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And we do ask that you sign up three days in advance so we know we've got enough people interested to run it

planned the optional extra visits which you can also book in advance if you want to

And if you have time the one by Roberts says very relevant things although it's not essential

because it is limited to the questions fixed in advance by the researcher

Well basically it's more advanced thinking note taking reading and writing strategies

for you to better enjoy the walking and even plan in advance if you wish

Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania

I think each course type has its advantages and disadvantages

So I've got about five years of relevant work experience

There are obvious advantages in this the main one being

Do I have to book in advance for themOh yes it's advisable Most people tend to book twenty four hours in advance

As I said earlier there is I think at Rexford an excellent combination of physical and geographical advantages

So you do need to think very carefully about what you need how much you can afford to pay well in advance

Good I think I'd like to say advanced but my written work is below the level of my spoken so I suppose it's intermediate

Certainly your spoken English is advanced Anyway which area do you think you would prefer

they are very busy and soif you do get stuck looking for things you should ask the relevant Cataloguing Assistant

Obviously this is not relevant to those of you who are undergraduates it is just for postgraduates

We prefer to integrate reading with the course so we don't give out a reading list in advance

Provided you warn the refectory in advance it won't be a problem

This can be bought in advance or on the day

The cheapest tickets are called Advance and you have to buy them at least six days ahead

The servant deposed that she heard him enter the front room on the second floor generally used as his sitting room

But of course waiters and servants steal things and look I got a little packet of tea as well

If not my servant will give you the Dictionary

He did not look up when the servant showed Winston and Julia in

And bring up some wine from the cellar! Joseph was a very old servant, with a sour expression on his face

Perhaps there were no other servants, I thought

My landlord and his servant were in no hurry to help, and could not have climbed the cellar steps more slowly, but luckily a woman, who I supposed was the housekeeper, rushed into the room to calm the dogs

Perhaps you could lend me a servant to guide me back to the Grange? I asked

There aren't any servants here except Joseph and the housekeeper

That horrible old servant Joseph is always angry with Heathcliff and me because we don't pray or study the Bible, and when he tells his master, Hindley always punishes us

1770 When I was a child, l was always at Wuthering Heights, became my mother was a servant with the Earnshaw family

But then it was that old servant Joseph who caused trouble

Now that Hindley was the master of the house, he ordered Joseph and me to spend our evenings in the small back kitchen, as we were only servants, while he, his wife and Catherine sat in the main room

I attacked it, and made it let go of her leg, but the Lintons' servants appeared and caught hold of me

You may welcome Miss Catherine home, like the other servants

I persuaded them both to come out of the room the same way, as I had no key to the door, and took Heathcliff down into the warm servantskitchen with me, while Catherine returned to her guests and the dancing

The servants all left him, except for Joseph and me

Remember, he's only a servant! When Heathcliff entered the sitting?room, I was surprised to see how much he had changed

Call two servants, Ellen

I followed him, telling the servants to wait in the hall

I realized he wanted to call the servants, as he knew he was not strong enough to fight Heathcliff alone

I left him, and went to find the old servant, Joseph

If I meet Edgar Linton or his servants, I'll shoot them

As it was a Sunday, Mr Edgar and all the servants went to church, leaving me alone to look after Catherine

Suddenly I noticed, through the window, the servants coming back from church

Her brother Hindley, although invited, did not come, and Isabella was not invited, so it was only Mr Edgar and the servants who attended the ceremony

No problem just allow a couple of days in advance to make sure you get a seat. And what's your name, please

Parents who want their children to be fully occupied for all or part of the day can take advantage of our children's activities

There are many advantages to choosing PS Camping

If you don't want to cook indoors, you can borrow a barbecue if you ask in advance for one to be made available

I'm left handed myself and I actually didn't see any relevance to my own life when I happened to start reading an article by a sports sychologist called Peter Matthews

Well, I've enrolled for twenty weeks in the Advanced English Studies because I need help with my writing

It stands twelve meters high, so follow me up the stairs to where we can take advantage of the fantastic views

Heathcliff must have discovered this from the servants

Hareton inherited nothing from his father, and could only stay on at Wuthering Heights as a servant, working for the man who had been his father's enemy

