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Well I've got a photocopy but the reasons at the bottom are missing

They can make it a bit cooler if it's a hot summer day in an Australian city

The temperature of a building surface on a hot sunny day can easily be twenty degrees more than our temperature

sit down You look very hot and tired What would you like to drink

Sure and what about a venue In college A hotel

I think a hotel will probably work out rather expensive

Yeah great Wasn't it based on photos from the students and teachers

So we should ask the guests to bring photos OK I'll put it on the invitations

It was the mid1970s and I was your age On the back cover of their final issue was a photograph of an early morning country road

But trust me in 20 years you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked

We will never be satisfied as long as our bodies heavy with the fatigue of travel cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities

Really Yes The hotel itself where you stay has great facilities It's called The Pallisades

your guide will take anyone who is interested either on a bushwalk through the national park near the hotel

Yeah And if you just want to relax you are free to sit by the hotel pool or go down the beach

Oh and they also have tennis courts at the hotel but you have to pay for those by the hour

You'll also need to bring two passport photos with you We also need two documents for ID so a driving license would be fine

Excellent I assume you have photocopying facilities

However you will still be able to print off a version of the text rather than photocopying the journal pages

And we've installed air conditioning so it won't get so hot and stuffy

To settle the bet a photographer was asked to photograph a horse galloping

and the bet was settled because you could see that all the hooves were off the ground in some of the photos

What was even more interesting was that if the photos were shown in quick succession

On a hot summer's day the trees along this path provide welcome shade

Suppose a man had fired through the window he would indeed be a remarkable shot who could with a revolver inflict so deadly a wound

No one had heard a shot

At last when you had all formed your inevitable and totally erroneous conclusions you departed for the hotel and I was left alone

This gentlemen is Colonel Sebastian Moran once of Her Majesty's Indian Army and the best heavy game shot that our Eastern Empire has ever produced

Got him Got whom Mr Holmes The man that the whole force has been seeking in vainColonel Sebastian Moran who shot the Honourable Ronald Adair with an expanding bullet from an airgun through the open window of the second floor front of No 427 Park Lane upon the thirtieth of last month

He was the best shot in India and I expect that there are few better in London

Without any open scandal he still made India too hot to hold him

I knew exactly what I was doing for I knew of the existence of this remarkable gun and I knew also that one of the best shots in the world would be behind it

Knowing what I did was it not certain that Colonel Moran had done it He had played cards with the lad he had followed him home from the club he had shot him through the open window

The largest hole was for waste paper hot air carried that away

Every day newspapers magazines photographs films posters and books were all changed

There were photographs of Ogilvy but there had been no Ogilvy

The photographs were made at the Ministry of Truth

He was completely happy running around painting posters singing the new Hate Song smelling even more strongly of sweat in the hot weather

It was so hot at the end of the month that they lay on the bed in the room over Mr Charrington's shop without clothes on

Pain had shot through his body

They had played his voice back to him shown him photographs

Some of them were photographs of Julia and himself Yes even

Often they shot you from behind in the back of the head

Here's a photo of it

Janey looks at the photo of the vase, then she asks her mother, Do you have any old bottles?

Where ? Oh! Suddenly, she remembers the photo of the blue glass vase on the TV

With a warm fire, and a hot meal, I began to recover from my unpleasant experiences

He looked desperately around for a weapon, picked up a bowl of hot soup and threw it at Edgar, who started screaming

Hindley returned, hot and breathless

That'll teach you to scold me! Mr Edgar tried to get hold of the key, but she threw it quickly into the hottest part of the fire

Open the window, Ellen! I'm so hot! I refused, as it was the middle of winter

If he shot me in your arms, I'd die happy

OK. That's the Airport Shuttle that will take you from the airport right to your hotel or private address

Oh, that doesn't sound too bad, especially if it'll take me straight to the hotel

So, how are we going to enjoy the rock art on our field trip? By looking at it, drawing it and photographing it NEVER by touching it or even tracing it

And lastly please don't even move rocks or branches to take photographs you should leave the site intact I'm sure I can rely on you to do that

Last week I looked at the economy end of the hotel business

You wake up in the middle of the night in a strange hotel miles away from home

You have paid a great deal of money to stay in this first class hotel with its contemporary technology

The research suggests that even the most opulent, luxurious hotels seem to have underestimated the most basic needs of their customers

Do these findings, however, apply only to hotels situated in particular areas?

