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So far in these lectureswe've been looking at crimes like robbery and murder

There's also advice on how to get the most from your lectures

Site Two had a number of supporters mainly because it was close to most lecture rooms

It was clear that the Union was mainly to be used after lectures

entertainment is laid on nearly every night with tour leaders on hand to organise lectures games

For that you would join an evening class and have a lecture twice a week

That way you can cover a lot of coursework and attend lectures and seminars during the day

Having said that though I'm afraid the lecturers will make little or no allowance for the presence

But I also thought it'd be worthwhile talking to a lecturer

so instead of coming back here we'd like you all to go to Lecture Room three one one

That sounds like fun but unfortunately I have evening lectures so that's not possible, I'm afraid Is there anything during the day?

No I can't manage that because of the lectures

Good morning everyone Today's lecture forms part of the Hospitality and Tourism module

But back to the main point of this lecture the need to feel at home

In today's lecture, I'm going to talk about Monosodium Glutamate or MSG, as it's more commonly known

So, welcome to your introductory geography lecture.

The animals are fed in public twice a day and a short lecture given on their feeding habits and nutritional needs.

In the last few lectures I've been dealing with business finance, but now I'm going to move on to business systems.

And in today's lecture I'm going to talk about what can go wrong when businesses try to copy their own best practices.

I've had to do so much reading this semester just to help me make sense of the lectures.

At first I couldn't understand what the lecturers were talking about, so I had to turn to the books and journals.

This habit has helped me to follow the ideas in the lectures, and it's also given me some ideas to use in the tutorials.

Good morning. In the last few lectures I've been talking about the history of domestic building construction.

The main problem is that the lecturers expect you to be critical.

How was the content of the lectures? Was it easy for you?

I didn't really have many problems understanding lectures.

And what about the lecturers themselves? Are they essentially the same as lecturers in your country?

Well actually, no. Here. they're much easier to approach. After every lecture you can go and ask them something you didn't understand.

The lecturers must set aside certain times every week when they're available for students. That's good to hear.

Apart from lectures, we had practical sessions in a lot of subjects.

The peonies were sulky; it was well that they could not speak, otherwise they would have given the daisy a good lecture.