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Well I like the sound of the holiday that mentioned whales Was it Whale Watching

Oh that's our Whale Watch Experience

I have to say though that the whale sighting is only one of the many things offered

Oh there are lots of things If you don't want to do the whale watch cruise

No I think I'd prefer whales to snakes

Fine So I'll make a provisional booking shall I two for the Whale Watch Experience

Well, with some of you about to go out on field work it's timely that in this afternoon's session I'll be sharing some ideas about the reasons why groups of whales and dolphins sometimes swim ashore from the sea right onto the beach and, most often, die in what are known as mass strandings.

For instance, a type of worm is commonly found in the ears of dead whales.

The whale ingests these toxins in its normal feeding behaviour but whether these poisons directly or indirectly lead to stranding and death, seems to depend upon the toxin involved.

In 1988, for example, fourteen humpback whales examined after stranding along the beaches of Cape Cod were found to have been poisoned after eating tuna that contained saxitoxin, the same toxin that can be fatal in humans.

In 1995 David Thurston monitored pilot whales that beached after following squid ashore.

One of these, a mass stranding of whales in 2000 in the Bahamas coincided closely with experiments using a new submarine detection system.

This is a particularly interesting theory since the whales that are thought to be most social the toothed whales are the group that strand the most frequently.