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There's living and working space a kitchen with a huge food store a small hospital

As you go further down the path there's the kitchen garden on the right and as you go round the first sharp corner

so the chefs among you and the kitchen hands will all need a blue Tshirt

He went to his small kitchen

Oh Comrade Smith she said in a dull little voice do you think you could come across and help me with our kitchen sink The water isn't running away and It was Mrs Parsons his neighbour

In the kitchen the sink was full of dirty green water

We've even got them in the kitchen at the Party building

In the morning, Janey Allen is in the kitchen

It could have been any Yorkshire farmhouse kitchen, except that there was no sign of cooking, and no farmer sitting at the table

I'll wait in the kitchen until it's day Iight, and then I'll leave

I waited in the kitchen until it was light enough outside for me to find my way through the deep snow back to Thrushcross Grange

The night was wild and stormy, and we were all sitting together in the big kitchen

Now that Hindley was the master of the house, he ordered Joseph and me to spend our evenings in the small back kitchen, as we were only servants, while he, his wife and Catherine sat in the main room

Catherine received presents, and could continue her lessons, but Heathcliff was made to work on the farm with the men, and, as a farm worker, was only allowed to eat with us in the back kitchen

I persuaded them both to come out of the room the same way, as I had no key to the door, and took Heathcliff down into the warm servantskitchen with me, while Catherine returned to her guests and the dancing

This time I left them alone, and stayed in the kitchen with little Hareton, but when I came to warn them that Hindley had returned, I realized that their quarrel had only brought them closer together

1778 to 1779 Hindley came into the kitchen, swearing terribly, just as I was about to hide little Hareton in a cupboard

Ah, you keep my son in a cupboard, do you! he cried angrily, picking up a sharp kitchen knife

Get out, both of you! To the devil with you! We left him swearing at us, and went back into the kitchen

In fact I discovered later that he was sitting just under the window, and could hear everything that was said in the kitchen

He's always, always in my heart ? Just then Joseph entered the kitchen

I managed to persuade Catherine to come in, but she insisted on sleeping in the kitchen, in case Heathcliff returned during the night

I turned, to see a tall, dark man in the shadow near the kitchen door

Shall I ask him to come up? You're suggesting inviting him up here, into our sitting room? Don't you think the kitchen is more suitable for him? Catherine looked at her husband, half angry and half laughing

No, she said, I can't sit in the kitchen

I was watching from the kitchen window, as he went up to her, and, supposing that no one else could see him, kissed her

Look, madam! I cried to Catherine, who was passing through the kitchen

I swear I'll make good use of it! At this point I went to look for my master, and told him that Catherine and Heathcliff were quarrelling in the kitchen

He went to the kitchen

While Heathcliff was getting his breath back, Mr Edgar walked out of the other kitchen door into the garden

Why did he listen to us talking in the kitchen? Heathcliff says wicked things, but I know I can control him

You knew how ill she was, and you didn't tell me! I ran downstairs and out of the kitchen door to fetch the doctor

He disappeared as soon as we arrived, so I entered the kitchen alone

Anyway the address is 24 Kitchener Street that's KITCHENER Street

but also a sleek modem kitchen that allows guests to cook and entertain if they wish at no additional cost

Last night he and I were sitting silently in the kitchen at about midnight, when Heathcliff came home

I hate Heathcliff too, but I could not agree to murder, so I called out a warning from the kitchen window

Heathcliff jumped into the kitchen through the window, and started kicking and hitting Hindley, who was lying unconscious on the kitchen floor

I knew I had to get away quickly, and as I ran out of the kitchen, I saw Hindley attack Heathcliff

How glad I was to see one of her dogs lying outside the kitchen door! I knocked loudly, and Zillah let me in

Cathy was sitting comfortably in the kitchen, talking eagerly to Hareton

Who would fall in love with a selfish baby like that? He went to the kitchen door and called, Hareton! Come and take Miss Cathy round the farm

As we watched them through the kitchen window, Heathcliff seemed to be thinking aloud

She was always writing on little pieces of paper, which she kept in a locked drawer in her room, and every morning she got up surprisingly early to go down to the kitchen

In a few days I'll be your father, and I'll punish you just like that, as often as necessary! When Heathcliff went out to look for our horses, Cathy and I hurried round the kitchen looking for a way to escape

The big kitchen was full of sunshine, and the door was open, but the only person there was Linton

Cathy, take your lunch in the kitchen with Joseph and Zillah

As darkness fell, Cathy and Hareton were busy at their studies in the kitchen

Hiding near the door, I could just see into the kitchen through a small uncurtained window.

The kitchen looked so clean and bright, and the ladies so kind and sensible, that I dared to knock at the door.

But he may not want to see you, warned Mary, as we sat together in the kitchen.

Mary's in the kitchen, I answered.

She found herself in a kitchen, which was full of smoke.

Belinda put a clean plate in front of each person, and they all turned to look at Mrs Cratchit as she came in from the kitchen.

There's this one in Oakington Avenue, at 550 pounds a month. Combined living room and dining room, with a separate kitchen.

Then have a look at this house, in Mead Street. It's got a very large living room and kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom How much is it? That one's 580.

Okay. Then there's this older house in Hamilton Road: living room, kitchen diner, and it has a study. 550 a month

It's got a living room, dining room and small kitchen, and it's 595 a month I think it would suit you, from what you've said.

I asked him to let me use the kitchen for a while, the alchemist smiled.

They went to the kitchen at the back of the monastery.

His home is under the kitchen floor.

The fish had been caught, taken to the market and sold to the cook, who took him into the kitchen and cut him open with a large knife.

often displaying only cabbage and other kitchen plants; and here and there the gardens cannot be seen at all,

The pea blossom pleased him most of all; she was white and red, graceful and slender, and belonged to those domestic maidens who have a pretty appearance, and can yet be useful in the kitchen.