sitting at that desk. Here she had chosen her guests and written letters to her friends.

Everything was still and quiet. Then I heard the sound of voices. The door of the dining, room was open. The guests were coming out of dinner.

with the uncomfortable impression of being an intruder in a field beyond his competence, the mysterious terrain of neurosurgery, about which he only had the vaguest notion.

Two guests got out, an elderly couple, she stepped inside, pressed the button for the third floor, three hundred and twelve was the number awaiting her, it is here, she discreetly knocked on the door,

but the piquancy of the circumstances in which blindness had manifested itself in her case, a naked woman screaming in a hotel and alarming the other guests,

My wife never thought of this, said one, and he bought some crystal he was entertaining guests that night, and the guests would be impressed by the beauty of the glassware.

You'd also get tips our guests tend to be quite generous.

Please make sure to put it back when you've used it. The previous guests lost it in the garden and I had to get another one made!

Many guests were present horse dealers, cattle drovers, and two Englishmen.