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The cliff is so high that to climb it all was an obvious impossibility and it was equally impossible to make my way along the wet path without leaving some tracks

More than once as tufts of grass came out in my hand or my foot slipped in the wet notches of the rock I thought that I was gone

The rain was beating down on the windows, but Catherine stayed outside, although by now her hair and clothes were completely wet

In the morning we discovered that she had caught a fever, as a result of getting wet

Well, very soon I'll feel sorry for you, because I'll be beyond you all! Heathcliff turned towards her, his fierce eyes wet

We will go now and have a look at the nature reserve section of the park, which has opened up natural wetland to the public

Her hair was loose, and wet with snow and rain

The following night was very wet, and in the morning as I walked in the garden, I noticed that the bedroom window was wide open

He must be very wet if he's in bed, I thought, the bed is so close to the window

His eyes were staring at me, so eagerly and fiercely, and he seemed to be smiling! His face and clothes were wet from the rain, and he did not move

Not until the fire was almost out did he wake up, swearing to find himself so wet.

When it was fine the host and his guests went riding, visited places of interest, and walked in the gardens, and when it was wet they played games indoors.

Suddenly rain poured down, and although we hurried back to the house, we were quite wet when we arrived in the hall.

I dropped on to the wet doorstep, worn out and hopeless, prepared to die.

In his excitement he found it difficult to speak. His face was still wet from crying.

One wet August day Mr Lorry sat at his desk in the bank, talking to Charles Darnay.

That night I cried. My pillow was wet with tears.

I began to climb up the wet rocks. Come back, Maxim said sharply, we don't want to go that way.

The weather was wet and cold for over a week.

I suddenly felt very hot. My head ached and my hands were wet.

because our children said they didn't want our quests to have a miserable wet visit.

The cafes are all deserted, the streets are wet again,

and the paper became soft and loose with the wet, till at last the water closed over the soldier's head.

Oh, open the door! I am so cold and wet through, called a little child outside.

and the colours of the pretty arrows had run into one another by getting wet.

Upon that I fell; and immediately the sack was opened, and the loveliest maiden, with snow white garments and a green wreath upon her wet hair, took me by the hand, and said, Are you come, Little Claus?

and a great deal of mud, so she threw the loaf into the mud, and trod upon it, that she might pass without wetting her feet.

Yonder it is cold and wet. The rats are eating her up alive! Nobody knows of it! Nobody hears of it!

What delicious moisture! It is as pleasant as lying in a wet ditch.