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and that's always a popular one because the optional extra is Stonehenge

The big stone building at the top is the main Workshop

With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope

Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia

The walls and the mullioned windows were built of the local sandstone the tiles on the roofs

The stone blade of a plough has been discovered during excavation in County Mayo in western Ireland

The stone axes used to chop down trees to make these dwellings were far superior to any that the Stone Age hunter gatherers used

To make the axes sources of suitable stone had to be found and systematically exploited

For an instant I thought that it was an accident but a moment later looking up I saw a man's head against the darkening sky and another stone struck the very ledge upon which I was stretched within a foot of my head

Again I saw that grim face look over the cliff and I knew that it was the precursor of another stone

But I had no time to think of the danger for another stone sang past me as I hung by my hands from the edge of the ledge

He turned and saw Mrs Parsons trying to take some sharp stones from her son's hand

I hear that son of mine threw stones at you yesterday

He was in a high ceilinged windowless cell with white stone walls

The name Earnshaw is cut into a stone over the front door

They are a very old family who have lived in that house for centuries, as you can see from their name on the stone over the front door

You don't come when you're wanted, and now you come when you're not wanted! But whatever you say, nothing can keep me from my home, my place of rest, out there in the open air, with a gravestone at my head!

As we were not sure of his age or anything else about him, there is only one word on his gravestone Heathcliff

You'll pass the churchyard, Mr Lockwood, on your way back to the Grange, and you'll see the three gravestones close to the moor

I dreamed that Thornfield was totally destroyed, just a heap of stones.

And you and I will both leave this house, this narrow stone hell, this house of living death.

But when I reached the great stone columns of the main gate, I stood still in horror.

There, where I had hoped to see a fine, impressive house, was nothing but a blackened heap of stones, with the silence of death about it.

Here they visited a small stone house, a long way from any town or village, where an old man and woman were singing Christmas carols, with their children and grandchildren.

Before I look more closely at that gravestone, he said, answer me one question.

Scrooge moved slowly towards it, and following the finger, read on the stone his own name, EBENEZER SCROOGE.

Oh, tell me I can clean away the writing on this stone!

He lay there, like stone, with a knife pushed into his heart.

A crowd who carried guns, knives, sticks, even stones anything that could be a weapon.

Fire and smoke climbed up the high stone walls and the thunder of the guns echoed through the city.

Follow me, said the frightened man, and Defarge and Jacques Three went with him through the dark prison, past heavy closed doors, up stone stairs, until they came to a low door.

It was a small room, with dark stone walls and only one very small window, too high for anyone to look out.

One evening, looking out of the window, he saw that a large grindstone had been brought into the square below.

Dr Manette had said nothing. He seemed to be made of stone, but suddenly he spoke.

It was moonlight in my dream. The pale light shone on the windows and grey stone walls of the old house.

Only the grey stone walls remained standing. No one would ever live there again.

The old house was perfect. It was built in a small hollow and its grey stones glowed in the sunlight.

Maxim drove up to the wide stone steps and stopped the car in front of them.

We went together up the wide stone steps. Inside the open door, the servants stood in two lines.

The hall seemed very big, and my footsteps sounded very loud on the stone floor.

I could not meet them by myself. I ran quickly out of the moming, room. I took a door to the left. I was in a stone corridor.

Maxim picked up a stone and threw it across the beach for Jasper. Fetch it, good boy, he said.

Jasper ran after the stone, barking with excitement.

We both went down to the water's edge and threw more stones.

The tide was coming up into the bay and the water was beginning to cover the stones.

A small stone wall across the bay made it into a small harbour.

At the edge of the woods was a low stone building, a cottage or a boat, house.

She pushed me towards the open window. I could see the stones of the terrace below. Beyond the terrace was a white wall of fog.

If I jumped now, I would not see the stones. The fall would kill me.

It was a hard climb up to the west wall, and Kaa moved carefully over the stones.

No? Well, I thought that from the perspective of a field trip, one thing I needed to focus on was the sandstone plateaux and cliffs themselves

The old man related that, the week before, he had been forced to appear before a miner, and had taken the form of a stone.

For five years he had been working a certain river, and had examined hundreds of thousands of stones looking for an emerald.

The miner was about to give it all up, right at the point when, if he were to examine just one more stone just one more he would find his emerald.

He transformed himself into a stone that rolled up to the miner's foot.

The miner, with all the anger and frustration of his five fruitless years, picked up the stone and threw it aside.

But he had thrown it with such force that it broke the stone it fell upon, and there, embedded in the broken stone, was the most beautiful emerald in the world.

As he walked past the city's castle, he interrupted his return, and climbed the stone ramp that led to the top of the wall.

The old man wore a breastplate of heavy gold, covered with precious stones.

Take these, said the old man, holding out a white stone and a black stone that had been embedded at the center of the breastplate.

The boy put the stones in his pouch.

The scabbard was embossed in silver, and the handle was black and encrusted with precious stones.

But all he found was the heavy book, his jacket, and the two stones the old man had given him.

As he looked at the stones, he felt relieved for some reason.

He had exchanged six sheep for two precious stones that had been taken from a gold breastplate.

He could sell the stones and buy a return ticket.

He ran his fingers slowly over the stones, sensing their temperature and feeling their surfaces.

But the stones were proof that he had met with a king a king who knew of the boy's past.

