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In front of us is the car park as you can see and to the left by the entry gate is the Gift Shop

Now beyond the car park all the buildings are arranged in a half circle with a yard in the middle

usually put up in a green space or car park rather than in a theatre or stadium

One in the city centre near the Faculty of Education two on the outskirts of the city near the park and three out of town near the halls of residence

Site One was unpopular because of traffic and parking problems

It was created by a fellow named Stewart Brand not far from here in Menlo Park and he brought it to life with his poetic touch

your guide will take anyone who is interested either on a bushwalk through the national park near the hotel

And there's also a reptile park in town that costs more or less the same

It's parked outside Not at the moment no Perhaps you could call in one day next week

Now this season we'll be playing all our matches for both the junior and senior competitions at King's Park

instead of Royal Park which was used last season

Now for meetings we're going to use the clubhouse in King's Park

Training sessions will be held in King's Park on Wednesday afternoons for the juniors and they will be wearing red shirts again this year

OK And one more question is parking available nearby We're driving in from out of town

Your children will find it just as fascinating as any theme park and they can ride in the original miners lifts and on the coal trains

which is set in the parkland that used to surround the old castle

Well it's on South Park Road and it's right at the end of the road next to the library

Those who will be monitoring and directing the traffic in the car parks are on the green team

Adair's mother had returned from Australia to undergo the operation for cataract and she her son Ronald and her daughter Hilda were living together at 427 Park Lane

Again Park Lane is a frequented thoroughfare there is a cab stand within a hundred yards of the house

Such were the circumstances of the Park Lane Mystery which were further complicated by entire absence of motive since as I have said young Adair was not known to have any enemy and no attempt had been made to remove the money or valuables in the room

In the evening I strolled across the Park and found myself about six o'clock at the Oxford Street end of Park Lane

My observations of No 427 Park Lane did little to clear up the problem in which I was interested

Having concluded this to my satisfaction and learning that only one of my enemies was now left in London I was about to return when my movements were hastened by the news of this very remarkable Park Lane Mystery which not only appealed to me by its own merits but which seemed to offer some most peculiar personal opportunities

He is a harmless enough fellow Parker by name a garroter by trade and a remarkable performer upon the jew's harp

Got him Got whom Mr Holmes The man that the whole force has been seeking in vainColonel Sebastian Moran who shot the Honourable Ronald Adair with an expanding bullet from an airgun through the open window of the second floor front of No 427 Park Lane upon the thirtieth of last month

Some Eurasian prisoners guilty of war crimes against Oceania were going to hang slowly in the park that evening

Did you go to the park yesterday asked Syme

But suddenly some Eurasian prisoners were brought out and everyone started running across the park

On the sixth day of Hate Week just before two thousand Eurasian prisoners were hanged in the park the people of Oceania were told that they were not at war with Eurasia now

He had met her by chance in the park on a cold day in March

Good I'm Sally, your guide for this tour of the Bicentennial Park

So let's get under way on our tour around this wonderful park

Creating the park required the demolition of lots of derelict buildings on the site

so most of the exciting park space all around you was originally warehouses and storehouses

The idea of building a public park here was first discussed when a property developer proposed a high rise housing development

Now to the Bicentennial Park itself

It has two areas, a nature reserve and a formal park with man made features and gardens

There is also a car park, but it only holds a limited number of cars

The formal park has some specially created water features If you look out here to the south, you can see a circular ornamental pond

We will go now and have a look at the nature reserve section of the park, which has opened up natural wetland to the public

The Mangroves have been made more accessible to visitors by the boardwalk built during the park's upgrade

This is the far end of the park and over there you can see the Frog Pond

a natural feature here long before the park was designed Just next to it we have our outdoor classroom

that's why the park's viewing shelter is a favorite spot for bird watchers who can use it to spy through binoculars

The sun shone on something metal in the drive. A green sports car was parked there.

But the pavements were crammed with vehicles, they could not find a space to park and were obliged to look for a spot in one of the side streets.

so in order to avoid the discomfort of dragging himself from one seat to the other with the brake and steering wheel in the way, the blind man had to get out before the car was parked.

In the end, disoriented as he was, tense beyond endurance, he drove the car into a minor road where he knew there were no traffic lights, and parked almost without looking, he was such a good driver.

The Oasis is also the first cruise ship to have a living park.

If you bring a school group to the museum when you arrive we ask you to remain with your group in the car park.

I thought your suggestion to go to the Navajo Tribal Park was a very good idea.

