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in spite of staff cuts we counseled two hundred and forty international students for a total of twenty six hundred hours counseling

Not too bad for an understaffed service don't you think That's all from me Thank you

The office staff Yep and all the teachers and all the students

We're currently looking to invest in computers so that our office staff can do an even better job

Also you could help by contacting the voluntary staff at our offices they'll be able to suggest activities you could organize to bring in funds for us

The centre has a lot of reference materials and staff qualified to give guidance on a one to one basis

Oh yes there's plenty of useful material Just ask one of the staff

I'm Jenny Stewart and I'm the Staff Manager here at the exhibition centre

and you are among the two hundred extra staff recruited to help look after them

Now we've also put the entrance staff on the red team and you'll be stampimg the entrance tickets and giving out publicity leaflets OK

and we've also put those of you who'll be staffing the information booths around the conference centre on the yellow team

Now most of the hospitality staff have been put in the blue team

but because of the sheer numbers all waiting staff will be on the yellow team

and this includes the bar staff among you

Anne works in the accounts department on level two and she looks after all temporary staff

Then at 1030 there will be a coffee break in the staff canteen

It was at this time that he was sought out by Professor Moriarty to whom for a time he was chief of the staff

These are organised by our well qualified and enthusiastic staff. Each day kicks off with a sports match

But unfortunately individual differences are also the root of conflict between staff

unfortunately many managers think the entire notion of encouraging individuality amongst their staff is far too hard.

And at times like these managers may have to give priority to profit rather than individual staff needs

During times of change they should be thinking not only about the strain on their staff but take time out to think of themselves.

Certainly I will need to do more far reaching research than I had anticipated in order to establish if people want extra medical staff invested in the community

A soldier shoved the boy and the alchemist into a tent where the chief was holding a meeting with his staff.

Is that the one for temporary staff? That's right.

Yes please. Could you tell me what kind of staff you are looking for?

a complete review of your cardiac fitness and muscle tone, actually done in the shop by qualified staff.

Then there came by an old drover with snow white hair, and a great staff in his hand