کاربر گرامی لطفا جهت تکمیل اطلاعات شخصی اینجا را کلیک کنید.

لغت یابی در قطعات صوتی سایت

Enter Your word:

because they've got this wonderful painting by Rembrandt that I've always wanted to see

we'll go to see the painting you like first

Advice is a form of nostalgia dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal wiping it off painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it's worth

Yes A friend of a friend mentioned them the children do painting and make models and so forth

He was completely happy running around painting posters singing the new Hate Song smelling even more strongly of sweat in the hot weather

He looks across the room at a painting

He stands and looks at the painting

Then he takes the painting very, very slowly from its frame

In his room, Harry takes the painting from his bag

He is talking about the painting

It's a million dollar painting, he is saying

The man wants the painting, but Harry isn't happy

No! It's a milliondollar painting! What? No, I want fifty thousand, not five! What? The painting? Yes, I have it, and it's OK

He is thinking, My milliondollar painting! Where is it? The men from the recycling truck are watching Harry, too

The men look in the truck for the million dollar painting

Later, they find the right newspaper and they find the painting

Maybe I can buy a painting with the reward! Janey says

In Namibia there are both paintings and engravings that's where the surface of the rock is cut out

First, when you look at a typical Namibian painting or engraving, you see the tracks are repeated, there are dozens of tracks for the same animal You'd expect just one clear illustration if the reason the aim was to teach tracking Now there were two more problems

You have only expressed the shadow of your ideas, because you aren't good enough at drawing or painting, but the ideas, where did they come from?

And I decided that next day I would draw an honest sketch of myself, and then one of Blanche Ingram, painting the most lovely face I could imagine, according to Mrs. Fairfax's description.

There'll be no music or languages or painting.

Beatrice had sent me four big books about painting.

a continuous white, like a white painting without tonalities, the colours, forms and images that reality itself might present to someone with normal vision,

We used to have an activity room with more interactive things like making models of dinosaurs and drawing and painting pictures even hunting for dinosaur eggs,

and it has some really fascinating paintings and sculptures by leading artists from all over China

and an artist will incorporate that story into paintings on the wall of a building on the other side of Hill Street from the supermarket.

Good morning, everyone. I've been invited to talk about my research project into Australian Aboriginal rock paintings.

Throughout the long history of this tradition, new images have appeared and new painting styles have developed.

Among these are what we call the Dynamic, Yam and Modern styles of painting.

One of the most significant characteristics of the different styles is the way that humans are depicted in the paintings.

The more recent paintings show people in static poses.

But the first human images to dominate rock art paintings, over 8000 years ago, were full of movement.

These paintings showed people hunting and cooking food and so they were given the name Dynamic to reflect this energy.

The Yam style of painting got its name from the fact that it featured much curvier figures that actually resemble the vegetable called a yam, which is similar to a sweet potato.

The Modern paintings are interesting because they include paintings at the time of the first contact with European settlers.

Aborigines managed to convey the idea of the settlersclothing by simply painting the Europeans without any hands, indicating the habit of standing with their hands in their pockets!

For example, we know from the Dynamic paintings that over 8000 years ago, Aborigines would have rarely eaten fish and sea levels were much lower at this time.

In fact, fish didn't start to appear in paintings until the Yam period along with shells and other marine images.

The paintings of the Yam tradition also suggest that, during this time, the Aborigines moved away from animals as their main food source and began including vegetables in their diet, as these feature prominently.

Freshwater creatures didn't appear in the paintings until the Modern period from 4000 years ago.

So, these paintings have already taught us a lot.

But we decided to study the Rainbow Serpent paintings to see if we could locate the animal that the very first painters based their image on.

We studied 107 paintings of the Rainbow Serpent and found that the one creature that matches it most closely was the Ribboned Pipefish, which is a type of sea horse.

This sea creature would have been a totally unfamiliar sight in the inland regions where the image is found and may have been the inspiration behind the early paintings.

Children's activities are often arranged there, like bread making and face painting.

Actually it's quite reasonable. It's an older style house with Greek paintings in every room, and a balcony outside.

but if she's cooking, you know she's dealing with people on the phone, she's talking to the kids, she's painting the ceiling, you know she's doing open heart surgery over here.