The boy put the stones back in the pouch and decided to do an experiment.

He took out one of the stones. It was yes.

Am I going to find my treasure? he asked. He stuck his hand into the pouch, and felt around for one of the stones.

An omen. The boy smiled to himself. He picked up the two stones and put them back in his pouch.

He didn't consider mending the hole the stones could fall through any time they wanted.

But the stones had told him that the old man was still with him, and that made him feel more confident.

They're just a pile of stones. You could build one in your backyard.

I've already imagined a thousand times crossing the desert, arriving at the Plaza of the Sacred Stone, the seven times I walk around it before allowing myself to touch it.

As he took his jacket out of the pouch, thinking to give it to someone in the street, the two stones fell to the floor. Urim and Thummim.

The old king hadn't told him that the Pyramids were just a pile of stones, or that anyone could build one in his backyard.

He held Urim and Thummim in his hand; because of those two stones, he was once again on the way to his treasure.

Who knows, maybe they had failed to discover the secret of the Master Work–the Philosopher's Stone–and for this reason kept their knowledge to themselves.

He had already spent much of the fortune left to him by his father, fruitlessly seeking the Philosopher's Stone.

It was said that he was more than two hundred years old, and that he had discovered the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life.

The stranger didn't answer; instead, he put his hand in his pocket, and took out two stones that were the same as the boy's.

These stones were the only form of divination permitted by God.

And the solid part was called the Philosopher's Stone.

It's not easy to find the Philosopher's Stone, said the Englishman.

Also, said the Englishman, the Philosopher's Stone has a fascinating property.

A small sliver of the stone can transform large quantities of metal into gold.

They traveled, spoke with wise men, performed miracles for the incredulous, and owned the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life.

I learned that many alchemists realized their personal legends, and wound up discovering the Soul of the World, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Elixir of Life.

The men of the oasis wanted to know if they had seen any fighting, and the women competed with one another for access to the cloth and precious stones brought by the merchants.

He listened to the wind, and felt the stones beneath his feet.

He sat on a stone, and allowed himself to become hypnotized by the horizon.

He tried again to concentrate on the pink shades of the desert, and its stones.

They could no longer see the palms of the oasis–only the gigantic moon above them, and its silver reflections from the stones of the desert.

Advancing slowly, they searched among the stones.

There was a hole there among the stones.

That's the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life. It's the Master Work of the alchemists.

Whoever swallows that elixir will never be sick again, and a fragment from that stone turns any metal into gold.

And they found the Philosopher's Stone, because they understood that when something evolves, everything around that thing evolves as well.

Others stumbled upon the stone by accident.

The boy could see now that he couldn't do so if he placed stone upon stone for the rest of his life.

There were also precious stones, gold masks adorned with red and white feathers, and stone statues embedded with jewels.

He had used the two stones only once, one morning when he was at a marketplace.

And they found a disused stone quarry in a beautiful area.

Lords and ladies lie in stone, Hand in hand from long ago, And though their hands are cold they'll love forever,

Ivy on the walls and ravens wheeling round above me, As I made my way towards the last remaining headstone, I fell to my knees, read the lines beneath the leaves,

The larger links of the chain run thus Chantilly, Orion, Dr. Nichols, Epicurus, Stereotomy, the street stones, the fruiterer.

As we crossed into this street, a fruiterer, with a large basket upon his head, brushing quickly past us, thrust you upon a pile of paving stones collected at a spot where the causeway is undergoing repair.

so that I saw you were still thinking of the stones, ) until we reached the little alley called Lamartine, which has been paved, by way of experiment, with the overlapping and riveted blocks.

The obtuse instrument was clearly the stone pavement in the yard, upon which the victim had fallen from the window which looked in upon the bed.

It was a terrible fall; for he came head downwards, his helmet and his bayonet stuck in between the flagstones, and his one leg up in the air.

The shoes carried her over stack and stone; she was torn till she bled; she danced over the heath till she came to a little house.

Have you ever seen a maiden? I mean what our pavers call a maiden, a thing with which they ram down the paving stones in the roads.

Ho, what shall I do with this stupid chest? Its as heavy as if stones were in it.

Put a stone in it, for I'm afraid I shan't sink else, said Great Claus.

That can be done, replied Little Claus; and he put a big stone into the sack, tied the rope tightly, and pushed against it.

Inge's mother was sitting on a stone to rest, with a fagot of sticks lying before her, which she had picked up in the wood.

No; her back was too stiff, and her whole body like a pillar of stone.

Don't think only of yourself, you might easily run up against a stone.

The throng in front of the church knew where they could hit the King, and one of them flung a stone through a pane of glass, and the King lay there dead!

Allah sees the black beetle in the black stone, and the black rock. Is not that written in the Koran? he asked.

which have extremophiles living in them? Is it a Grand Canyon? b Death Valley National Park? Or c Yellowstone?

That's easy it has to be c) Yellowstone.

I asked: which US National Park is home to geysers that have extremophiles living in them? Is it a Grand Canyon, b Death Valley National Park or c Yellowstone?

And I said c Yellowstone. I must be right. Yes, Neil, you are right it's Yellowstone National Park.

Every year, scientists discover remarkable new microbes in Yellowstone's hot springs, with implications for medicine, agriculture and energy, as well as offering clues to the formation of the earliest life on Earth.