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Enter Your word:

I understand that the school organizes trips to different

That's in a different minibus with eighteen places available

then suddenly you can start looking at different ways to design the streets and to introduce

I should let you know that your rent will be a hundred and sixty dollars per week

This is the third year they've run it and the timing's slightly different

OK Well we run quite a few different short courses for students

and the study skills and techniques that you build up can be applied in all sorts of different ways

Firstly a meeting was held in the current Union for our SU Committee to explain the options

We would like the current table games room to be replaced with a small gym

Finally given the number of unfortunate incidents in the current Union over the past few months

We offer guided walking tours to suit the discerning traveller in twelve different centres throughout the whole of Western Europe

All are planned in detail by our highly trained guides who all work in a variety of different Travelite locations

divide it into six equal segments and colour each one in using different colours

Sharks have a different structure to most fish instead of a skeleton made of bone

especially when there are big seas with high rolling waves and strong currents and anything that Jets the sand move

So my parents who were on a waiting list got a call in the middle of the night asking

She only relented a few months later when my parents promised that I would go to college

But I naively chose a college that was almost as expensive as Stanford and all of my workingclass parents' savings were being spent on my college tuition

And here I was spending all of the money my parents had saved their entire life

I learned about serif and san serif typefaces about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations about what makes great typography great

I was lucky I found what I loved to do early in life Woz and I started Apple in my parents garage when I was 20

In a remarkable turn of events Apple bought NeXT I returned to Apple and the technology we developed at NeXT is at the heart of Apple's current renaissance

Get to know your parents you never know when they'll be gone for good

We tested three different cots all in the budget price range and

This cot was slightly different in that although the side bar did not drop down

the base could be raised or lowered into two different positions making it safe as well as convenient

but I'm afraid I'm a bit confused by all the different ways you can do the course

I see and are you planning to leave your current job to study or are you thinking about just taking a year off

The current programme is two modules

have different attitudes towards saving money and whether they save money for different things

Here they can be given advice on different ways of saving

Well it's free for students here but otherwise it's 1.22£ per year or 25£ if you've got a current student card from another college

We're currently looking to invest in computers so that our office staff can do an even better job

I mean to put it another way if you had to do it all over again is there anything you'd do differently

with a different content of course but you'll have an opportunity to put into practice what you've learnt this time

and has involved scientists from many different countries who work together on research stations

since these may have profound effects on world sea levels and on ocean currents

One firm Paper save currently sells this to farmers as a soil conditioner though this practice will soon be banned

Plastic causes problems because there are so many different types of plastic in use today

and each one has to be dealt with differently Pacrite recycles all sorts of things from bottles to car bumpers

It's good to see so many parents and children here tonight

So in this first week we run a series of talks which focus on different aspects of the library and its resources

I realise most of you know how to organise files but we can show you the different ways to run data programmes

We're planning to add judo and stretch classes soon We're currently running a range of yoga classes too

Well there are three different membership schemes

Ah then the Bronze scheme would probably suit you best How is that different

We've got a very exciting production of Peter Shaffer's Royal Hunt of the Sun which is currently touring the country

possibly including several children grandparents aunts and uncles

Ah right and have you got any information on different ticket types

I'd be quite interested to have a few more statistics about the schools in the different zones

Great and although you did make a reference to quite a few different writers

Apparently people lined up around the block to see the wonderful new invention

Thanks Is it a current account or a deposit account you wanted

A current account Right I've got the application form here then

we have different types I see you've got our leaflet there I've decided on the one called Select

you will find to your left an area where different types of pear tree have been planted as well as some lovely flowers

Well it says here we have to look at one area of the entertainment industry There's a list of the different types

So we choose one branch of the industry and then we look at how two different groups of people use it Is that right

OK so at least we don't have to waste time deciding between the different methods

Different age groups would be much more likely to show up differences I think

Now after the break we'll be moving to a different location for a video presentation

Current issues yes but if you want to look at bad issues you'll need to use the CD ROM

but the appearance of the mane is different that's the hair around the lion's face and neck

And I even attempted more than once for my own private satisfaction to employ his methods in their solution though with indifferent success

Apparently therefore it was the young man himself who had fastened the door

The face was turned halfround and the effect was that of one of those black silhouettes which our grandparents loved to frame

