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shark meshing was introduced to the state of Queensland around 1970

Keep your old love letters throw away your old bank statements

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi a state sweltering with the heat of injustice sweltering with the heat of oppression will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice

when we allow freedom ring when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet from every state and every city

Now though these days people might question a lot of the assumptions contained in those statements

Shall I bring a bank statement would that do

And the stateof the art electronic sound and lighting systems have been installed

let's see How often would you like to receive statements

He was no longer on speaking terms with his brother and had been devastated

For me this is the best part of the estate This isn't on the map but it is all clearly signposted

Your mind is in the same state

Well the centre houses research programmes for New Zealand, for The United States as well as for Italy

stately mansions located in the depths of beautiful countryside

It may have been from a lamp outside, but in my nervous state I did not think of that

Dick Mason will probably be in the same state one day.

With a mechanical gesture, forgetting the state in which he found himself, he drew back the lid of the peep hole and looked outside.

Then, if such a word has any meaning when applied to a weariness that lasted for only a few seconds, and already in that semi vigilant state that prepares one for awakening,

he seriously considered that it was unwise to remain in this state of indecision, shall I wake up, shall I not wake up, shall I wake up, shall I nowake up,

I haven't had time to ask him, I've just arrived home to find him in this state, would you like me to ask him,

Let the poor man go ahead, he's in a much worse state than we are.

But it was also remorse, the aggrieved expression of one's conscience, as already stated, or, if we prefer to describe it in suggestive terms, a conscience with teeth to bite,

The blind man had categorically stated that he could see, if you'll excuse that verb again, a thick, uniform white colour as if he had plunged with open eyes into a milky sea.

in these cases, the State doesn't pay, he warned her,

Unless, at this point, there are more than two of us, I can understand your state of mind but we must avoid any gloomy speculations that might turn out to be groundless,

In 1886, France gave the United States a huge statue.

It was his goal to fly to the next state, Idaho.

North Dakota is a state in the northern part of the USA.

Thumbelina travels around the United States and visits children’s hospitals.

In the United States, some fishermen found a baby dolphin caught in a crab trap.

Officials try to move the monkeys to forests in nearby states.

and finding out whether there are any of them around in various states of Australia.

Now, we're pretty keen to make sure that there aren't any more getting in, particularly to New South Wales and other states.

I ve been reading your personal statement, Paul.

Now, there's been a lot of research into how companies can repeat their previous successes, and it certainly hasn't been confined to the United States.

branch banks, retail stores, real estate agencies, factories, call centres to name but a few.

As well as that, a whole section of the third floor is devoted to sports bags, including the latest designs from the States

In the United States, plagiarism is a serious offense for writers, students and, yes, politicians.

The American state of Texas joined eight other states this week in giving individuals a right to bring guns to college classrooms.

The Texas law gives people 21 and older permission to carry concealed handguns into buildings at state financed colleges.

Each state college can establish its own rules.

At Texas A and M University, another state school, guns are permitted in dormitory rooms.

Under the state law, private colleges can choose whether or not to permit concealed guns.

The United States government has begun the first clinical testing of an experimental vaccine designed to guard against Zika virus.

This week, US officials announced that a number of people in the state of Florida have been infected.

Makkonen is 32. She was born and raised in the US state of Maryland, but her family is originally from Ethiopia.

Bonnie Anderson, who is from the state of Massachusetts, eventually took advantage of one of those programs.

Diana Courson is the Associate Director for Childhood Services at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Last week Iran executed a nuclear scientist on charges of spying for the United States, an official said Sunday.

However, he disappeared and went to the United States.

For years, Iran has stated that its nuclear activities were not aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

The execution of Amiri takes place one year after the United States and five world powers reached a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Since 2006, a group of secret donors provided money so students who graduate from Kalamazoo public schools can attend a Michigan state college.

Clinton wants to provide free state college tuition for families with yearly incomes of up to 125000 dollars.

Students who attend Kalamazoo public schools for all 12 years get their entire Michigan state college tuition covered.

The Promise program also means Kalamazoo public school graduates can attend state colleges without owing a lot of money.

Students in the American state of Virginia will soon be able to order burritos carried by unmanned aircraft.

The food delivery service is starting at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia.

This will be one of the first tests of a commercial drone delivery service in the United States.

The FAA recently estimated there will be about 600000 commercial drones operating in the United States within one year.

These include the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The officials believe hackers in Russia or elsewhere could enter the computer systems of US states during the voting process.

He also spent most of his career in the United States.

The activists say Pizza has recently shown signs that her mental state is getting worse.

In a statement to VOA, Grandview said Pizza was not bred through natural means, and left her mother at age 2.

The statement added our star animal Pizza remains healthy, with results from the most recent tests falling in the normal range.

A video released by the aquarium said it has also increased efforts to provide Pizza with more activities to improve her mental and physical state.

the counting of the tricks, with the order of their arrangement; embarrassment, hesitation, eagerness or trepidation all afford, to his apparently intuitive perception, indications of the true state of affairs.

The state of the room and of the bodies was described by this witness as we described them yesterday.

The time elapsing between the hearing of the voices in contention and the breaking open of the room door, was variously stated by the witnesses.

The evening edition of the paper stated that the greatest excitement still continued in the Quartier St. Roch that the premises in question had been carefully re searched, and fresh examinations of witnesses instituted, but all to no purpose.

I saw nothing beyond what had been stated in the Gazette des Tribunaux.

No, nothing peculiar, I said; nothing more, at least, than we both saw stated in the paper.

The Dutchman maintains it to have been that of a Frenchman; but we find it stated that not understanding French this witness was examined through an interpreter.

The impossibility of egress, by means already stated, being thus absolute, we are reduced to the windows.

What he stated was, in substance, this.

Is it not magnificent? said the two old statesmen who had been there before.

and only think of the great stamp of state, which impresses the royal seal that gives effect to the laws!

in which she saw crowds of unhappy people, waiting in a state of agony for the gates of mercy to be opened to them,

There she sat, as proud as if she was in a state coach, and looked all about her.

I should have the birds building their nests on my boughs, and when the wind blew, I should bow with stately dignity like my tall companions.

I think these must have been the trees; I assure you they were stately, very stately.

And in the United States and in Britain female comic book artists are far and away a minority.

Karen Newirth also says that people expect eyewitness testimony or spoken statements in court.

So, France has low obesity, which is a state of being very overweight, compared to the UK's high obesity.

After that we heard obesity. Obesity describes a state of being very overweight.