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The process of learning and exploring a subject can lead to a whole new way of looking at the world

In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds

You may be familiar with coffee processed by freeze drying which preserves the quality of the food

I will then immediately send confirmation and the application process begins

I'd like to say at this point that you shouldn't worry if this process doesn't work all that quickly

Anyway it's absolutely normal for this process to take three to four months

But this high quality comes at a cost in terms of the waste produced during the process

At the moment 500 million polycups are collected processedand sold on to other businesses

would be to alter how they're running things the management layers and the processes

And I will just stress that all tax forms must be completed and returned to Anne before your pay can be processed

I have a theory that the individual represents in his development the whole procession of his ancestors and that such a sudden turn to good or evil stands for some strong influence which came into the line of his pedigree

After about five hours on the surface the float automatically sinks, beginning the whole process again

In addition, the float data can help us to look at the biological implications of ocean processes

It was in 1956 that the speed of the process was improved, and industrial production increased dramatically

This process of learning and applying what I had learned changed my life. I am still amazed at how simple and obvious it is.

This is a long and very painful process.

The whole process only takes a few hours.

Well, we learn a great deal about all the processes that have affected and that continue to affect the earth's surface.

The only one closed down last year, and it's now in the process of being converted into a film museum

Once a business has successfully introduced a new process managing a branch bank, say, or selling a new product

The trouble is, even the expert doesn't fully grasp the whole thing because when it comes to complex systems, the individual components of the process are interwoven with one another.

Now, let's consider two types of mistake that can occur when a manager actually starts to set up a duplicate system to replicate a successful process.

Firstly, perhaps he forgets that he was just trying to copy another process, and starts trying to improve on it.

People expect you to have problems with the process of reading and writing but, in fact, it is more a question of altering your viewpoint towards academic study.

What we've decided to present today is information about just three species because we felt these gave a good indication of the processes at work in rural and urban settings as a whole.

But, CNN reported Tuesday that the Trump campaign does not plan to fire anyone involved in the speech writing process.

He told Reuters that election officials have taken the necessary steps to secure these systems and ensure the integrity of the process.

The officials believe hackers in Russia or elsewhere could enter the computer systems of US states during the voting process.

If you think of it, the whole system of public education around the world is a protracted process of university entrance.

because you need an MA where the previous job required a BA, and now you need a PhD for the other. It's a process of academic inflation.

In fact, creativity which I define as the process of having original ideas that have value more often than not comes about through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things.

And all advised him to wear the new magnificent clothes at a great procession which was soon to take place.

The whole night previous to the day on which the procession was to take place, the swindlers pretended to work, and burned more than sixteen candles.

The master of the ceremonies announced that the bearers of the canopy, which was to be carried in the procession, were ready.

The emperor marched in the procession under the beautiful canopy, and all who saw him in the street and out of the windows exclaimed

But memory doesn't work like that. It's a reconstructive process.

A reconstructive process? Yes. We reconstruct or rebuild memories, and during this process, they may be distorted or changed for different reasons.