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So I thought I'd check on prices for well perhaps CD players

If you want to hear our latest price lists please press two

food and walking and for the first time this year we are including in that price

For the fourteen day holiday our special price is six hundred and ninety dollars per person

And much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on

Accept certain inalienable truths prices will rise politicians will philander you too will get old and when you do you'll fantasize that when you were young prices were reasonable politicians were noble and children respected their elders

And what about the other things You know that are included in the price

Well that sounds good So how much is the basic tour price

We tested three different cots all in the budget price range and

The demand for bikes is enormous which makes them very expensive locally So we sell them for 5 of the normal price

But first can I just ask you about finance The cash price is going to be somewhere in the region of seven and a half thousand

OK And the price for that Is the joining fee the same as for Gold

We've introduced a simpler price structure

Ticket prices used to range from 6 pounds to 30 pounds but now they're all 18 pounds

Yes There's a range of ticket prices depending on when you travel and when you buy your ticket

Right How about accommodation I guess that's not included in the price

and your friends can benefit from ten per cent off their holiday, or book a luxury tent for the price of a standard one

It's really dangerous in dry areas, and you can easily bum priceless undiscovered material by doing so

That's Article 1, isn't it? Yes That's important sirice the territory belongs to everyone

My sister, Beatrice, is coming over to lunch with her hus, band, Maxim told me.

Yes, but she won't stay long. I think you'll like Beatrice. She believes in telling the truth. If she doesn't like you, she'll tell you so.

Beatrice and her husband had arrived. They were earlier than I expected. And Maxim had not come back.

Here she is at last, Maxim said. Where have you been hiding? Here is Beatrice and this is Giles. And this is Frank Crawley, our agent.

Beatrice was tall, broad, shouldered and very much like Maxim.

The men began to talk together and I had to answer Beatrice's questions.

My dear, the water is always far too cold here, said Beatrice.

Beatrice walked with me through the hall.

Beatrice looked at my surprised face and laughed.

But Beatrice was wrong. I did not know what had happened down in the bay.

Beatrice talked to Maxim all through lunch.

I took Beatrice out on to the terrace. She asked me how I had met Maxim.

It was rather a shock to us too, Beatrice said.

We expected a very modem sort of girl. Beatrice laughed and I laughed with her.

Poor Maxim. He had a terrible time, Beatrice said.

I was surprised by Beatrice's question.

She frightens me a little, I said. She may try to make things unpleasant for you, Beatrice went on.

My dear child, Beatrice answered slowly, I thought Maxim had told you. Mrs Danvers adored Rebecca. She still does.

Beatrice stood up. We must be going she said. We've got people coming to dinner.

Beatrice took my hand. Then she bent down and kissed me.

Maxim looked white and ill. Had Beatrice said something to make him angry? I could not remember.

Beatrice is very kind, hearted, but she always says the wrong thing.

I was not sure what Beatrice had said and I thought it better not to ask.

What did you think of Beatrice? Maxim asked me.

She had also found a maid for me, called Clarice. Clarice was new to Manderley and this was her first job.

To Clarice, I was an important person because I was Mrs de Winter.

Beatrice, Maxim's sister, had promised to give me a wedding present.

Beatrice had sent me four big books about painting.

About ten o'clock, the telephone rang again. This time it was Beatrice.

I'd like you to come very much, Beatrice, I said.

I put the phone down. I was glad that Beatrice was coming. It gave me something to look forward to.

Beatrice arrived by car at about half past twelve. This time I went out to the drive to meet her.

You don't look well, Beatrice said. You are much too thin. Your face is pale, too. What's wrong with you?

You looked quite different when I saw you before, Beatrice told me. You are not going to have a baby, are you?

I had forgotten that Beatrice asked so many questions.

I wondered whether to tell Beatrice about Mrs Danvers visitor, Favell.

I did not want Beatrice to tell Maxim about the visit. But I did want to find out more about the man.

Have you ever heard of a man called Jack Favell, Beatrice? I asked her.

Jack Favell? said Beatrice slowly. Yes, I do know the name. Wait a minute Jack Favell. Yes, of course. I remember him now.

Beatrice did not look at me. Oh well, she said, I suppose he knows Mrs Danvers quite well.

But why? I asked. Jack Favell is Rebecca's cousin, Beatrice said.

