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لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

Enter Your word:

I'd like to go to the Markets near the river too but oh no wait that's only in the mornings too

But I don't think the Markets will be open then

Oh and the Markets of course you don't pay to go in

and there was remarkable agreement on all three

We won't get a very good mark if the children don't actually enjoy the experiments

In a remarkable turn of events Apple bought NeXT I returned to Apple and the technology we developed at NeXT is at the heart of Apple's current renaissance

Instead of honoring this sacred obligation America has given the Negro people a bad check a check which has come back marked insufficient funds

Tonight I'm going to talk to you about that remarkable continent Antarctica remote

Fortunately no one was hurt but these buildings became a huge challenge to architects who finally came up with a remarkable solution

Don't talk about it I only got mine in yesterday it was a real struggle I hate to think what mark I'll get

Yes I'd agree and I don't see why they can't let us know the criteria they use for marking

At the same time their longer term problems which were affecting their market share

We've looked in general at the telecommunications market in the UK over the last few sessions

When I was talking to the marketing manager he said to me that he thinks the company had got a great management team

Well personally I think the stock market is to blame

The market should have had more realistic expectations

Yes topics like finance and of course marketing that's a popular one

and from then onwards the country suffered a series of invasions by tribes from present day Germany and Denmark

And as the East End was by the river ships could transport goods between there and foreign markets

When it came back on the market there was no hesitation and he bought it immediately for £9300

Follow the path marked with the arrow and the first area you come to is the orchard on your left

Lucy we really need to get working on this marketing assignment

I don't think that's such a good idea I don't think there are huge differences in the market there

Only now at the end of nearly ten years am I allowed to supply those missing links which make up the whole of that remarkable chain

Let me say to that public which has shown some interest in those glimpses which I have occasionally given them of the thoughts and actions of a very remarkable man that they are not to blame me if I have not shared my knowledge with them for I should have considered it my first duty to do so had I not been barred by a positive prohibition from his own lips which was only withdrawn upon the third of last month

Neither the flowers nor the earth showed any sign of having been disturbed nor were there any marks upon the narrow strip of grass which separated the house from the road

Suppose a man had fired through the window he would indeed be a remarkable shot who could with a revolver inflict so deadly a wound

I exchanged some remarks with him therefore and obtained his courteous permission to write the short note which you afterwards received

You may have read of the remarkable explorations of a Norwegian named Sigerson but I am sure that it never occurred to you that you were receiving news of your friend

Having concluded this to my satisfaction and learning that only one of my enemies was now left in London I was about to return when my movements were hastened by the news of this very remarkable Park Lane Mystery which not only appealed to me by its own merits but which seemed to offer some most peculiar personal opportunities

Such was the remarkable narrative to which I listened on that April eveninga narrative which would have been utterly incredible to me had it not been confirmed by the actual sight of the tall spare figure and the keen eager face which I had never thought to see again

He is a harmless enough fellow Parker by name a garroter by trade and a remarkable performer upon the jew's harp

I was about to make some remark to him when I raised my eyes to the lighted window and again experienced almost as great a surprise as before

At that instant Holmes sprang like a tiger on to the marksman's back and hurled him flat upon his face

To you and to you only belongs the credit of the remarkable arrest which you have effected

As I entered I saw it is true an unwonted tidiness but the old landmarks were all in their place

I knew exactly what I was doing for I knew of the existence of this remarkable gun and I knew also that one of the best shots in the world would be behind it

I left him an excellent mark in the window and having warned the police that they might be neededby the way Watson you spotted their presence in that doorway with unerring accuracy I took up what seemed to me to be a judicious post for observation never dreaming that he would choose the same spot for his attack

Terrible weather! I remarked

this week I'm going to discuss the luxury end of the market Let's consider the following scenario

whether the company manages to establish a trend all over the world and make a lasting impact on the luxury accommodation market

Strange! remarked the doctor. The skin on the shoulder has been torn by teeth, as well as a knife!

Scrooge recognized every field, post, and tree, as they walked along the road towards a little market town.

The green light came on at last, the cars moved off briskly, but then it became clear that not all of them were equally quick off the mark.

Then the blind man called inside, Are you there, no one replied, and he remarked, Just as I was saying, she still hasn't come back.

If you were in my situation and unable to drive any more, he thought childishly, and oblivious of the absurdity of that remark,

They all looked at Mowgli and saw the bite marks on his arms and legs.

Look, said a man, those are the bite marks of wolves.

In the south eastern corner, beyond the marsh, is our Market Garden area, growing vegetables and flowers.

he went to the market for something to eat, he traded his book for one that was thicker, and he found a bench in the plaza where he could sample the new wine he had bought.

They reached the center of a large plaza where the market was held.

All around him was the market, with people coming and going, shouting and buying, and the aroma of strange foods… but nowhere could he find his new companion.

As he waited, a priest climbed to the top of a nearby tower and began his chant; everyone in the market fell to their knees, touched their foreheads to the ground, and took up the chant.

