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Now from where we're standing you've got a good view of the river over there

The view is supposed to be spectacular

Did you get as far as discussing which form of data collection we should go for questionnaire or interview isn't it

It'll be so much less time consuming than organizing interviews I reckon

And if we tried to use interviews instead

Interviews that work by Wilson published in Oxford in nineteen eighty eight

both from a historical viewpoint and also in contemporary society

Well this is the summary of the views of the student population

I was sedated but my wife who was there told me that when they viewed the cells under a microscope the doctors started crying

All of the rooms have nice views and the food is really good there too Oh right

What was the most useful aspect of the project from the point of view of the English practice

Sea View Guest House 14 Hill Road

Yes and there's also an audio visual room for viewing and listening to videos cassettes and so on

And finally for those of you who would like to see stunning views of the surrounding countryside and who are a little bit more energetic

when you return from the mill take the first turning on your left and climb up to the viewpoint

Can we mail out a questionnaire or do face to face interviews or maybe even observations

Well actually it looks like we don't have a choice We have to do telephone interviews

Well we have to do two groups remember and it looks like we have to interview fifteen for each group

But why are we here Because it commands so excellent a view of that picturesque pile

The room, and the view, and the two people, seemed so calm that I did not want to disturb them

This is a place where you can sit and enjoy the wonderful views over the old commercial and banking centre of the city

Great Well, would you like me to arrange an interview for you? Say, Friday morning, around ten?

I'll start by giving you a brief overview of what it entails

although there will be spectacular views even in the foothills

It stands twelve meters high, so follow me up the stairs to where we can take advantage of the fantastic views

Well, here we are at the top of The Tower, and we're going to look at the view from each direction Out to the east

but if you look through the trees, you can see the cafe, which has lovely views across the water

that's why the park's viewing shelter is a favorite spot for bird watchers who can use it to spy through binoculars

Then we ought to give an overview of the whole education system

OK so general overview of education Of course and then the role of English language

As the master entered the house, he had a full view of us three

I decided to approach from the front, to get the best view of the house.

Oh, nothing much, said Maxim. They have been getting the rooms in the east wing ready for us. There is a lovely view of the rose, garden from there.

Think about your goals and review them daily.

while he, his head lowered so that the driver would not see his eyes through the rear view mirror, could not stop asking himself how it was possible that such a terrible tragedy should have befallen him,

Well, in that case we could sit right at the front we'd have a really good view.

I specifically wanted to do a questionnaire, and interviews with a focus group

I know questionnaires are a very controlled way to do things but I thought I could do taped interviews later on to counteract the effects of this

It was a shame as it was someone who I would like to have interviewed more closely.

And one of the first year students I interviewed wanted reassurance that no names would be traceable from the answers

The most bizarre case was a telephone interview I did with a teacher at a university in France

He didn't want any conversation at this point. What he needed to do was review all he had learned over the years, because the alchemist would certainly put him to the test.

The area was swirling in dust so intense that it hid the moon from view.

But the boy sat down and waited. Not until the moon was high did the alchemist ride into view.

It's had fantastic reviews and tickets cost just 4 pounds 50, which is a reduction on the usual price of 5 pounds 50.

Well, if you want to ask about the job and then if we're both still interested, we could arrange for you to come for an interview.

Well, we'd certainly be interested in inviting you for an interview, if you're still interested?

Well, I hope I'd So, when could you come in for an interview? We're actually quite quiet tonight?

I was invited to a special preview and I can promise you, this is the ultimate in sports retailing.

a complete review of your cardiac fitness and muscle tone, actually done in the shop by qualified staff.

Well, from the studentspoint of view, we would like to keep it.

In fact I think we should review all of the study resources as some of them are looking a bit out of date. Definitely.

Sounds nice. What are the views like?

People expect you to have problems with the process of reading and writing but, in fact, it is more a question of altering your viewpoint towards academic study.

The one minute 40 second video shows a bright object coming into view.

Streetcap1's video has been viewed more than 2.7 million times.

He also said that the video was part of the NASA's High Definition Earth Viewing experiment.

And the second is academic ability, which has really come to dominate our view of intelligence, because the universities designed the system in their image.

We need to radically rethink our view of intelligence.

I'm doing a new book at the moment called Epiphany, which is based on a series of interviews with people about how they discovered their talent.

In the video, Pizza is seen lying down in the space where she lives at Guangzhou's Grandview Aquarium.

The Grandview Aquarium turned down the offer.

In a statement to VOA, Grandview said Pizza was not bred through natural means, and left her mother at age 2.

They receive regular physical examinations, Grandview said.

She says Grandview does not provide conditions similar to a polar bear's natural habitat.

Paul Dumas, physician, deposes that he was called to view the bodies about day break.

Alexandre Etienne, surgeon, was called with M. Dumas to view the bodies. Corroborated the testimony, and the opinions of M. Dumas.

To look at a star by glances to view it in a side long way, by turning toward it the exterior portions of the retina

The lower portion of the other is hidden from view by the head of the unwieldy bedstead which is thrust close up against it.

She agrees that people can view cities as threatening places.

Next, let's hear from philosopher Julian Baggini with his view on eating the same thing every day.