The company's research covered a whole range of different hotel types both independent hotels and those which are part of large chains

They investigated chic so called boutique hotels in the heart of downtown business districts,

and plush hotels built at the edge of tropical beaches surrounded by palm trees and idyllic blue ocean

And the research concluded that what was outside the hotel building simply didn't matter

What can the hotel industry do about it?

dispense with all the unwanted and expensive hotel services that business travellers don't want,

Now, finally I want to consider the psychology underpinning the traditional holiday hotel industry

As a hotelier, how do you go about attracting people to give up the security of their own home

Firstly, hotels exploit people's need to escape the pn:dictability of their everyday lives

Next week, I'm going to look at ceo hotels, a fairly new phenomenon but increasingly popular

And so selfish! He has to have a fire even in summer! He calls for cakes and hot drinks all the time

It was a hot, sunny day in summer when Cathy and I rode out to meet her cousin

My head was hot, my heart beat fast

Next day I shot him in the arm during our fight, thought that was the end of the whole thing, and left France.

After a long day sitting in the coach, I decided to get out at Millcote, leave my luggage at the hotel, and walk across the fields to Thornfield.

The next day was hot and sunny, but I needed food and water, so I could not stay on the moor.

Well, ma'am, the hotel owner told me, I was one of Mr. Rochester's servants at the time,

She tried to think of something to do, but it was a hot day and she felt very sleepy and stupid.

The taste was very nice, like chocolate and oranges and hot sweet coffee, and very soon Alice finished the bottle.

The room was very hot, so she began to fan herself while she talked.

The March Hare poured a little hot tea on its nose, and the Hatter began to look for a clean plate.

In the hottest days of summer his office was as cold as ice, and it was just as cold in winter.

There was cake and hot meat and bread and cold meat and fruit, and all kinds of drinks, on a long table near the door.

Her face was hot from her morning's work, but she was smiling happily as she carried in the Christmas pudding, in its little circle of blue fire!

There was a large bowl of fruit and sugar and hot water and something a little stronger,

The next day Mr Lorry was sitting in his hotel in Dover when a young lady arrived.

He told the judge that he had seen Mr Damay at a hotel in a town where there were many soldiers and ships.

So how can you be so sure that it was the prisoner you saw in that hotel?

I woke up. Manderley was far away. Hard, bright sunlight shone into our bare hotel room.

We are often bored in this dull little hotel. But people who are bored are not afraid.

This hot little Mediterranean island is our home now.

Every summer, Mrs Van Hopper stayed at the Hotel Cote d'Azur, the biggest and most expensive hotel in Monte Carlo.

We must have looked a strange pair as we walked into the hotel restaurant that day.

There was a long seat in the hotel lounge, with a low table in front of it.

The seat was between the restaurant and the main door of the hotel.

Bring it to me in the lounge and the photographs too. Billy met Max de Winter in London. Be quick.

Then we were back in Monte Carlo. We drove slowly through the brightly lit streets towards the hotel.

I walked slowly up the hotel steps.

When we had finished our game, Mrs Van Hopper said, Tell me, is Max de Winter still in the hotel?

You'll have to arrange every, thing at once. Go down to the hotel office now. You will be too busy to feel unhappy.

I've had a long day, Maxim answered. And London was very hot and noisy. I always hate going there.

I could not see the woods. It was very hot, but the sun was hidden behind the wall of fog.

When you see Mr de Winter, Madam, please tell him there will be a hot meal ready for the men at any time.

I suddenly felt very hot. My head ached and my hands were wet.

It was very hot. I sat on the cliffs for a long time doing nothing, thinking of nothing.

I shot Rebecca in the cottage. I carried her body to the cabin, took the boat out that night and sank it.

The weather was very hot and the air was heavy. There were clouds, but the rain did not fall.

The room was small and full of people. The air was hot and stuffy.

It was hot in that crowded room, far too hot. I wished someone would open a window. The boat builder was speaking again.

It was hot, so hot. I tried to stand up, but I could not. The ground came up to meet me.

I was sitting in the little room again. Frank was beside me. I'm sorry, I said. It was so hot in there.

On leaving the pharmacy the girl hailed a taxi, gave the name of a hotel.

She entered the hotel with a natural air, crossed the vestibule in the direction of the bar.

but the piquancy of the circumstances in which blindness had manifested itself in her case, a naked woman screaming in a hotel and alarming the other guests,

the blind girl hardly dared to weep and lament her fate when unceremoniously, without giving her time to dress properly, and almost by force, she was evicted from the hotel.

the doctor asked if he was alone, if there was anyone within earshot,

They can easily get too hot from running.

Malaria is most common in countries where the weather is usually hot and rainy.

