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Did you get as far as discussing which form of data collection we should go for questionnaire or interview isn't it

It'll be so much less time consuming than organizing interviews I reckon

And if we tried to use interviews instead

Interviews that work by Wilson published in Oxford in nineteen eighty eight

Can we mail out a questionnaire or do face to face interviews or maybe even observations

Well actually it looks like we don't have a choice We have to do telephone interviews

Well we have to do two groups remember and it looks like we have to interview fifteen for each group

Great Well, would you like me to arrange an interview for you? Say, Friday morning, around ten?

I specifically wanted to do a questionnaire, and interviews with a focus group

I know questionnaires are a very controlled way to do things but I thought I could do taped interviews later on to counteract the effects of this

It was a shame as it was someone who I would like to have interviewed more closely.

And one of the first year students I interviewed wanted reassurance that no names would be traceable from the answers

The most bizarre case was a telephone interview I did with a teacher at a university in France

Well, if you want to ask about the job and then if we're both still interested, we could arrange for you to come for an interview.

Well, we'd certainly be interested in inviting you for an interview, if you're still interested?

Well, I hope I'd So, when could you come in for an interview? We're actually quite quiet tonight?

I'm doing a new book at the moment called Epiphany, which is based on a series of interviews with people about how they discovered their talent.