And if it was different his situation would be meaningless

The Parsons' flat was bigger than Winston's and unattractive in a different way

About a quarter of your earnings were paid back to the Party in different ways

They noticed his shoes were different he added proudly

He thought of his parents

That's a beautiful bed but perhaps it would be too big for you Winston thought he could probably rent the room for a few dollars a week if he dared to

Even when he left he was still thinking about renting the room

As he had thought Mr Charrington had been happy to rent it to him

Then they had had to see each other in the street in a different place every evening and never for more than half an hour at a time

Children who would one day spy on their parents and tell the Party if they said or did anything wrong

The aims of the three groups are completely different

The child of Inner Party parents is not born into the Inner Party there is an examination taken at the age of sixteen

But the Party wants people to think different thoughts all the time

They must forget that they ever had a different belief

Doublethink allows people to hold two different ideas in their minds at the same time and to accept both of them

We are destroying the love between child and parent between man and man and between man and woman

The air was different

The worst thing in the world said O'Brien is different for each person

I am delighted with the house I am renting from him

I'm renting Thrushcross Grange from you

He could live here at Thrushcross Grange, which is a finer house than Wuthering Heights, but he would rather receive rent than live comfortably

No one ever discovered who his parents had been

Catherine and Heathcliff were treated very differently

We wanted to see if Isabella and Edgar Linton are punished all the time by their parents, as we are

Frances Earnshaw visited her often, bringing her pretty dresses to wear, and persuading her to take care of her appearance, so that when she finally came home after her long absence, she almost seemed a different person

Who knows who your parents were? Perhaps a king and queen, far more important than the Lintons! In this way I encouraged Heathcliff to have more confidence in himself

But at Thrushcross Grange, which she often visited, she showed a different, calmer side of her character, and was polite, intelligent and amusing

Your brother will be pleased, and Mr Edgar's parents will, too

Edgar Linton was still in love with her, and thought himself the happiest man on earth when he married her three years after his parents' death

He'll make Heathcliff pay rent, and hope to win money from him at cards

and you can always rent a car right here at the airport, of course.

France is where we have the majority of sites, and we currently have a project to expand into Switzerland

Parents who want their children to be fully occupied for all or part of the day can take advantage of our children's activities

In the afternoon, there's a different art activity for each day of the week including a poster competition or model making.

Well, you've both been looking at different styles of managing individuals in companies and the workplace

Of course they bring different ideas, but it's also their attitudes and their experiences of learning.

So why do people behave so differently from one another at work?

It's a well known fact that men and women do lots of things in different ways, and the workplace is no different.

So Janice, you were looking at identifying different talents in workers.

Well, currently teamwork is in fashion in the workplace and in my opinion the importance of the individual is generally neglected

We are very fortunate to be going to an area where you can find some of the most important sites in the entire world And I hope to show you how easy it is for everyone to make mistakes in looking at cultures which are different from our own the first and most important lesson we have to learn

There are many different ways of getting round the city and we'd like to suggest some you may not have thought of

My topic is handedness whether in different sports it is better to be left or right sided or whether a more balanced approach is more successful

But what l soon became struck by was the sheer volume of both observation and investigation he had done in many different sports and I felt persuaded that what he had to say would be of real interest

Matthews started researching several different sports and found different types of handedness in each

Things are slightly different in racket sports like tennis

And moving to a rather different type of sport which involves large but precise movements gymnastics

So, it can help us in building up a profile of different factors which work together within the world's oceans

It stays at this depth for about 10 days and is carried around by the currents which operate in the ocean at this level

The company's research covered a whole range of different hotel types both independent hotels and those which are part of large chains

Oh yeah that's right we can just use the tourist brochure We also need statistics on several different things

I'm looking for someone to rent the Grange from me, he answered

I would like to leave my job here, rent a little cottage and ask Cathy to come and live with me, but Mr Heathcliff will never permit that

Mr Heathcliff, I said, I must tell you I'm leaving for London next week, for six months, and I shan't want to rent the Grange any more after October

After all, I was still paying rent for it

When I arrived, I was surprised to find a different housekeeper, who told me Mrs Dean had become housekeeper at the Heights

I have a little business with him, about the rent

All the time I knew I was different from my cousins, Eliza, John and Georgiana Reed

Did I deserve to die, and be buried in the churchyard like my uncle Reed? I could not remember him, but knew he was my mother's brother, who had taken me to his house when my parents both died

I also heard that my parents both died of an illness only a year after their wedding.