Servants should always say miss , shouldn't they? Hareton frowned and looked very angry, but said nothing

Hurry! What the devil do you mean? I'm not your servant! he growled

But Ellen, she cried, staring horrified at him, how dare he speak to me like that! He must do as I tell him! He's not your servant, miss, said Zillah, who had been listening to the conversation

Later that evening Heathcliff's servant Joseph arrived and asked to speak to the master

What a welcome I received from the servants at the Grange, who thought I was dead! But I did not have time to tell them my story

All the servants except me had to leave

I'll have to leave! I wanted to die here, where I've been a servant for sixty years! But now she's taken my garden from me! She's stolen the boy's soul, master! I can't bear it! Is the fool drunk? asked Heathcliff

The old servant came at once, but refused to touch the body

The servants did not want to offend their young master, and Mrs Reed could see no fault in her dear boy

As soon as we arrived in the red room, I became quiet again, and the two servants both started scolding me

Really, Miss Eyre, said Miss Abbott, how could you hit him? He's your young master! How can he be my master? I am not a servant! I cried

No, Miss Eyre, you are less than a servant, because you do not work, replied Miss Abbott

John Reed, his sisters, his mother, the servants they all accused me, scolded me, hated me

It was also a great relief to recognize Dr Lloyd, who Mrs. Reed called in for her servants

Then she went next door to fetch another servant.

So the two servants slept in my room, while I lay awake all night, trembling with fear, and eyes wide open in horror, imagining ghosts in every corner.

Just then a bell rang for the servantsdinner.

I heard later from the servants that he had spoken to Mrs. Reed about me, and that she had agreed immediately to send me to school.

The door opened and a servant called in, Is there a little girl called Jane Eyre here?

Tired and confused after the journey, I followed the servant into a large building, where she left me in a sitting room.

She was a little old lady, dressed in black, who seemed glad to have someone else to talk to, apart from the servants.

I have always liked him, and I think he's a fair master to his servants.

You aren't a servant at Thornfield Hall, of course.

When I entered, the servants told me that Mr. Rochester had arrived, and that he had hurt his leg when his horse slipped on ice on the road to Hay.

and I said, Not many masters bother to ask if their servants are offended by their orders,

No, sir, not because of that, but because you forgot about it, and because you care whether a servant of yours is comfortable or not, I gladly agree.

I was so in love with her that I rented a house and hired servants for her.

Shall I fetch Mrs. Fairfax, sir, or the servants? I asked.

I think I hear the servants moving, sir, I said.

He had obviously told the servants that he had accidentally set fire to his room by knocking over a lighted candle.

Tell me, what happened last night? The servants are talking about it.

How could such a proud gentleman be so much in the power of one of his servants that he could not even punish her for trying to kill him?

None of the servants seemed at all curious about her,

No sooner had Mr. Mason joined the group of guests than a servant entered to announce the arrival of an old gipsy woman, who was supposed to be a skilled fortune teller.

While the gentlemen were calming them down, the servant entered the room again.

It's all right. Don't be afraid, ladies. A servant's had a bad dream, that's all, and started screaming. Nothing to worry about.

But I knew that the sounds I had heard could have nothing to do with a servant's dream.

She lay there asleep in her room, neglected by her daughters and servants.

My blood ran cold. It wasn't Mrs. Fairfax or any of the servants, it wasn't even Grace Poole.

I keep her locked away, guarded by my old servant Grace Poole.

At the door of Thornfield Hall, Mrs. Fairfax, Adele and the servants rushed forward, smiling, to congratulate us.

Even Mrs. Fairfax and the servants don't know the whole truth about her.

Well, ma'am, the hotel owner told me, I was one of Mr. Rochester's servants at the time,

Anyway, in the fire the master risked his life helping all the servants out of the house,

When I knocked at the door, Mr. Rochester's old servant, John, opened it and recognized me.

He and his wife Mary were the only servants their master had wanted to keep when he moved from Thornfield.

You'll see me there, said the Cat, and vanished.

I'm not surprised, said the Cat, and vanished again.

