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There's also evidence of pigs but it is possible that these could have been descended from the native wild species

about three hundred females the future of the species locally is at risk

My particular interest is Asiatic lions which are a sub species of African lions

It's almost a hundred thousand years since the Asiatic lions split off and developed as a sub species

and this is commonly known as taking one's courage in both hands, a phenomenon that has only been observed in the human species.

But you're right, there's not much apart from some very shallow rooted species

That must have had a devastating effect on the natural flora. Did you lose any species?

ticking off species they had seen from a pro forma list and adding the names of any rarer ones.

What we've decided to present today is information about just three species because we felt these gave a good indication of the processes at work in rural and urban settings as a whole.

The first species to generate a lot of interesting information was frogs.

Our final species is the finest of bird singers, the song thrush.

I was not particularly attentive to what you did; but observation has become with me, of late, a species of necessity.

Here your countenance brightened up, and, perceiving your lips move, I could not doubt that you murmured the word stereotomy, a term very affectedly applied to this species of pavement.

I see that no animal but an Ourang Outang, of the species here mentioned, could have impressed the indentations as you have traced them.

, (the morning of the murder, ) a very large, tawny Ourang Outang of the Bornese species.

It must be some degenerate species, said he; I do not know it, and it is not mentioned in any system.

Humans don't cope well with extremes of temperature but some species do.