I had to continue. My uncle Reed is now in heaven, and can see all you think and do, and so can my parents.

I expect your parents are dead, aren't they? All the girls here have lost either one or both parents.

I learned this fact, continued the great man, from Mrs. Reed, the kind lady who took care of her after her parentsdeath and brought her up as a member of the family.

So I stayed outside, staring up at the moon and the stars with a beating heart, wishing and dreaming of a different, more exciting life.

I still wonder if you did. What about your parents?

I might have been very different.

I was so in love with her that I rented a house and hired servants for her.

Why, you've saved my life. I hate being in debt to anyone, but with you it's different, Jane.

Her daughter Mary was rather quiet, but her other daughter Blanche was very different.

Yes, he said in quite a different, hard voice,

so I've rented a building for it, with a small cottage for the schoolteacher.

You would live in the cottage rent free, and receive thirty pounds a year, no more.

Yes, said St John, but unfortunately we can imagine how different our lives might have been.

They walked away in different directions. She turned back twice to look at him, but he did not turn round at all.

I was tempted to stop struggling against him, as I had been tempted before, in a different way, by Mr. Rochester.

Did I change in the night? Am I a different person today?

But if I'm a different person, then the next question is who am I? Ah, that's the mystery.

I think I am a different person now.

Listen to this. I see what I eat means one thing, but I eat what I see means something very different.

Tonight was no different from other nights.

I have stayed the same, but you have different hopes and dreams now.

He obeyed. Although he recognized it as his own room, it looked very different now.

The future will be different! I know it will!

He was angry because Darnay looked so much like him, but was so different.

She had always been a little shy with him, but on that day she noticed something different in his face.

In a different room, they showed me a boy of about seventeen.

I am very different from the shy, frightened girl who first went to Manderley.

I would have lived another life. I would have become a different person.

Your friend is very different from you, he said at last.

For me, it is different. All my memories are unhappy. I want to forget them.

You can't marry me, I said at last. I'm different from you. I don't belong to your kind of world. I don't belong to a place like Manderley.

The moming, room was quite small and very different from the library.

She shook hands with me and said to Maxim, She's quite different from what I expected. Not like your description at all.

Forgive me if I've asked you a lot of rude questions, my dear. As I said before, you are not what we expected. You are so very different from Rebecca.

I think I did most of the talking, I said. I was telling her about how we met. She said I was quite different from what she expected.

It was very different here from the Happy Valley.

But everything is so strange to me at Manderley. And when I meet anyone new, I know what they are thinking: How different she is from Rebecca.

I wandered out on to the lawn. I felt different from yesterday. I wanted Maxim to come home.

You looked quite different when I saw you before, Beatrice told me. You are not going to have a baby, are you?

It fitted perfectly. I looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled. I felt different already.

I crossed everything out and rang for Robert. Tell Mrs Danvers to order something different, I told him.

There were three of them, in different parts of the boat. And that's not all. The sea, cocks had been turned full on.

Perhaps Mrs de Winter gave you a different name, Colonel Julyan suggested. It's possible, said Dr Baker slowly.

Wow! What an idea. Simply put, some people are doing better than others because they do certain things differently and they do the right things right.

What I learned was that this was not necessarily true. They were just doing things differently, and what they had learned to do, within reason, I could learn as well.

Over the years, I have worked in twenty two different jobs, started and built several companies, and earned a business degree from a major university

I currently give talks and seminars to more than 300000 people each year, with audiences as large as 20000 people.

He taught him how to speak to the different Jungle People, and he taught him the important Master Words

some people maintain that this delay, while apparently so insignificant, has only to be multiplied by the thousands of traffic lights that exist in the city

and by the successive changes of their three colours to produce one of the most serious causes of traffic jams or bottlenecks, to use the more current term.

Taking any one of these steps can double and triple your productivity if you are not currently using it.

her way of saying, Keep calm, I'm here, and he leaned his head on her shoulder, indifferent to what the driver might think,

two other people without any apparent distinguishing features, but no one who was blind, blind people do not consult an ophthalmologist.

Now you need Different Lists for Different Purposes.

Third, you should have a weekly list where you plan your entire week in advance. This is a list that is under construction as you go through the current week.