All right, said the Cat. And this time it vanished very slowly.

But then the Cat's head slowly began to vanish, and when the executioner came back with the Duchess, there was nothing there.

He has been taken to the house of an old servant in Paris, and we are going there to bring him back to life.

They had one servant, Miss Pross, who had taken care of Lucie since she was a child.

Not yet, sir, replied the servant, but as the Marquis was eating his dinner, he heard the sound of a coach outside.

He hoped that he would be able to save his old servant.

Charles is in Paris, cried Lucie. He came to help an old family servant. But he's been taken to prison.

My servant, a boy called Ernest Defarge, brought in a stranger, who asked me to come at once to visit a sick man in the next street.

What would I be today if I had not gone to Monte Carlo with Mrs Van Hopper?

Mrs Van Hopper was not a pleasant woman.

Every summer, Mrs Van Hopper stayed at the Hotel Cote d'Azur, the biggest and most expensive hotel in Monte Carlo.

Here, Mrs Van Hopper found out which well, known people were staying in the town.

I was young and shy. I hated my life with Mrs Van Hopper, but she paid me a little money to be her companion.

I was not exactly a servant and certainly not a friend.

Mrs Van Hopper walked in front of me on her high, heeled shoes.

Mrs Van Hopper sat down at her usual table and stared at everyone in the restaurant.

Mrs Van Hopper was very greedy. She ordered a large lunch for herself.

We ate in silence. The rich sauce ran down Mrs Van Hopper's chin.

Mrs Van Hopper saw him too. She put down her fork and stared at him hard

I felt sorry for de Winter already. He was Mrs Van Hopper's next victim.

I'll take my coffee in the lounge, Mrs Van Hopper told the waiter, straight away.

I went up to Mrs Van Hopper's rooms as slowly as I could.

When I came back with the letter, Mrs Van Hopper was already on the seat in the lounge.

De Winter stood up politely as I gave Mrs Van Hopper her letter.

Mr de Winter is having coffee with us: Go and ask the waiter for another cup, Mrs Van Hopper told me.

In a moment, de Winter was sitting on a small chair and I was next to Mrs Van Hopper on the long seat.

I recognized you at once, Mrs Van Hopper said.

And Mrs Van Hopper gave de Winter one of her biggest smiles.

Billy's on holiday now, Mrs Van Hopper went on.

De Winter had not answered Mrs Van Hopper's question.

I looked down at the floor and tried not to hear Mrs Van Hopper's loud voice.

Mrs Van Hopper's dressmaker was waiting for her upstairs.

Mrs Van Hopper smiled. You must have a drink with me, she said. Why not tomorrow evening? I'm having a few friends

What a strange man Max de Winter is, said Mrs Van Hopper when we were standing in the lift.

Mrs Van Hopper was soon busy with her dressmaker.

I could not go out. Some of Mrs Van Hopper's friends were coming to tea.

Mrs Van Hopper called me from her bedroom. I got up slowly, thinking about de Winter and about Manderley.

The following day, Mrs Van Hopper woke up with a sore throat and a high temperature.

I'm sure I could look after Mrs Van Hopper, I said. But the doctor said no. To my surprise, Mrs Van Hopper agreed with him.

I told him about Mrs Van Hopper's illness.

Mrs Van Hopper is not my friend, I said.

I got my things very quietly. I did not want Mrs Van Hopper to hear me.

I thought of the long hours to bedtime. I could not meet Mrs Van Hopper and answer the endless questions.

I shut the book quickly. I remembered what Mrs Van Hopper had told me about de Winter's wife.

I stood up slowly, the book in my hand. I walked unhappily to the lift and back to Mrs Van Hopper.

Mrs Van Hopper had been in bed for about ten days.

I did not reply. I could not tell Mrs Van Hopper that every morning I drove with de Winter in his car.

The afternoon with Mrs Van Hopper did not matter.

I had to play cards with Mrs Van Hopper that afternoon, but I was still happy.

When we had finished our game, Mrs Van Hopper said, Tell me, is Max de Winter still in the hotel?

Mrs Van Hopper and I were ready to leave Monte Carlo.