We do allow students to take photographs

I've always wanted to go there My father was a great fan of cowboy films and the Wild West so I was subjected to seeing all the epics many of which were shot there

The subsequent research I did and the online photographs made me even keener

We can also use aerial photographs pictures taken by cameras at high altitude above the earth.

It must have been very hot inside the container because one leg has completely split down the middle

The day was hot, and the wine was refreshing.

Okay, let me have a look at what we've got. We have photographs of all the houses on our books, so you can get an idea of what they're like.

The city was still sleeping. He prepared himself a sandwich and drank some hot tea from a crystal glass.

Look at my webpage with my photos.

I look at photos and read news about her.

Well, hotels sometimes have big buffets, bul we usually eat a small breakfast at home.

The short man looks at the photo and laughs.

On it Marcel can see lots of photographs, boxes and perfume bottles.

And there are lots of photos of Zaza with the White Star.

Hello, West Bay Hotel. Can I help you?

Do I have to go home to eat or You don't have to. You can get a meal in the hotel if you want to, and there's no charge for it so you might as well.

You have to wear a jacket, but the hotel lends you that. I see.

Not at the hotel but I'm sure you'll find some in Arilas.

There were also photovoltaic tiles fixed to the top and bottom of this sloping wall.

Hello? Hi. It's Laura Carlton here. We've just arrived at the holiday flat, but I can't get the hot water and heating to work.

The first one the round one on the far left is the most important one for the heating and hot water. It's the main control switch.

The last of the three controls the one on the right is usually on about a number four setting which for the water in the taps is usually quite hot enough

One of the first people shot and injured was Claire Wilson.

And in the darkness of another hotel room,

The tests are seen as important because they can demonstrate the ability to deliver fresh, hot food without involving humans.

Let me photograph you in this light In case it is the last time That we might be exactly like we were Before we realized We were sad of getting old It made us restless

My God, this reminds me Of when we were young Let me photograph you in this light In case it is the last time That we might be exactly like we were Before we realized

Let me photograph you in this light In case it is the last time That we might be exactly like we were Before we realized

Next to Greece, to sleep a night in the grand hotel at the top of Mount Olympus, to say that they have been there;

Suddenly the boat shot under a bridge which formed a part of a drain, and then it was as dark as the tin soldier's box.

And so it lay quite quiet, while the shots rattled through the reeds and gun after gun was fired.

It was not quite dark; the northern lights shot forth red and blue flames, like continuous fireworks,

He then made him some hot spiced wine, which quickly revived him; so that with reddening cheeks, he sprang upon the floor and danced around the old man.

So, drawing it back, he took an arrow, aimed, and shot the good old poet right in the heart.

The good old man lay upon the floor crying; he was really shot in the heart.

Yes, once he shot your father and your mother in the heart too.

Just think, he even shot an arrow at old grandmother; but that was a long time ago.

The host had very, very much money; he was also a very good man, but exceedingly hot, as if he had pepper and tobacco in him.

Oh, here's a misfortune! cried the host, wringing his hands. That all comes of my hot temper.

the fishes, which swam in the water, shot past my ears, just as here the birds in the air.

but while she acknowledged this in deep penitence, a beam of radiant light shot suddenly into the depths upon her.

He could feel through the leaf how hot the lips of the young man were, and the rose had opened, as if from the heat of the noonday sun.

His wings were dry now, so they carried him to a great distance, till at last he reached a hothouse,

What a splendid place the hothouse was!

The gardener's little son and his playfellow had come into the hothouse, and, seeing the beetle, wanted to have some fun with him.

And immediately he put one in and shot it out.

What is to happen will happen, exclaimed the last, as he was shot out of the pea shooter;

she tied the piece of string to the window sill and to the upper part of the frame, so that the pea tendrils might twine round it when it shot up.

while the tree sighed so deeply that each sigh was like a pistol shot.

There was no shelter anywhere from the hot sunshine.

Now he had really done a great deal of business on his way to the fair, and he was hot and tired.

But the stove was hot, and he had not thought of that.

I don't like when it's too hot. Yes, true.

Alright then, here goes: which US National Park is home to geysers or hot springs that shoot hot water and steam into the air

Every year, scientists discover remarkable new microbes in Yellowstone's hot springs, with implications for medicine, agriculture and energy, as well as offering clues to the formation of the earliest life on Earth.

As for an example, when he heard his wife was sick, he shot off to the hospital.

They meet to share an interest in aquatic mythology, take underwater photos, and swim.

Well, while we have no hard evidence, such as a photo of a real mermaid, there have been several sightings.