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Bar five is about those people who move because they need a bus or train to get them into the city or to go to work

All are planned in detail by our highly trained guides who all work in a variety of different Travelite locations

Training sessions will be held in King's Park on Wednesday afternoons for the juniors and they will be wearing red shirts again this year

it will be a 2 o'clock start and the training session for seniors is planned for Sunday 11 afternoons

He will continue to supervise the teams at training sessions and on match days

were eventually credited to poor training and having looked at the details in their last report I think that's right

As your Training Supervisor I just oversee your induction and will not be around after this initial week

Some of you may be interested to know that the library is offering specialised training sessions on writing a dissertation

However the training will also include some time on the computers

When you've got something together the trainer here will look through the draft version for you to see if it's OK

It's a training resource a collection of materials for people to study on their own or use in their own organisations

and we wanted to know about the train services We're hoping to do a few local trips

OK Well I can give you lots of details about all the trains going from Terborch in the South West

We've got two main train stations in the town

What about trains to London I'll reed to go there on business for one day

There are regular trains to London

there's the Methyl Mining Museum which is only half an hour from Terborch by train

Your children will find it just as fascinating as any theme park and they can ride in the original miners lifts and on the coal trains

Mainline trains also offer direct services to Bristol where you can visit the docks or spend a great day out with the children in the zoo

and this led to the making of The Great Train Robbery the very first movie made

we'll get on with the orientation and training programme and first I'll run through the rest of today's programe

right but I'm training to be a primary teacher so I need to look at materials for the five to eleven age group Then you've come to the right place

There were points about this strange business which would I was sure have specially appealed to him and the efforts of the police would have been supplemented or more probably anticipated by the trained observation and the alert mind of the first criminal agent in Europe

And since Party members were children they have been trained in three more Newspeak words crimestop blackwhite and doublethink

When you are trained in crimestop you cannot think a thought against the Party

He sat down on his bed his back against the wall and began to re train his mind

During times of change they should be thinking not only about the strain on their staff but take time out to think of themselves.

Although most trainers know how important handedness is, at present they are rather reluctant to make use of the insights scientists like Matthews can give, which I think is rather short sighted because focusing on individual flexibility is only part of the story

Last year we helped train teachers for the disabled

been to the city a few times on the bus, but they are always late What about the trains?

I like catching the train they are much faster

If you look carefully down there, you can see the train lines

Everyone on the train and the ship looked at him, and laughed at him.

I saw the country once from a train, but I never went there.

I took Merrick to the country in a train with dark windows, so nobody could see him.

My happiness was at an end. By tomorrow evening, I should be on the train.

The train would carry me away from Maxim, mile by mile.

We ought to have gone on the earlier train. She looked at her watch.

I'm going downstairs to arrange about her train. I don't want her to come to the wedding.

I also learned to speak French, German and Spanish and have been a trainer, consultant or speaker for more than 500 companies.

When you train yourself, through repetition and practice, to overcome procrastination and get your most important tasks completed quickly, you will move yourself onto the fast track in your life and career and step on the accelerator.

Many graduates of my training programs have increased their incomes dramatically in a matter of a few years, or even a few months, with this simple, seven step method.

that is why he is professionally trained at medical school, and if this doctor here, apart from having declared himself blind, openly admits that he has been infected, who is his wife to doubt him, however much she may know about medicine.

So it should be no surprise that when it comes to trains, China is going big and fast!

Twenty years ago, the average speed of a train in China was only around fifty kilometers per hour.

Many people took the train each day.

Trains were becoming very crowded.

They chose high speed trains.

Trains are cleaner than buses and airplanes because they use less gasoline.

China began making a high speed train system in 1988.

Fast trains work best on straight, flat tracks.

This made them safe for faster trains.

Recently, they built brand new tracks just for high speed trains.

Foreign train experts are helping China to build their high speed lines.

The trains and tracks use parts from all over the world.

Today, China has the largest system of high speed trains in the world.

It also has some of the fastest trains.

On the way, the train travels at 312 kilometers per hour.

The government plans to have high speed trains connecting all the biggest cities in China by 2020.

it's quite hard to follow train of thought at times so cut them down a bit, can you? Really? Yes.

3. What time is the train? Am I late?

The train comes and the men get on.

It's late and there are no metro trains, but Marcel isn't tired.

The place was wonderful for the kids: they particularly loved trains and gradually built up an enormous network of miniature railway track.

I'm near to retirement age so I only concern myself with looking after the mechanical side of things keeping the trains going.

To do so, the person needs a government permit that requires training in safe gun use.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said it was carefully written to require people to get special training to bring guns to colleges.

Courson says the school offers training programs for parents and fun events for children, as well as medical services through the nursing program.

Waiting as the soldiers put them all on a train,

I'm standing in the station, I am waiting for a train,

You stepped upon one of the loose fragments, slipped, slightly strained your ankle, appeared vexed or sulky, muttered a few words, turned to look at the pile, and then proceeded in silence.

You should not stare so hard at me, said the Soldier; you might strain your eyes.

The chamberlains, who were to carry the train, stretched their hands to the ground as if they lifted up a train, and pretended to hold something in their hands;

Indeed, the emperor's new suit is incomparable! What a long train he has! How well it fits him!

And the chamberlains walked with still greater dignity, as if they carried the train which did not exist.

she had neither a train nor a golden crown, but splendid red morocco shoes.

and whilst she read with a pious mind, the wind bore the strains of the organ towards her,

See, I'm coming with a train! said the Darning needle, and she drew a long thread after her, but there was no knot in the thread.

and many people maintain that its strains forebode the death of some one;

which is a kind of blanket and they wrap them up and restrain them, or prevent them from moving.

So, they safely restrain the person and wait for the situation to de escalate, or become less intense.

Restrain. If you restrain someone, you prevent them from moving.

In another sense, you might restrain yourself from doing something for example: eating chocolate!

Have you ever had to restrain your children from anything, Neil?

I have to restrain my children all the time, Dan, otherwise they would fight like mad.

I have to pull them apart and restrain them.

They were what you had in an emergency. They were what you had on a long train journey.

There's a sometimes very practical reason to eat a sandwich like on a train.