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لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

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and we've seen that the preoccupation in Western society with crime and with lawlessness

And that has been a very dangerous loophole in the law

so everything was all set for me to be adopted at birth by a lawyer and his wife

lf you require language lessons then they are available from the International Centre next to the Law Department

I slipped through his grip and he with a horrible scream kicked madly for a few seconds and clawed the air with both his hands

If I am in the hands of the law let things be done in a legal way

And he could see the Ministry of Love Miniluv which was responsible for law and order

Nothing was illegal as there were no laws now

Thousands were sent to prison although they had broken no law

But there is no law and there are no rules

And what relationship is he to you He's my brother in law

He asked me to send for his lawyer, to make arrangements so that Cathy would not lose all her inheritance

I did as he asked, but the lawyer sent a message, saying that he could not come until the next day

At lunch?time the lawyer arrived, too late to help Cathy

I'm a lawyer, sir. I have a certificate here proving that you married Bertha Mason in the West Indies fifteen years ago.

I can produce a witness, said the lawyer, who has seen her alive recently.

Here he is. Mr. Mason! called the lawyer.

What this lawyer says is true.

As we went downstairs the lawyer said to me, I know you weren't aware of this, Miss Eyre.

I'm his lawyer. Mr. Mason and he have often done business together.

But she must be found! Mr. Briggs, a lawyer, has something very important to tell her.

Mr. Briggs, Mr. Eyre's lawyer, wrote to us telling us that our uncle had died, and left all his property, not to us, because of his quarrel with our father, but to his brother's daughter.

Then one of the lawyers, a man called Sydney Carton, wrote some words on a piece of paper, and gave it to Mr Stryver, the lawyer who was speaking for Mr Damay.

The lawyers talked and argued, and when at last the trial came to an end, Jerry Cruncher had fallen asleep.

Every night Carton studied the many papers that lawyers have to read, and he wrote down the questions which Stryver should ask at the next day's trial.

Carton knew that he was a clever lawyer, and that he was a good and honest man, but he had never been successful for himself.

His cleverness and his hard work in the law only made others, like Mr Stryver, successful and rich.

Castles were burned, laws were changed, and the rich and powerful nobles died their heads cut off by that terrible new machine of death, the Guillotine.

Under what law? We have new laws, Evremonde, said the official sharply, and emigrants have no rights.

These judges made their own laws and threw prisoners out into the streets to be murdered by the crowds.

Dr Manette told the Tribunal that he had been a prisoner in the Bastille for eighteen years, and that his son in law was now a prisoner in La Force.

She lived every moment in great fear, but her father was sure that he could save his sonin law.

Charles Evremonde, you are an emigrant. All emigrants must die. That is the new law of France. Kill him! shouted the people.

No, not in the meaning of the law, replied Darnay. I earn my own living in England.

Will you tell me who has accused my son in law?

But Revolution Laws were not as powerful as the anger of the people.

I knew that nobles who did unlawful things were usually not punished, and I expected that nothing would happen.

Hah, your husband has another meeting today. Sydney Carton. Lawyer, English. Which is he?

I see him become a famous lawyer and make my name famous by his work.

Smooth green lawns surrounded tbe house.

Beyond the lawns were gardens and beyond the gardens, the sea.

From its long windows I could see the lawns and beyond the lawns, the sea.

I had thought that perhaps we would walk down to the sea, or sit under the great tree on the lawn.

Below me I could see green lawns and the sea. The sea was bright green, with white, topped waves.

At that moment, the men came out of the house. A servant brought rugs and chairs and we all sat under the great tree on the lawn.

We set off together across the lawns to the woods. Jasper ran on in front.

We climbed the grass bank above the lawns and walked down into the woods.

I had to run to keep up with him now. At last we came to the top of the path and out on to the lawn.

I could see the sea from the terrace and the lawns. It looked cold and grey.

I started to run up the path and did not feel safe until I reached the lawn.

As I walked across the lawn, I looked up at the west wing.

I wandered out on to the lawn. I felt different from yesterday. I wanted Maxim to come home.

But as we were walking out to the big tree on the lawn, we heard a car in the drive.

I could hear the sea and I could smell it in the fog. I walked out of the house and on to the lawn.

I walked back across the lawn. I went through the house, along the dark silent corridor of the west wing to Rebecca's room.

Mr de Winter's gone down to the bay. He went across the lawn only a few minutes ago.

By the Law of the Jungle he must tell us first, before he comes here to hunt

The Law of the Jungle says that animals must not hunt man, because man killing brings men with guns

But what will the other wolves of the Pack say? By the Law of the Jungle all wolf cubs must come to the Pack when they can walk

His job is to teach the Law of the Jungle to the wolf cubs

The Law of the Jungle says it is possible to buy the life of a cub

I have taught you the Law for all the Jungle People, but not for the Monkey People

They have no law

The Bandar log have no Law and their ways are not our ways

The Law of the Jungle says we must punish you, said Bagheera.

Baloo was happy that Mowgli was safe and with them again, but he could not speak against the Law.

One of the good things about Jungle Law is that, after you are punished, the matter is finished.

In 1972, a law called Title IX was made in America.

The Law of the Jungle says that you can kill me now, but the Law also says that you must come one by one.

Also, chaining wild animals goes against India s wildlife protection laws.

He was a devout man, and, even with all his impatience, he wanted to live his life in accordance with Muslim law.

That was the law of hospitality.

Some lawmakers said at the time that China was a suspect.

They include those of the former top assistant to the agency's chairman and the agency's former top lawyer.

The Texas law gives people 21 and older permission to carry concealed handguns into buildings at state financed colleges.

The law took effect on the same day the University of Texas marked the 50th anniversary of the first mass shooting at an American college campus.

Supporters of the new Texas law say it will save lives by giving people the right to use their own guns to stop a shooter before police arrive.

Opponents said the gun law might make things worse.

Under the new law, people are permitted to carry guns into college buildings, classrooms and student housing.

Under the state law, private colleges can choose whether or not to permit concealed guns.

Lawmakers suspended Rousseff in May over accusations of hiding budget deficits before her reelection in 2014.

US defense, intelligence and law enforcement officials have long worried about the Russian government's possible cyber activities.

The scent had never for an instant been lost. There was no flaw in any link of the chain.

You will say, no doubt, using the language of the law, that to make out my case,

This may be the practice in law, but it is not the usage of reason.

and only think of the great stamp of state, which impresses the royal seal that gives effect to the laws!

One must be able to adapt one's self to time and circumstances, and if there is a law that the maiden is to be called hand rammer,

Soon after, he fell down upon an extensive lawn, and for a time pretended to sleep, but at last fell asleep in earnest.

Not to mention, the fact that everyone is flawed, or imperfect, in their own way.

You've got to get the flowers right. Oh, there's so much to think about makes you think that marriage might be flawed

and flawed is a thing which is imperfect in some way.

Well, I think it's flawed in the way that the public transport could use an upgrade there's never enough space on the carriages.

So, which country has the oldest gun control laws in the world? Is it a USA, b Iceland or c Japan?

You asked me which country has the oldest gun control laws in the world?

It's Japan, which implemented its gun control laws in 1685.