Mrs Van Hopper had read a letter from her daughter at breakfast.

What a strange child you are, Mrs Van Hopper said. I can't understand you. I thought you didn't like Monte Carlo.

Where would I say goodbye to him? In the lounge, with Mrs Van Hopper standing near?

Mrs Van Hopper knocked on the bathroom door. What are you doing in there? she said.

In the evening, Mrs Van Hopper's friends came to say goodbye.

We had dinner upstairs and Mrs Van Hopper went to bed early.

You haven't got a cold, have you? said Mrs Van Hopper when she saw my face.

I hate waiting around when everything is packed, Mrs Van Hopper said bad, temperedly.

Mrs Van Hopper only decided to leave yesterday. Her daughter sails for New York on Saturday and we're going with her.

I sat down at the table. So Mrs Van Hopper wants to go home, said Maxim.

I'm not joking, said Maxim. Either you go to America with Mrs Van Hopper or you come home to Manderley with me.

Am I going to tell Mrs Van Hopper or are you? said Maxim with a smile.

I had forgotten all about Mrs Van Hopper.

We came to the door of Mrs Van Hopper's rooms.

Is that you? called Mrs Van Hopper. Where have you been? What have you been doing all this time?

I wondered what Maxim was saying to Mrs Van Hopper.

He said nothing about love. I walked slowly into Mrs Van Hopper's bedroom.

Mrs Van Hopper was smiling, but there was no kindness in her smile.

Mrs Van Hopper looked at me again with the same unpleasant smile.

Mrs Van Hopper put out her cigarette. She walked slowly towards me.

We went together up the wide stone steps. Inside the open door, the servants stood in two lines.

Tea was brought to us by Frith and a younger servant.

How did you get on with Mrs Danvers? She's a strange woman in many ways. I think that some of the young servants are afraid of her.

Who could I write to? I knew nobody. Then I thought of Mrs Van Hopper, far away in New York.

I took a piece of paper and a pen. Dear Mrs Van Hopper, I began.

A servant stared at me in surprise.

I told her about Mrs Van Hopper and how surprised she had been.

At that moment, the men came out of the house. A servant brought rugs and chairs and we all sat under the great tree on the lawn.

The young servant, Robert, ran out of the hall, carrying a raincoat.

When the servants had gone, I looked at Maxim's face. The colour had come back into it. He took a sandwich.

I knew he hated any kind of trouble with the servants.

Forget it, said Maxim. But you do act strangely sometimes. More like a servant than the mistress of Manderley.

I had a bath, dressed and went downstairs. The servants had been very busy.

I hear the servants call ing you Mrs de Winter. And all the time, the real Mrs de Winter, with her smile and her lovely face is lying cold and dead in the church.

What's it to do with you? You came here and thought you could take Mrs de Winter's place. You! Why, even the servants laughed at you when you came to Manderley.

I wondered why I had been frightened of the servants before.

Frith and Robert were in the room and no one wanted to talk about the boat. At last Frith served coffee and the servants left us.

This was the start of a new day at Manderley. Soon the servants would be starting work.

I started off in life with few advantages, aside from a curious mind.

The motorists kept an impatient foot on the clutch, leaving their cars at the ready, advancing, retreating like nervous horses that can sense the whiplash about to be inflicted.

As he moved in the direction of the sitting room, despite the caution with which he advanced, running a hesitant hand along the wall and not anticipating any obstacles, he sent a vase of flowers crashing to the floor.

They motivate you and galvanize you into action. They stimulate your creativity, release your energy and help you to overcome procrastination as much as any other factor.

In that case, what about the keys, He took advantage of your confusion and distress and robbed us,

Chapter number two is entitled Plan Every Day In Advance and it begins with this quote from Alan Lakein with says

Your ability to plan well, in advance of acting, is a measure of your overall competence.

The more time you take to make written lists of everything you have to do, in advance, the more effective and efficient you will be.

Third, you should have a weekly list where you plan your entire week in advance. This is a list that is under construction as you go through the current week.

When you plan each day in advance, you find it much easier to get going and to keep going.

