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have a look in the student newspaper OK

Now this one is called Unusual Measures of Lengths and you basically use lots of paperclips

and basically because not all paperclips are the same lengths they should come up with some strange answers

an old record a pin or needle some paper and a bolt

What about number two with the paperclips

instead the skin's covered with barbs giving it a rough texture like sandpaper

She refused to sign the final adoption papers

It was sort of like Google in paperback form 35 years before Google came along it was idealistic and overflowing with neat tools and great notions

I'm thinking of doing some writing and I might need to access national newspapers

We've also got all the local papers and a wide selection of magazines

the production of recycled glass and paper uses much less energy than producing them from virgin materials

For recycling paper Britain comes second in Europe with 40behind Germany's amazing 70

When recycling started there were quality problems so it was difficult to use recycled paper in office printers

costs the same as normal paper and is of equally high quality

Over a third of the waste paper that comes in can't be used in the recycled paper leaving the question of what to do with it

One firm Paper save currently sells this to farmers as a soil conditioner though this practice will soon be banned

And presumably the college library stocks newspapers and journals as well as books

But if you could search out some silver paper to bring along to use in the sessions you know

There were some figures also upon a sheet of paper with the names of some club friends opposite to them from which it was conjectured that before his death he was endeavouring to make out his losses or winnings at cards

and found that Mycroft had preserved my rooms and my papers exactly as they had always been

Our feet creaked and crackled over the bare planking and my outstretched hand touched a wall from which the paper was hanging in ribbons

You may think that I read the papers with some attention during my sojourn in France on the lookout for any chance of laying him by the heels

The wind blew dust and bits of paper around in the street and there seemed to be no colour in anything except in the posters that were everywhere

From a drawer in the table he took out a pen and a big diary with beautiful cream paper which he had bought in an old fashioned shop in a poor part of the town

Newspapers came to him through the middle hole

The largest hole was for waste paper hot air carried that away

The messages were about changes to the Times newspaper

When Winston had finished his changes to the Times went with the newspaper down the middle hole

Every day newspapers magazines photographs films posters and books were all changed

You could read in the newspapers that five million extra pairs of boots had been made and you could see that half the people in Oceania had no boots

She took their names out of every newspaper book letter

People disappeared from the newspapers when they were vaporized and they could also appear in the newspapers when they did not exist

He had appeared in the newspapers because he had led the sort of life the Party wanted

Most workers in the Ministry were busy writing everything that the people of Oceania read or saw all the newspapers films plays poems school books telescreen programmes and songs the Newspeak dictionaries and children's spelling books

Syme took a piece of paper from his pocket with a list of words on it and studied the words with an ink pencil between his fingers

There's beautiful paper in that diary

No paper like that has been made for oh I'd say fifty years

It was a piece of paper

Back in his office he put the piece of paper down on his desk among the other papers

I had to put paper round it because

But she did not have to tell him why she had paper round it

His name disappeared from lists and newspapers

At the far end of the room O'Brien was sitting under a lamp with papers on either side of him

They used newspapers radio film and television to control people's thoughts

There was paper and an ink pencil

He puts it in a newspaper, then he puts the newspaper under his bed

But the newspaper recycling truck is coming today

Janey is looking for old newspapers

Then later, the newspaper recycling truck arrives

She always takes his old newspapers or bottles for recycling

There's a newspaper under Harry's bed

Janey puts the old newspapers into a black recycling box

The newspaper! Oh, no!

I want my newspaper! he says

Where's my newspaper? But there are thousands of newspapers in the truck

Why is your newspaper important, Harry? she asks

But I want my newspaper! Harry says

But there's blue glass in his shoe What? Yes, he's looking for the newspaper now

Later, they find the right newspaper and they find the painting

She was always writing on little pieces of paper, which she kept in a locked drawer in her room, and every morning she got up surprisingly early to go down to the kitchen

You must tell her that I have no paper or pens to write with

So I advertised in a newspaper for a job as a governess.

As he picked up his hat before leaving, something on a piece of paper on the table caught his eye.

and remembering his strange behaviour with the piece of paper, I began to fear that he might be going mad.

and advertisements placed in newspapers, and every effort made to find her, nobody knows where she's gone.

And he took out of his wallet a tiny piece of paper, which I recognized as part of my sketch book, and showed it to me.

Round the neck of the bottle was a piece of paper with the words DRINK ME in large letters.

He took out a long piece of paper, and read

Alice watched while the White Rabbit looked at the names on his piece of paper.