I did not like him, I said. No, I don't suppose that you did, Beatrice answered.

Beatrice stayed for tea and left soon afterwards.

I hope you won't be so thin next time I see you, Beatrice said as she got into her car.

I watched Beatrice's car go down the drive.

Beatrice's questions had made me feel tired too.

My little maid, Clarice, spoke of nothing else.

I looked through the books that Beatrice had given me.

The afternoon seemed very long. I thought about going for a walk. Then suddenly, it was tea time and Beatrice and her husband, Giles, had arrived.

This is like old times, said Beatrice, looking around.

What about you, Mrs Lacy? Frank said to Beatrice.

Beatrice turned to me. And what is our hostess going to wear? she asked.

What fun it all is, said Beatrice. I'm getting excited already.

I found Clarice waiting for me in my bedroom, her face full of excitement.

Give me the wig, Clarice, I said. Be careful, the curls mustn't be flat.

Oh, Clarice, I said. What will Mr de Winter say?

You can't come in. It's me, my dear, said Beatrice. Are you ready? I want to have a look at you.

Unlock the door, I said to Clarice. I'm going down.

There was Giles in his white Arab costume. Beatrice was wearing a long green dress. Frank was dressed as a sailor.

Clarice was waiting for me in my bedroom.

She had heard what had happened. When she saw my face, Clarice started to cry.

It doesn't matter, Clarice, I said. Help me take off this dress. Quickly.

What will you wear, Madam? Clarice asked me.

After Clarice had gone, someone knocked at the door.

It opened and Beatrice came in. My dear, she said, are you all right?

Of course I knew at once that it was a mistake, Beatrice said. You could not have known.

How could you know? said Beatrice. But it was a terrible shock to Maxim. He thinks that you did it as a joke.

I did not say anything. Now, what can you wear? Beatrice said.

No, I said. I'm not going down. Beatrice stared at me before she spoke. But, my dear, you must. It will look so strange.

Beatrice looked shocked at my words. Think of Maxim. You must come down for him, she said.

I can't, I can't, I answered. Beatrice stared at me. I must go down now, she said at last. They will be waiting for me at dinner. I'll tell Maxim you'll be down in a minute, shall I?

I did not answer and Beatrice walked slowly to the door and went out.

I remember Beatrice smiling at me. I remember dancing with Giles.

Once, Beatrice came up to me and said, Why don't you sit down? You look like death.

Beatrice came up to me. Well done, my dear, she said. The Ball was a great success.

Yes. Yes, perhaps I shall, I said. I'll tell Maxim you've gone up to bed, shall I? Yes, please, Beatrice. All right, my dear. Sleep well.

Clarice had brought me some tea. It was cold now, but I drank it.

Beatrice and Giles never stayed at Manderley again. After that, I knew I could never trust Rebecca with anyone.

It should be no surprise that this big ship has a big price.

It cost 1. 4 billion dollars to build. And ticket prices aren t small either.

The ticket price is still expensive: 200000 dollars.

It s related to plants like corn and rice.

The only problem is there aren't any cheap seats it's all one price.

I see. Any idea of the price to repair it? No. Well, I don't think it can be repaired It will need a new one.

Any idea of the price to repair it? Well, I had an estimate done on this actually because it is a very special table to us

They quoted us 200 dollars, which is really pricey so I hope the insurance will cover the total cost I'm sure that will be fine.

There's a big demand for houses in that area, so prices tend to be quite high.

In any case, it's good that you've learned that everything in life has its price.

And he knew what was the fair price for every one of his animals.

He had succeeded in reaching through to the Soul of the World, and now the price for having done so might be his life.

It's had fantastic reviews and tickets cost just 4 pounds 50, which is a reduction on the usual price of 5 pounds 50.

This would normally cost 30 pounds but is available at half price for this month only.

And the price? 319 pounds at that time, but if you leave it till November it goes down by 40 percent.

The price was relatively low, and they liked the idea of recycling the land, as it were.

The sharp drop in oil prices also might have hurt the economy.

Michael Rice is superintendent of Kalamazoo Public Schools.

By sixth grade students understand that this is something special and unique, Rice said.

Government revenue is sharply reduced because of the drop in oil prices worldwide.

Seeking in Paris the objects I then sought, I felt that the society of such a man would be to me a treasure beyond price; and this feeling I frankly confided to him.