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coal and firewood all made this site suitable for industry from a very early time

I need to know what kind of accommodation you'd like so I can get you something suitable

How about if we take a look at the experiments in this book first and see if anything looks suitable

Shall we go through all of those again and decide if any of them are going to be suitable

The plan is to find new premises for it near the theatre and we've had difficulty finding somewhere suitable

We already had a few seats which were suitable for wheelchair users

first one was to find out about suitable data analysis software Yes

To make the axes sources of suitable stone had to be found and systematically exploited

Shall I ask him to come up? You're suggesting inviting him up here, into our sitting room? Don't you think the kitchen is more suitable for him? Catherine looked at her husband, half angry and half laughing

We're able to provide information about what scientists should take with them to the South Pole for example, the centre contains a clothing warehouse where expeditions are supplied with suitable clothing for the extreme conditions

I think Matthews' findings will be beneficial, not so much in helping sportspeople to work on their weaker side, but more that they can help them identify the most suitable strategies to use in a given game

She wore a light silk dress and thin shoes, which did not seem at all suitable for a long walk in the snow

Rosamund Oliver is engaged to a Mr. Granby, a very suitable young man, according to her father.

It was a lonely place, most suitable for a man so unloved.

He had forgotten about any such vase, or perhaps his wife had put it there when she left for work with the intention of later finding some more suitable place.

It also says the talk is suitable for all ages.

And there was a clear pattern here they proliferate where there is suitable water.