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coal and firewood all made this site suitable for industry from a very early time

And of course running along the bottom is Woodside Road got it

It's really hard to believe that what you've been watching is lifeless wood and cloth

this is especially important for wooden cots

Welcome everybody to the lovely house and gardens of Rosewood

Moving to Rosewood allowed the family to start a new life

George regarded Rosewood as a pure example of a traditional country house of this part of England

and the wooden structures inside came from oak trees which grow around here

and then continue along the River Walk through the woodland

The body of the plough would have been of wood and could have been drawn by poeple

This could have been an imitation of earlier vessels which were made of leather sewn onto wood

He had been engaged to Miss Edith Woodley of Carstairs but the engagement had been broken off by mutual consent some months before and there was no sign that it had left any very profound feeling behind it

Here he turned swiftly down a narrow passage passed through a wooden gate into a deserted yard and then opened with a key the back door of a house

His small sister about two years younger pointed a piece of wood

A narrow shelf went round the wall stopping only at the door and at the end opposite the door there was a toilet with no wooden seat

He does not like people either My name is Lockwood, I said, when I met him at the gate to his house

Joseph, take Mr Lockwood's horse! he called

Come, come, Mr Lockwood

Wrong again, Mr Lockwood, said Mr Heathcliff

He did not seem to recognize me It's only your guest, Lockwood, I said

To the devil with you, Mr Lockwood! growled my landlord

Mr Lockwood he said finally, brushing a tear from his eye, you can go into my bedroom to sleep for the rest of the night

It's very late, Mr Lockwood

That's the young lady you saw at Wuthering Heights, Mr Lockwood

Come back as a ghost? drive me mad? I don't care! Oh, God! I can't bear it! I cannot live without you, my soul! He howled like a wild animal, and hit his forehead several times against a tree, until the wood was covered in blood

although recently there has been a trend to move into weaving blankets and wood carving

It's strange, Mr Lockwood, to compare Hindley and Edgar

Well, Mr Lockwood, all this happened only about a year ago

He died in perfect peace, Mr Lockwood

So, Mr Lockwood, you've got tired of the moors already, have you? Well, have your lunch with Hareton and me, anyway

Oh, Mr Lockwood, welcome back! she cried

You see, Mr Lockwood, it was easy enough to win Cathy's heart

I feel they're almost my children, Mr Lockwood, and I'm very proud of them

You'll pass the churchyard, Mr Lockwood, on your way back to the Grange, and you'll see the three gravestones close to the moor

If you accept her at Lowood school, please make sure that the headmistress and teachers know how dishonest she is.

Life at Lowood will do her good. We believe in hard work, plain food, simple clothes and no luxury of any kind.

I discovered that she was Miss Temple, the headmistress of Lowood school. She looked at me carefully.

It's called Lowood school. It's a charity school. We're all charity children, you see.

That was my first day at Lowood.

Do you want to leave Lowood?

It was difficult for me to get used to the school rules at Lowood, and to the hard physical conditions.

One afternoon, when I had been at Lowood for three weeks, a visitor arrived.

I remembered only too well Mrs. Reed's description of my character, and the promise he had given her to warn teachers at Lowood about my wickedness.

I had wanted so much to make friends at Lowood, to be good, to deserve praise.

Life at Lowood no longer seemed so hard, as spring approached.

Gradually the typhus fever left Lowood, but the number of deaths made the public aware of the poor conditions in which the pupils lived.

I realized I had never known any other world apart from Lowood or Gateshead.

When I received an answer from a Mrs. Fairfax, who wanted a governess for a girl under ten years old, I accepted, with the permission of the new headmistress of Lowood.

Luckily I had learnt French very well at Lowood, and had no difficulty in communicating with young Adele, a pretty, cheerful child.

I was at Lowood school, sir, for eight years.

Miss Eyre, continued Mr. Rochester, how old were you when you started at Lowood?

Don't be afraid of me, Miss Eyre. You don't relax or laugh very much, perhaps because of the effect Lowood school has had on you.

I was glad to send her to Lowood.

I hated you so much that I wrote back to him, telling him you had died of typhus fever at Lowood.

It was the middle of summer, and every day the sun shone on the green fields, the white, baked roads, and the cool, dark woods.

I told them only that, after attending Lowood school, I became a governess in a wealthy family, where an unfortunate event, not in any way my fault, caused me to run away.

but she stayed there ten years, until she went to Lowood school, where you were yourself.

She became a teacher at Lowood, as you did, and then became a governess in the house of a certain Mr. Rochester.

