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I don't think I'll need too much extra time as long as I can get hold of some of the important references

that I'd like to illustrate with reference to a specific event which occurred several years ago

Let me issue you with a customer reference number for when you call back

But you'll find they don't have the range of reference books or facilities which we buy for our students

Well you can have both fiction and reference books for four weeks which isn't bad really

but most often the hold up is caused by references the people you give as referees

You'll also find that the library has loaded several CD ROMS onto the computers from specialist reference sources such as the MLA

The CD ROMS contain exactly the same information as the reference books as the two are updated together

Naturally we do still have the full range of classic reference books additional to the CD ROMS

The centre has a lot of reference materials and staff qualified to give guidance on a one to one basis

But for future reference I'll give you the direct number

Great and although you did make a reference to quite a few different writers

So first which area are we going to choose My preference would be cinema since that's where I spend most of my money

and the Internet is available at both sites and each site has a range of reference materials on education

There upon a shelf was the row of formidable scrap books and books of reference which many of our fellow citizens would have been so glad to burn

Okay Do you have any preference for a family with children or without children?

without direction or reference points, with neither north nor south, below nor above.

Maps can be folded and put in a pocket and can provide a great store of reference when they're collected into an atlas.

Okay. I need one more thing. There's a reference number. It should be in the top right hand corner of the pink form they gave you

And by the way, she will ask you for a reference, so you might like to be thinking about that.

Every night I read for hours, using the lists of references that were given, and I made pages of notes.

What I'll do is fill in a form with you to find out a little more about your preferences and so forth. Thank you.

They'll be a good source of reference but the problem is they are sometimes too general. Yes, that's what I've found.

I had told you that this was in reference to Orion, formerly written Urion;