So, you mentioned the monoliths and the spires, which was good, but what area does the tribal park cover? Do you know?

There's nowhere to stay in the park itself, but there's an old trading post called Goulding quite near

Welcome to Green Vale Agricultural Park.

As you walk out of the main door into the park there is a path you can follow.

Then further east in the largest section of our Park is the Forest Area.

In the middle of the Park this circular area is our lake.

You can see for yourself what a huge area the park covers and a key question is always, how can we move around?

Well you have a choice of means all environmentally friendly cars are banned in the park.

Do take time to browse round our shop there is a wide selection of books on wildlife, some of them written by local authors, and the history of farming, including organic farming, something which the park will be diversifying into in the coming months.

It doesn't have a garage, though you can park in the road.

It's very well furnished and equipped It also has plenty of space for parking, and it's available for a minimum of a year Oh, and there's a big garden.

No. That's Ms. Parker, my English teacher.

You can work at a theme park in Hong Kong.

Fun! A theme park! What's the job it doesn't say.

The address is 348 Main Street. lt's across from the park.

I'll start by telling you about some of the parks and open spaces nearby.

From there it's just a short walk across the bridge to Longfield Country Park.

The park is only open during daylight hours, so bear that in mind if you decide to go there.

Longfield Park has a programme of activities throughout the year, and to give you a sample, this is what's happening in the next few days.

We keep to a small number of people in the group, so if you want to go you'll need to phone the park ranger a few days ahead.

I'm sure you're all keen to help with the practical task of looking after the park, so on Saturday you can join a working party.

And finally I'd like to tell you about our new wildlife area, Hinchingbrooke Park, which will be opened to the public next month.

This slide doesn't really indicate how big it is, but anyway, you can see the two gates into the park, and the main paths.

As you can see, there's a lake in the north west of the park, with a bird hide to the west of it at the end of a path.

Fairly close to where refreshments are available, there's a dog walking area in the southern part of the park, leading off from the path.

And finally, there's a wooded area in the western section of the park between two paths.

For the second in our series about locally run businesses, we meet Simon Winridge, co founder of the hugely successful Winridge Forest Railway Park.

I began to develop larger scale models of locomotives but we didn't think anything more of it until I went on a trip to a theme park near Birmingham and decided we could do a much better job!

I dealt with Park business and Liz carried on with the farm work.

We're really pleased that after some years away teaching, Sarah has now returned to the park and makes sure the visitors are kept fed and watered, which keeps her pretty busy as you can imagine.

Our son, Duncan has been a stalwart of the park for the last ten years taking over from me in the area of construction and I'll say a little bit more about that in a moment

You have to pay to leave your car in all the car parks now I'm afraid

It gets very crowded on Sundays, so I suggest you visit it on a quieter day, later in the week, but not on Thursdays which is market day you won't find anywhere to park and it's also the only day of the week when they're not open!

Last month, Britain's Yorkshire Wildlife Park offered to put Pizza in its specially designed polar bear habitat.

The park includes four hectares of land and two lakes for its community of polar bears.

but as soon as he struck fire and the sparks rose up from the flint,

And the Cat, whom she called Sonnie, could arch his back and purr, he could even give out sparks;

And the Cat said, Can you curve your back, and purr, and give out sparks?

Only take care that you learn to lay eggs, or to purr, and give out sparks!

and the flowers glittered and sparkled in the sunshine like colored flames, and the harmony of sweet sounds lingered round them as if each concealed within itself a deep fount of melody, which thousands of years could not exhaust.

And he was, too. His eyes sparkled like two bright stars, and although the water flowed down from his fair locks, they still curled quite beautifully.

and during the last few days had raised herself in bed in the morning to look with sparkling eyes at her little garden which contained only a single pea plant.

But the young maiden stood at the open garret window, with sparkling eyes and the rosy hue of health on her cheeks,

So Peter Parker had just, was sort of one problem after another.

Alright then, here goes: which US National Park is home to geysers or hot springs that shoot hot water and steam into the air

which have extremophiles living in them? Is it a Grand Canyon? b Death Valley National Park? Or c Yellowstone?

I asked: which US National Park is home to geysers that have extremophiles living in them? Is it a Grand Canyon, b Death Valley National Park or c Yellowstone?

And I said c Yellowstone. I must be right. Yes, Neil, you are right it's Yellowstone National Park.

Well, my current house has a garden and it has somewhere I can park my car,