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We doubt if it would be feasible to have a check at reception of all people coming in

Right well, let's just have a look at what positions are available at the moment There's a job working at the reception desk at the Sports Centre, for three evenings a week that's Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays

I think we could still catch it. Go down to the reception desk and ask. Hurry up.

Suddenly, I made up my mind. Instead of going down to the reception desk, I ran up the stairs.

His wife informed the receptionist, I'm the person who rang half an hour ago because of my husband,

and the receptionist showed them into a small room where other patients were waiting.

He fidgeted in his chair, restless, he was about to confide his worries to his wife, but just then the door opened and the receptionist said, Will you both come this way,

How much do we owe you, doctor, Pay in reception.

Then he returned to the consulting room, called out to the receptionist, Send in the next patient.

The doctor identified himself when they replied, then said rapidly, I'm fine, thank you, no doubt the receptionist had inquired, How are you, doctor,

no need to worry about the receptionist, she had better things to do than listen in to conversations about ophthalmology besides she was only interested in gynaecology.

As you can see here on our giant wall plan, we are now situated in the Reception block here.

South of the grazing area and in fact just next to the Reception block is our Experimental Crop Area.

We have bicycles which you can hire behind the Reception block here the healthy ones of you can go on foot and finally there's our electric tram, powered from solar cells.

And the final section, as we return to the Reception blocks, is the orchard.