But apparently it is not in the affirmative,

an order, moreover, the doctor had not as yet given, and the man even found it amusing, something different.

The girl with the dark glasses was also accompanied to her parentshouse by a policeman,

The ophthalmologist's situation was different, not only because he happened to be at home when he was struck by blindness, but because, being a doctor, he was not going to surrender helplessly to despair, like those who only take note of their body when it hurts them.

it's extraordinary how selfless some people can be, and this is not something new, let us remember what Homer said, although in apparently different words.

anxious to hold on to this last shred of hope, Nor has anyone ever come across a blind man without any apparent reasons for his condition, and at this very moment there are at least two of them.

This is different than in the past, however.

Why? Well, scientists know that boys and girls learn differently.

They also behave differently in the classroom.

Another reason for separated classes is that boys and girls often like different things.

They had to ask their parents if it was all right.

Mowgli thought this was funny; he did not understand that he was different from the wolves.

As the young bamboo plants grow, they can be formed into different shapes like circles and even squares!

Well, yes and no. You've listed several different topics on your contents page, but I'm not sure they're all relevant

But we learn far more than that, because studying geography also informs us about the different kinds of relationships that develop between a particular environment and the people that live there.

Our current use of carbon fuels is a good example of that.

My old address or my current one? Your current one

Green Vale changes with the seasons with different events happening at different times of the year.

but there are interesting events on all year round for example John Havers, our expert fly fisherman, is currently giving displays on the lake.

In today's seminar, Grant Freeman, a biologist who specializes in identifying insects and who works for the Australian Quarantine Service, has come to talk to us about his current research work

Anyway, my current research involves trying to find a particular type of bee the Asian Honey Bee,

What's wrong with Asian Honey Bees? Are they so different from Australian bees?

Now I had to set up my programme of research in three different countries

His parents had wanted him to become a priest, and thereby a source of pride for a simple farm family.

He thought for a moment that it would be better to pay her fee and leave without learning a thing, that he was giving too much importance to his recurrent dream.

Hello. I'm interested in renting a house somewhere in the town

Still, there are a few. What's your upper limit for the rent?

Do you know how long you want to rent the house for? The minimum let is six months, as you probably realize

But this one hasn't been decorated for a few years, which has kept the rent down a bit

Parents would rather see their children marry bakers than shepherds.

Treasure is uncovered by the force of flowing water, and it is buried by the same currents, said the old man.

But now, as the sun began to set, he was in a different country, a stranger in a strange land, where he couldn't even speak the language.

Oh, if only they knew how different things are just two hours by ship from where they are, he thought.

You dream about your sheep and the Pyramids, but you're different from me, because you want to realize your dreams.

When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.

There are a lot of different people here, and each has his own God.

Now everything was quite different from how it was that day they had set out

The boy was beginning to understand that intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected, and we are able to know everything, because it's all written there.

He hoped that it would be someone as capable as his previous apprentice.

An alchemist would probably live in a manner that was different from that of the rest of the people at the oasis, and it was likely that in his tent an oven was continuously burning.

He had been told by his parents and grandparents that he must fall in love and really know a person before becoming committed.

It was a strange furnace, fueled by firewood, with a transparent flask heating on top.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the boy's horse began to slow.

You can't be the wind, the wind said. We're two very different things.

A current of love rushed from his heart, and the boy began to pray.

With pride, it told the story of a shepherd who had left his flock to follow a dream he had on two different occasions.

Two years ago, right here on this spot, I had a recurrent dream, too.

I'm not so stupid as to cross an entire desert just because of a recurrent dream.

If he hadn't believed in the significance of recurrent dreams, he would not have met the Gypsy woman, the king, the thief, or… Well, it's a long list.

Every Friday evening we put the spotlight on different arts and culture facilities, and look at the shows and events that are on offer in the coming week.

My parents were surprised when I asked to stay longer six months in the end. I was so happy there.

Not necessarily. Some people find that Spanish interferes with learning Portuguese getting the accent right too. It's quite different in a lot of ways.

the parent organisation naturally wants to repeat that success, and capture it if possible on a bigger scale.

Another mistake is trying to use the best parts of various different systems, in the hope of creating the perfect combination.

There are two different shifts there's a day shift from 7 to 2 and a late shift from 4 till 11.

And in fact I didn't need to apply. My parents had been saying that as I already had a job, I ought to support myself through college.