Begin today to plan every day, every week and every month in advance.

without any hope of advancing in his profession, exploited by the real owners of this enterprise, for it is they who take advantage of the needs of the poor.

resigned in advance to whatever capricious fortune might bring, something or nothing,

She has, like ordinary people, a profession, and, also like ordinary people, she takes advantage of any free time to indulge her body and satisfy needs, both individual and general.

So we have every reason to conclude that the girl with dark glasses, if her partner has known how to fulfill his obligation, in terms of perfect timing and technique, always pays in advance and twice as much as she later charges.

was not enough to convince the less exalted civil servant to whom, after much pleading, the telephone operator had agreed to put him through.

that the only way of getting the information to the right quarters by a safe route would be to speak to the medical director of his own hospital service, doctor to doctor, without any civil servants in the middle,

Undoubtedly, yet it is still too early to draw any conclusions, two isolated cases have no statistical relevance,

Well, yes and no. You've listed several different topics on your contents page, but I'm not sure they're all relevant

Well, I agree it's interesting, but it's not immediately relevant to your proposal, Sandra so at this stage, I suggest you focus on other considerations.

And I will tell you how to find the hidden treasure. Good afternoon. And he vanished around the corner of the plaza.

The wind began to pick up. He knew that wind: people called it the levanter, because on it the Moors had come from the Levant at the eastern end of the Mediterranean.

The levanter increased in intensity.

The levanter was still getting stronger, and he felt its force on his face.

Melchizedek, the king of Salem, sat on the wall of the fort that afternoon, and felt the levanter blowing in his face.

He looked to the skies, feeling a bit abashed, and said, I know it's the vanity of vanities, as you said, my Lord.

We have to take advantage when luck is on our side, and do as much to help it as it's doing to help us. It's called the principle of favorability. Or beginner's luck.

Some of them were rich pilgrims, traveling in caravans with servants and camels, but most of the people making the pilgrimage were poorer than I.

He had remembered that one of the crystal merchant's suppliers transported his crystal by means of caravans that crossed the desert.

Outside, a huge caravan was being prepared for a crossing of the Sahara, and was scheduled to pass through Al Fayoum.

And joining this caravan may have been my decision, but where it goes is going to be a mystery to me.

There's a caravan leaving today for Al Fayoum.

I'm the leader of the caravan, said a dark eyed, bearded man.

I'm here because a friend of mine heard of an Arab who… But the caravan began to move, and it was impossible to hear what the Englishman was saying.

The caravan moved toward the east.

When the caravan was blocked by a boulder, it had to go around it; if there was a large rocky area, they had to make a major detour.

But all this happened for one basic reason: no matter how many detours and adjustments it made, the caravan moved toward the same compass point.

The boy, too, had his book, and he had tried to read it during the first few days of the journey. But he found it much more interesting to observe the caravan and listen to the wind.

Sometimes, their caravan met with another.

At other times, mysterious, hooded men would appear; they were Bedouins who did surveillance along the caravan route.

You should pay more attention to the caravan, the boy said to the Englishman, after the camel driver had left.

Books are like caravans in that respect.

And, one day, the leader of the caravan made the decision that the fires should no longer be lighted, so as not to attract attention to the caravan.

I have watched the caravan as it crossed the desert, he said.

The caravan and the desert speak the same language, and it's for that reason that the desert allows the crossing.

It's going to test the caravan's every step to see if it's in time, and, if it is, we will make it to the oasis.

If either of us had joined this caravan based only on personal courage, but without understanding that language, this journey would have been much more difficult.

I've seen how the guides read the signs of the desert, and how the soul of the caravan speaks to the soul of the desert.

The Englishman said, I'd better pay more attention to the caravan.

They spent so much time close to the fire that gradually they gave up the vanities of the world.

He said that for the past few days he had been paying attention to how the caravan operated, but that he hadn't learned anything new.

Go back to watching the caravan, he said. That didn't teach me anything, either.

The caravan began to travel day and night.

The caravan would be very lucky to reach the oasis.

The times rush past, and so do the caravans, thought the alchemist, as he watched the hundreds of people and animals arriving at the oasis.

The alchemist saw the tribal chiefs greet the leader of the caravan, and converse with him at length.

