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The first cot we looked at was by Baby Safe and it had several good points to recommend it

We felt this was a real safety hazard and so we have labeled this one dangerous I'm afraid

the base could be raised or lowered into two different positions making it safe as well as convenient

As this cot will then be safe in every way we have made the Mother's Choice cot our best buy

Well obviously safety is a very important factor as well as comfort and convenience

and there you will be shown a video about important safety issues in the workplace

But despite living in a sanctuary which makes them safe from hunters

I had little doubt that I had come to the end of my career when I perceived the somewhat sinister figure of the late Professor Moriarty standing upon the narrow pathway which led to safety

It was safer that way they couldn't see your face

For example in Big Brother's speech in the Times of 17 March he had said that South India was safe

It was safer not to say anything

He would be safer inside than standing there doing nothing outside so he went in

Five minutes after the time they had arranged Winston saw the girl near Big Brother's picture but it was not safe to move closer to her yet there were not enough people around

You were not safer in the country than in London

It's the only way to be safe

It's safe to meet anywhere twice Julia had said

Slowly in the afternoon sunshine he walked up a narrow street to Mr Charrington's shop watching for the Thought Police but sure although he had no reason to be sure that he was safe

He was safe everything was all right

I closed the curtains around the bed, and felt safe from Heathcliff and everyone else at Wuthering Heights

And as I listened, crying silently, I could not help wishing we were all there safe together

it's almost as if we return to being a baby when everything was done for us and we felt safe and secure

I knew the master would not let her leave the safety of the Grange to go so far, especially as the road to the hills passed close to Wuthering Heights

Ah, she said, you've come for your little mistress! She's here, quite safe! The master, Mr Heathcliff, isn't here

Please send Ellen to let Father know I'm safe! sobbed Cathy bitterly

Is Father still alive? Yes, I cried, and thank God you're safe with us again! I managed to make Linton help me escape from the room! Now I must see Father! I could not bear to be present at their meeting

By the way, it's strange my telling you all this, but I know my secret's safe with you,

You'll be quite safe there. Just dream about our future!

You are still strong, sir, and young plants need the strength and safety of a tree to support them.

Sure that he was safe now, Scrooge shut and locked his bedroom door behind him.

I believe you know another Frenchman who has found a safe home there. A Doctor, I believe?

Is the list safe? asked Jacques Two.

the people in the towns and villages all seemed to be very angry with emigrants, but finally they arrived safely at the gates of Paris.

My friend, said the Doctor. I am safe in Paris. I was a prisoner in the Bastille. Everybody knows about me and how I suffered.

The Doctor had written, Charles is safe, but I cannot leave this place yet. Take Def arge to Lucie.

The Tribunal had agreed to keep Charles Darnay safe from the murdering crowds, but they would not let him leave the prison.

Darnay and Lucie were together again, safe and happy.

They went outside. You mustn't recognize me here, said the man. It's not safe. Go your way, and let me go mine.

But I was with him only two hours ago, cried Mr Lorry. He was safe and free!

I took my younger sister to a place where she is safe, and came here to find this man.

Here are mine take them and keep them safe with your own.

I don't mind that, I love swimming. Is it safe to swim in the bays?

This moment was safe. It could not be touched.

Maxim had arrived safely in London after a good journey.

I started to run up the path and did not feel safe until I reached the lawn.

The house stood there, safe and secure.

I had heard his voice and he was down there in the bay. Maxim was safe.

Nothing else mattered if Maxim was safe. I began to walk along the path through the woods.

The house looked very peaceful. Manderley was a place of safety and looked more beautiful than I had ever seen it.

Manderley would always be here, safe and secure, within sound of the sea.

How can his little head hold all your long words? These words will keep him safe from the birds, from the Snake People, and all the animals that hunt, said Baloo

Now you will be safe in the jungle, because no snake, no bird, no animal will hurt you

Bagheera heard and he knew that Mowgli was safe.

Baloo was happy that Mowgli was safe and with them again, but he could not speak against the Law.

They eased him into the front passenger seat, and secured the safety belt.

that the only way of getting the information to the right quarters by a safe route would be to speak to the medical director of his own hospital service, doctor to doctor, without any civil servants in the middle,

Usually there is a safe way to recycle these materials.

They want to keep plants safe for the future.

This way, if the small banks were destroyed, some seeds would still be safe.

This made them safe for faster trains.

Once again, he perceived the many languages in the things about him: this time, the desert was safe, and it was the oasis that had become dangerous.

The women had remained in their tents, praying for the safekeeping of their husbands, and saw nothing of the battle, either.

OPERA STAR'S one million pounds RING IS SAFE says one.

For example, the modifications might compromise safety in some way.

I think that will really improve the look of the area, as well as being safer.

One way of making sure that the pedestrians are safe is to increase signage at the intersections.

Again the problem is the geology; we had to level the mounds on the track for safety reasons.

To do so, the person needs a government permit that requires training in safe gun use.

Anthony Fauci, the institute's director, said on Wednesday that investigators should know soon whether the vaccine is safe for use in human beings.

If we get a good immune response and there are no safety red flags by the end of December 2016, we should know if it's okay to move on to phase two.

There, researchers would look not only at the safety of the experimental vaccine, but its effectiveness in fighting infection.

We cannot afford to delay the development of a safe and effective vaccine to prevent Zika virus infection, he added.

In another, he said he wanted to study in America and return to Iran if the opportunity of safe travel became available.

A small iron safe was discovered under the bed (not under the bedstead).

he at length succeeded in lodging it safely at his own residence in Paris,

for among its delicate fragrant leaves he could dwell in safety.

So, they safely restrain the person and wait for the situation to de escalate, or become less intense.