Maybe you need to do something different every day, so if you break down your revision into small tasks, and allocate them to specific days, there's more incentive to tackle them.

And these characteristics can be used to categorise the different artistic styles.

One of the most significant characteristics of the different styles is the way that humans are depicted in the paintings.

New shores were formed and totally different creatures would have washed up onto the shores.

Their style of speaking is so different

That's true Spiros, but what we read could have been different.

There were several factors that made this stranding stand out as different from previous strandings.

The CD section especially needs to be more current.

Good, now I was also thinking about some different materials that we haven't got in there at all.

The next type is known as Role Culture that's R O L E, not R O L L, by the way, and this type is usually found in large companies, which have lots of different levels in them.

Well, some people find it helpful to organise peer group discussions you know, each week a different person studies a different topic and shares it with the group.

I imagine they're inviting the parents of pupils there it says here all welcome.

Maybe you found them different because you're a more mature student now, whereas when you were studying in your country you were younger and not so assertive.

so we decided to survey garden owners from different areas of the city.

On the decline in the countryside, they are experiencing a resurgence in urban gardens because these days gardeners are buying lots of different plants which means there's an extensive range of seeds around, which is what they feed on.

From a young age, my parents impressed on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life,

In 1988, for example, current Vice President Joe Biden dropped out of the Democratic presidential race after he was accused of plagiarism in his speeches.

The project includes many different cameras.

In one incident, American officials say, China stole more than 21 million computer records about former and current federal employees.

It said Pentagon systems helping to coordinate the strategic deterrent,

Her parents are from Mexico.

Nearly 5 million undergraduate students in the U. S. are parents.

In addition to the demands of school, student parents face the high cost of childcare and the stress of working one or more jobs.

In fact, only a little more than half of student parents in the US will finish their degrees within 6 years.

She says starting school again later in life and as a parent has made her a better student.

But Makkonen says that balancing work, school and parenting is never easy.

Recent reports from the US non profit Institute for Women's Policy Research, or IWPR, find that Makkonen is having a similar experience to other student parents.

And a 2013 IWPR study showed that more than half of student parents leave school after 6 years without finishing their degrees.

Makkonen says the main problem is student parents do not receive the type of support they need.

For example, parents often need someone to watch their children when they cannot bring the children to school or work.

Some schools are aware of the challenges student parents face and offer programs to support them.

But her parents did not support the idea of her returning to school.

Her parents also felt she should not spend what little money she had on her own education.

It lets students choose a class schedule that does not conflict with their work or parenting duties.

The university has been providing support to parents for over 40 years.

Courson says the school offers training programs for parents and fun events for children, as well as medical services through the nursing program.

Courson says universities must do all they can to support both parents and children.

Stress and fatigue in the parents influences what happened to the child.

When the school and the parents have a strong, positive relationship, that pays off in benefits for children and their learning.

Anderson believes student parents should not be treated too much better than regular students.

Huberto Sousa spent most of his life renting beach chairs to people visiting Copacabana beach.

If students and their parents are paying they will work to keep costs down, he said.

Cos it's a different world when I look into your eyes,

Cos it's a different world when I look into your eyes, You're the nearest thing that I have seen to Paradise,

Yes, it's a different world when I look into your eyes,

In addition to Google's parent Alphabet, other companies are testing drones as a way to make deliveries faster and more efficient.

And we're growing premium produce vegetables, cabbage, lettuce so many different things inside the containers.

kind of like a utility meter, but it measures power consumption from all the different power sources you have, which is a big deal in an under electrified environment like Nigeria.

Defense Undersecretary for Intelligence Marcell Lettre told the Senate panel the government is currently taking these possibilities quite seriously.

In fact, creativity which I define as the process of having original ideas that have value more often than not comes about through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things.

And the school, in the30s, wrote to her parents and said, We think Gillian has a learning disorder.

Hart and Holmstrom's work raised questions about tying the pay of high level officials to a company's current profits.

The Nobel committee praised Hart and Holmstrom for providing the tools to think about and design better contracts in many different fields.

In this latter, where the pieces have different and bizarre motions, with various and variable values,

and men of the highest order of intellect have been known to take an apparently unaccountable delight in it, while eschewing chess as frivolous.

the counting of the tricks, with the order of their arrangement; embarrassment, hesitation, eagerness or trepidation all afford, to his apparently intuitive perception, indications of the true state of affairs.