He knew that in the caravan there was a man to whom he was to teach some of his secrets. The omens had told him so.

the travelers in the caravan were talking incessantly, laughing and shouting, as if they had emerged from the spiritual world and found themselves once again in the world of people. They were relieved and happy.

With some difficulty, the leader of the caravan brought all his people together and gave them his instructions.

Wait for the end of the war. Then leave with the caravan.

The Englishman vanished, too, gone to find the alchemist.

And the boy sat there by the well for a long time, remembering that one day in Tarifa the levanter had brought to him the perfume of that woman, and realizing that he had loved her before he even knew she existed.

When he had been at the oasis for about a month, the leader of the caravan called a meeting of all of the people traveling with him.

The vision vanished immediately, but it had shaken him.

If bad things are, and you know in advance, you will suffer greatly before they even occur.

Servants came and went with silver trays laden with spices and tea.

Other servants maintained the fires in the hookahs.

Advancing slowly, they searched among the stones.

Within that small part, he had found an Englishman, caravans, tribal wars, and an oasis with fifty thousand palm trees and three hundred wells.

In the distant land the boy came from, they called it the levanter, because they believed that it brought with it the sands of the desert, and the screams of the Moorish wars.

The monk was irritated. The caravans had been stopped at Giza for some time, waiting for the wars to end.

One afternoon, one of his servants fell ill, and it appeared that he would die.

He told the man that one of his servants was gravely ill, and the rabbi made ready to go to his house with him.

My Lord, I am not worthy that you should come under my roof. But only speak a word and my servant will be healed.

It was the levanter, the wind that came from Africa.

Perhaps there weren't really any advantages after all, because the information wasn't accurate.

More typically, the advantages are real enough, but there are also disadvantages that have been overlooked.

Reliance on a template like this offers the huge advantage of built in consistency.

But it does have some major disadvantages too.

Bonnie Anderson, who is from the state of Massachusetts, eventually took advantage of one of those programs.

One of the largest is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

These include the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

what advantages are obtained by either party are obtained by superior acumen.

When I say proficiency, I mean that perfection in the game which includes a comprehension of all the sources whence legitimate advantage may be derived.

The narrative which follows will appear to the reader somewhat in the light of a commentary upon the propositions just advanced.

Was sure that they had no servant in employ.

By undue profundity we perplex and enfeeble thought; and it is possible to make even Venus herself vanish from the firmament by a scrutiny too sustained, too concentrated, or too direct.

In some respects, he replied, your idea is not irrelevant.

The front door of the house had been left open, and the visitor had entered, without ringing, and advanced several steps upon the staircase.

The electro magnetic wire under the ocean has already telegraphed the number of the aerial caravan.

It has vanished! The Campagna lies desert.

but here and there, on the rich sites of those that time shall bring forth, the caravan sometimes descends, and departs thence again.

The servant who had to clean his boots certainly thought them a remarkably old pair for such a rich gentleman; but he had not bought any new ones yet.

when, lo! the flame of the match went out, the stove vanished, and she had only the remains of the half burnt match in her hand.

you will vanish like the warm stove, the roast goose, and the large, glorious Christmas tree.

The servant maid and the little boy went down stairs directly to look for him; but he was nowhere to be seen, although once they nearly trod upon him.

The tin soldier melted down into a lump, and the next morning, when the maid servant took the ashes out of the stove, she found him in the shape of a little tin heart.

And he gave a large sum of money to the swindlers, in advance, that they should set to work without any loss of time.

Into the tower came also the dapper man servant of the bishop; and when I, the Bell, who am made of metal,

but the King's servant, the treacherous Blake, betrayed his master.

with the bullets whistling round him; he had kicked and bitten, and taken part in the fight, when the enemy advanced;

Then came two servants in grand livery, and carried the fir tree into a large and beautiful apartment.

Some young ladies came, and the servants helped them to adorn the tree.

In the morning the servants and the housemaid came in.

then the servant dragged it out upon the staircase where the daylight shone.

And they're hungry for characters a little closer to home or relevant to their own lives.

Surely that means that the criminals always have the advantage then?