He listened carefully, and then he wrote a letter to the editor of The Times newspaper.

At first he did not know many books: the Bible, and one or two newspapers, that's all.

People began to read about Merrick in the newspapers, so he had a lot of visitors.

I often read about you in the newspapers, she said.

They were large, round, comfortable looking men, with books and papers in their hands.

This is Scrooge and Marley's, I think, said one of them, looking at the papers that he was carrying.

He read the newspapers, looked at his bank books, and went home to bed.

Together the two young clerks put away all the pens and papers, and, following Fezziwig's orders, cleared all the furniture away from the centre of the room.

The King made paper money and spent it, and the people had nothing to eat.

It smelt of dust and old papers, and the people who worked there all seemed old and dusty, too.

Now, Miss Manette, did you see him show them any papers, or anything that looked like a list?

Then one of the lawyers, a man called Sydney Carton, wrote some words on a piece of paper, and gave it to Mr Stryver, the lawyer who was speaking for Mr Damay.

But Mr Lorry woke him up and gave him a piece of paper.

Stryver was good at speaking at a trial, but he was not good at discovering important facts and details, especially when these details were hidden in a lot of papers.

Every night Carton studied the many papers that lawyers have to read, and he wrote down the questions which Stryver should ask at the next day's trial.

On his chest lay a piece of paper with the words: Drive him fast to his grave. This is from JACQUES.

My work is to find and hide papers that might be dangerous to our customers.

The roads were bad and every town, every village had its citizens with guns who stopped all travellers, asked them questions, looked at their papers, made them wait or threw them in prison, turned them back or sent them on their way.

Darnay had to wait a long time while officials carefully read his papers, which explained the reasons for his journey.

Defarge gave him a piece of paper.

It was not possible to leave Paris at once, as Charles did not have the necessary papers.

I have the necessary papers to leave Paris. I was ready to go tomorrow.

He wrote on a piece of paper the names of several powders and gave it to the shopkeeper.

I went to the room and, hidden in a hole, I found a written paper. It is in Dr Manette's writing.

Carton listened carefully, while pretending to read a newspaper.

They have the necessary papers, and so do you.

I am sure that he had forgotten the paper he had written, but what has happened now is not his fault.

Who goes there? Show us your papers!

The guard looks at the papers.

Here are your papers, Jarvis Lorry. You may go.

We read the English newspapers, but we never meet English people, thank God.

But the wind was too strong it blew the paper away.

It was dreadful, she had said. Her death was in all the newspapers.

He was always waiting in his car, reading the paper.

The paper twisted, blackened and turned to ashes.

He picked up the paper. He put a cushion behind his head and lit a cigarette.

Maxim did not look at me. He went on reading his paper.

I found the piece of paper and looked at it quickly. Yes, Mrs Danvers. Yes, very nice indeed.

I took a piece of paper and a pen. Dear Mrs Van Hopper, I began.

There was nothing more to say. Maxim smiled at me and picked up his paper.

I cut the string excitedly and tore off the dark brown paper.

Could I speak to you, sir? he said. Maxim looked up from his paper.

Maxim threw his paper on the ground and got up from his chair.

Maxim went back to his chair and picked up his paper.

To my surprise, it was Mrs Danvers. She was holding a piece of paper in her hand.

That was a reporter. The whole thing will be in the papers tomorrow. There's nothing we can do.

Frith brought in the newspapers at breakfast the following day. The story was in all of them.

All the papers said that Rebecca's body had been found after the Fancy Dress Ball.

I wondered what the papers would say if they knew the truth. That terrible word murder would be on every front page.

Listen. Favell took a piece of paper from his pocket. I recognized Rebecca's hard, black writing.

And Frank held out a piece of paper. It was then that Maxim looked at me.

He looked at me like a man saying goodbye for the last time. That piece of paper was enough to hang Maxim.

We have come about the death of the late Mrs de Winter. You may have read the report in the papers.

I don't think the papers will bother you any more. There may be some talk; but I'll make sure that people hear about Dr Baker. Thank you very much, Maxim said.

Here is a great rule for success: Think on paper.

Step number Two: Write it down. Think on paper.

Even better, lay out your plan visually, in the form of a series of boxes and circles on a sheet of paper.

Take a clean sheet of paper right now and make a list of ten goals that you want to accomplish in the next year.

Whatever that goal is, write it on a separate sheet of paper, set a deadline, make a plan, take action on your plan and then do something every single day that moves you toward that goal.