I was permitted to be at the expense of renting, and furnishing in a style which suited the rather fantastic gloom of our common temper,

Being both, apparently, occupied with thought, neither of us had spoken a syllable for fifteen minutes at least.

The occupation is often full of interest and he who attempts it for the first time is astonished by the apparently illimitable distance and incoherence between the starting point and the goal.

issuing, apparently, from the fourth story of a house in the Rue Morgue, known to be in the sole occupancy of one Madame L'Espanaye, and her daughter Mademoiselle Camille L'Espanaye.

The drawers of a bureau, which stood in one corner were open, and had been, apparently, rifled, although many articles still remained in them.

Could not distinguish the words uttered. They were loud and quick unequal spoken apparently in fear as well as in anger.

A large bruise was discovered upon the pit of the stomach, produced, apparently, by the pressure of a knee.

There is not, however, the shadow of a clew apparent.

In fact, the facility with which I shall arrive, or have arrived, at the solution of this mystery, is in the direct ratio of its apparent insolubility in the eyes of the police.

Now, brought to this conclusion in so unequivocal a manner as we are, it is not our part, as reasoners, to reject it on account of apparent impossibilities.

It is only left for us to prove that these apparent impossibilitiesare, in reality, not such.

because here it was, I knew, that all apparent impossibilities must be proved to be not such in reality.

I now looked at the nail. It was as stout as the other, and apparently fitted in the same manner driven in nearly up to the head.

and had apparently been accomplished by the blow of a hammer, which had partially imbedded, in the top of the bottom sash, the head portion of the nail.

Madmen are of some nation, and their language, however incoherent in its words, has always the coherence of syllabification.

There is no slipping apparent.

Madame L'Espanaye and her daughter, habited in their night clothes, had apparently been occupied in arranging some papers in the iron chest already mentioned,

It burst into a flame, and where its light fell upon the wall it became as transparent as a veil, and she could see into the room.

In front of the castle a number of little trees surrounded a piece of looking glass, which was intended to represent a transparent lake.

One evening a terrible storm came on; there was thunder and lightning, and the rain poured down in torrents.

The Duckling thought one might have a different opinion, but the Hen would not allow it.

But the Wheelbarrow was of a different opinion; and the Wheelbarrow was looked upon as of some consequence,

You ought to go, for once, and see your parents, Inge.

So Inge started to go and visit her parents; but she only wanted to show herself in her native place, that the people might see how fine she was.

Another half year went by, and her mistress said, you ought to go home again, and visit your parents, Inge,

They kept very proudly together, though they were of different lengths

but opposite there are gardens upon gardens, each different from the rest,

Then the little ship sailed away; sometimes the current of the water seized it, but whenever it went too far from the shore one of the boys turned up his trousers, and went in after it, and brought it back to land.

The sun shone without and warmed the shell, and the rain made it clear and transparent;

It's particularly interesting that being an artist is an autonomous career meaning you have the freedom to make your own decisions and apparently this is not common for women in Japan.

But, moving on, now, Neil, did you know that extremophiles belong to an entirely different group of living things to other animals and plants?

Archaea are a group of single celled microbes similar to bacteria but different to all other known types.

And they are still living and thriving in a whole range of different environments today.

So, Neil, do you notice anything different about me today?

Have you done your hair differently?

No. Is that a new outfit? Honestly, Neil! I give up. I don't know what's different about you.

A reconstructive process? Yes. We reconstruct or rebuild memories, and during this process, they may be distorted or changed for different reasons.

Yes, I see. Well, you didn't give anything away when you asked what was different about your appearance at the beginning of the show.

I don't know how I missed that. Because actually you do look, well, completely different with glasses.

Well, my current house has a garden and it has somewhere I can park my car,

Now, Dan, life expectancy, so which country do you think has the current highest life expectancy?

A real, real mermaid? That's a different kettle of fish, which is an idiomatic phrase that means a completely different matter or issue.

And it allegedly appeared at sunset. Apparently the mermaid was doing tricks. There you go then!

US President Donald Trump has alleged that newspapers have been printing fake news, but apparently there's no proof.

The next one after that was a different kettle of fish.

A different kettle of fish is an idiomatic phrase which means a completely different matter or issue.

You could also use the phrase a horse of a different colour.