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لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

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We really do think of every essential detail, from an oven and cooking rings fuelled by bottled gas to mirrors in the bedroom areas

These methods, techniques and strategies are practical, proven and fast acting.

An alchemist would probably live in a manner that was different from that of the rest of the people at the oasis, and it was likely that in his tent an oven was continuously burning.

The boy looked around for the ovens and other apparatus used in alchemy, but saw none.

The trouble is, even the expert doesn't fully grasp the whole thing because when it comes to complex systems, the individual components of the process are interwoven with one another.

She talked about her experience as a Slovenian immigrant in America, and praised her husband, calling him intensely loyal.

I must have this cloth woven for me without delay.

and spoke of the holy baptism, of the covenant with God, and how she should be now a matured Christian;

The woman quickly hid all the excellent meat and wine in her baking oven;

but Little Claus could not help thinking of the capital roast meat, fish, and cake, which he knew were in the oven.

He says we are not to eat porridge, for he has conjured the oven full of roast meat, fish, and cake.

Wonderful! cried the farmer; and he opened the oven in a hurry, and found all the dainty provisions which his wife had hidden there,

He says, replied Claus, that he has conjured three bottles of wine for us, too, and that they are standing there in the corner behind the oven.

The baking oven sticks out of the wall like a great knob.

Ok, and by alleged or alleged, you mean said or believed to be true but not proven.

Our first word was alleged or alleged. If something is alleged it is said or believed be true but not proven to be true.