And planning is really quite simple to do. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

Lay them out in front of you on paper, or on a computer so that you can see them. Then go to work on one task at a time.

Take a notepad or sheet of paper, or and make a list of everything you have to do in the next 24 hours.

Think on paper! Always work from a list. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you become, and how much easier it is to eat your frog.

He handed the sheet of paper to the wife, Take this and come back with your husband once you have the results,

Really? I felt just like your secretary Sorry! I went into the library this afternoon to have a look at a newspaper and I came across something really interesting.

We've come a very long way from the early exploration of the world by sailing ships when geographers only had pens and paper at their disposal.

You can't exactly replicate something that is three dimensional, like our planet, on a flat piece of paper,

because paper has only two dimensions, and that means there'll always be a certain degree of distortion on a map. It can't be avoided.

Let me have a look. I have so many papers. Yes, here it is. It's 601 ACK.

At the moment it looks as if, in the UK despite the fact that newspapers continually report that people are unhappy with medical care

Next day, Zaza's story is in all the newspapers.

Back on his boat he reads the newspaper stories.

Would it help to get hold of some past papers? Yes. They'll help to make it clear.

But didn't I phone 081260567294? That's what I've got on the paper. That's the main switchboard.

Last week, news of his death reportedly appeared in a newspaper in his hometown.

However, last year, Trump told The Hill newspaper that the federal government should not profit on student loans and should allow students to lower the amount of interest they pay.

Many Americans will be using paperless voting machines when they vote in the US elections.

About one fourth of registered voters are expected to use electronic machines that do not produce a paper backup, according to the Reuters news service.

Security experts say the paperless machines can have issues that result in votes being wrongly recorded.

The lack of a paper record makes it impossible to make sure the systems are working correctly, they said.

About 44 million registered voters – about 25 percent of the total – live in areas using paperless systems, Reuters said.

They say the best way to prevent that kind of hacking is to move to a system with a paper backup.

Waiting until it ends so they can go home and write a paper about it.

It had no contents beyond a few old letters, and other papers of little consequence.

The next day's paper had these additional particulars. The Tragedy in the Rue Morgue.

The evening edition of the paper stated that the greatest excitement still continued in the Quartier St. Roch that the premises in question had been carefully re searched, and fresh examinations of witnesses instituted, but all to no purpose.

On our way home my companion stepped in for a moment at the office of one of the daily papers.

No, nothing peculiar, I said; nothing more, at least, than we both saw stated in the paper.

I have not asserted that it is, said he; but, before we decide this point, I wish you to glance at the little sketch I have here traced upon this paper.

You will perceive, continued my friend, spreading out the paper upon the table before us,

The paper is spread out upon a plane surface; but the human throat is cylindrical.

at the office of Le Monde, (a paper devoted to the shipping interest, and much sought by sailors, ) will bring him to our residence.

He handed me a paper, and I read thus: CAUGHT In the Bois de Boulogne, early in the morning of the inst.

Madame L'Espanaye and her daughter, habited in their night clothes, had apparently been occupied in arranging some papers in the iron chest already mentioned,

but the most attractive to the eye was a pretty little paper castle.

she, also, was made of paper, and she wore a dress of clear muslin, with a narrow blue ribbon over her shoulders just like a scarf.

So they made a boat out of a newspaper, and placed the tin soldier in it, and sent him sailing down the gutter,

for the rain had been very heavy. The paper boat rocked up and down, and turned itself round sometimes so quickly that the tin soldier trembled;

and the paper became soft and loose with the wet, till at last the water closed over the soldier's head.

Then the paper boat fell to pieces, and the soldier sank into the water and immediately afterwards was swallowed up by a great fish.

Then she pushed a green leaf, or a little scrap of paper towards their feet,

And things of many kinds swam over her, chips and straws and pieces of old newspapers.

There swims a bit of newspaper. What's written upon it has long been forgotten, and yet it gives itself airs.

On one branch they hung little bags cut out of colored paper, and each bag was filled with sweetmeats;

The star of gold paper still stuck in the top of the tree and glittered in the sunshine.

And these days, it's easy to do research online because many old paper documents have been digitised and are available online.

And if you listen carefully you can hear him rustling the real paper documents!

wearing their paper suits and covering their shoes and their hair to make sure they don't introduce their DNA or physical traces onto the crime scene.

US President Donald Trump has alleged that newspapers have been printing fake news, but apparently there's no proof.