He had never even wept in front of his own sheep. But the marketplace was empty, and he was far from home, so he wept.

The boy was trying to understand the truth of what the old man had said. There he was in the empty marketplace, without a cent to his name, and with not a sheep to guard through the night.

Although his new world at the moment was just an empty marketplace, he had already seen it when it was teeming with life, and he would never forget it.

He had fallen asleep in the middle of the marketplace, and life in the plaza was about to resume.

He walked slowly through the marketplace.

Since that morning in the marketplace, he had never again made use of Urim and Thummim, because Egypt was now just as distant a dream for him as was Mecca for the merchant.

The other man remarked that tea was always more delicious when it was served in crystal, because the aroma was retained.

It's almost as if he had been here and left his mark, he thought.

Every day was there to be lived or to mark one's departure from this world.

He had used the two stones only once, one morning when he was at a marketplace.

No, my brother. His name is Mark.

2. What's this, Bo? It's a marker.

A marker? Yes.

1. Hello? Hi, Eric. It's Mark. Do you have a minute?

OK. Talk to you later. Bye, Mark.

And on the map we've marked the proposed changes.

Firstly, we'll plant mature pine trees to provide shelter and shade just to the right of the supermarket in Days Road.

This should mark it more clearly and act as a signal for traffic to slow down.

and an artist will incorporate that story into paintings on the wall of a building on the other side of Hill Street from the supermarket.

For example, a couple of weeks ago in our marketing subject, when it was my turn to give a presentation I felt quite confident.

And secondly, it is particularly successful in business markets where technical expertise is important.

You usually find it where the market for the company's product is extremely competitive, or where the products themselves have a short life span.

Well, there are forests all round and they hide a supermarket just down the road, so that's very useful for all your shopping needs.

It gets very crowded on Sundays, so I suggest you visit it on a quieter day, later in the week, but not on Thursdays which is market day you won't find anywhere to park and it's also the only day of the week when they're not open!

The law took effect on the same day the University of Texas marked the 50th anniversary of the first mass shooting at an American college campus.

Makkonen admires countries like France and Denmark.

In today's market, those sacrifices may be necessary.

Only a small group of people at Virginia Tech will be able to use the service at first, according to the director of the partnership, Mark Blanks.

Mark Warner of Virginia serves in the US Senate.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was at the competition last week.

And I like university professors, but you know, we shouldn't hold them up as the high water mark of all human achievement. They're just a form of life, another form of life.

It relates to contracts in private markets and in public policy.

for while the analyst is necessarily ingenious, the ingenious man is often remarkably incapable of analysis.

Our first meeting was at an obscure library in the Rue Montmartre, where the accident of our both being in search of the same very rare and very remarkable volume, brought us into closer communion.

I could not help remarking and admiring (although from his rich ideality I had been prepared to expect it) a peculiar analytic ability in Dupin.

But of the character of his remarks at the periods in question an example will best convey the idea.

of Chantilly, said he, why do you pause? You were remarking to yourself that his diminutive figure unfitted him for tragedy.

At this point I interrupted your meditations to remark that as, in fact, he was a very little fellow that Chantilly he would do better at the Théâtre des Variétés.

I remarked that, while all the witnesses agreed in supposing the gruff voice to be that of a Frenchman, there was much disagreement in regard to the shrill, or, as one individual termed it, the harsh voice.

The witnesses, as you remark, agreed about the gruff voice; they were here unanimous.

Coincidences ten times as remarkable as this (the delivery of the money, the murder committed within three days upon the party receiving it),

This, I said, is the mark of no human hand.

Upon my word, I almost envy you the possession of him; a remarkably fine, and no doubt a very valuable animal.

The servant who had to clean his boots certainly thought them a remarkably old pair for such a rich gentleman; but he had not bought any new ones yet.

so they made him to stand firmly on one leg, and this caused him to be very remarkable.

The fish had been caught, taken to the market and sold to the cook, who took him into the kitchen and cut him open with a large knife.

You are remarkably ugly! said the Wild Ducks.

Everybody in the town knew what a remarkable quality the stuff possessed, and all were anxious to see how bad or stupid their neighbours were.

The large trees which grew round it saw the plant and heard the remarks, but they said not a word either good or bad, which is the wisest plan for those who are ignorant.

White walls, and black myself! that looks well, remarked the Darning needle.

Ah, but I'm not a prisoner, remarked the fly, and away he flew.

I am the most remarkable of all the five which were in the shell.

Every year, scientists discover remarkable new microbes in Yellowstone's hot springs, with implications for medicine, agriculture and energy, as well as offering clues to the formation of the earliest life on Earth.

True, it might not be a realistic benchmark, and by that I mean a standard from which other things are judged.

The next word we had was benchmark a benchmark is astandard from which other things are judged.

If you were looking for a new house, Neil, what would your benchmark be?

so that would be the benchmark for a new house. It would have to have that at least, and more.

Interestingly, a small bronze statue of the little mermaid has been sitting in Copenhagen in Denmark since 1913.