Ferndean Manor was a large old house in the middle of a wood.

And then I heard an echo sent back by hills, but there's no echo here, in the middle of the wood.

Strangely, she was no longer in the long room with the little door, but outside in a wood.

Then it moved away into the wood.

A minute later her head was as high as the tallest tree in the wood, and she was looking at a sea of green leaves.

She began to walk through the wood, and after a while she came to a little house.

She took it outside into the wood and walked around under the trees.

Alice put it carefully on the ground, and it ran quietly away on its four legs into the wood.

Alice decided to leave and walked away into the wood.

We're hoping to give some meat and drink, and wood for a fire, to people who need all these things.

Poor Tiny Tim! He had not walked since he was born, and although he could pull himself and his thin little legs along with the help of a wooden crutch, he was not strong enough to travel far alone.

Put more wood on the fire at once, Bob Cratchit, and let's be comfortable!

A thin, white haired man was sitting on a wooden seat.

He told me about the gardens and the flowers in the woods. He told me about the sea.

The rose, garden lay below me. Beyond the rose, garden, the smooth grass stretched to the woods.

We set off together across the lawns to the woods. Jasper ran on in front.

We climbed the grass bank above the lawns and walked down into the woods.

We came to a clearing in the woods. There were two paths, going in opposite directions.

The woods came right down to the shore.

At the edge of the woods was a low stone building, a cottage or a boat, house.

The grass round the little house had grown very long. The windows had pieces of wood over them.

He was walking very fast now. He went up past the cottage and on to a path through the woods.

Then I called Jasper and we went together into the woods.

I went up towards the wood. Jasper followed me. When I looked back, Ben had gone.

I called Jasper and we went for a walk through the woods. But I did not go near the sea.

I could not see the woods. It was very hot, but the sun was hidden behind the wall of fog.

I went out on to the terrace. The fog was beginning to clear and I could see the woods again.

Nothing else mattered if Maxim was safe. I began to walk along the path through the woods.

I did not know what Ben meant. I left him and walked towards the path through the woods.

I made some holes in the wooden planks with a metal spike. I opened the sea cocks and the sea water flowed in.

Maxim and I stayed quietly in the house or in the gardens. We did not walk in the woods or go down to the sea.

Then, in my dream, I was alone in the woods near Manderley. I wanted to get to the Happy Valley, but I could not find it.

The gardens had gone and the dark woods came up to the walls , of the house.

All that day he kept his fire alive with leaves and pieces of wood.

Mowgli held a long piece of wood in the fire and the end began to burn brightly.

Bamboo is very strong. It can be used in most of the same ways as wood.

Many kinds of bamboo are actually harder than wood.

That means that there is more need for materials like wood.

It was a strange furnace, fueled by firewood, with a transparent flask heating on top.

West Hollywood.

A movie theater? Sure. There's one on First Street. It's called Hollywood Theater.

And finally, there's a wooded area in the western section of the park between two paths.

For example, the floors are made of reclaimed wood.

A heavy club of wood, or a broad bar of iron a chair any large, heavy, and obtuse weapon would have produced such results, if wielded by the hands of a very powerful man.

Here is a billet of wood, the circumference of which is about that of the throat.

How he did gnash his teeth and cry out to the bits of wood and straw, Stop him, stop him; he has not paid toll, and has not shown his pass.

It was just as wild there as in the deepest wood, and here sat a Duck upon her nest;

Early in the morning a peasant came by, and when he saw what had happened, he took his wooden shoe, broke the ice crust to pieces, and carried the Duckling home to his wife.

she was so poor, and in winter wear very large wooden shoes, which made her little insteps quite red, and that looked so dangerous!

She danced, and was forced to dance straight out into the gloomy wood.

but the shoes danced away with the little feet across the field into the deep wood.

And he carved out little wooden feet for her, and crutches, taught her the psalm criminals always sing;

A maiden of this kind is made altogether of wood, broad below, and girt round with iron rings.

As he was kissing the flower a very little leaf fell from it and sunk down into the soft earth in the middle of a wood.

Then the king, in his melancholy, wandered out to the spot in the wood.

and the green hills and meadows of home, with its ruddy woods, lay spread around him in the quiet sunshine of a lovely autumn day.

He had a very long way to go, and was obliged to pass through a great dark wood, and the weather became dreadfully bad.

The wooden shutters did not cover the windows at the top, and he could look straight into the room.

On the other side of the wood was a great deep river.

And so they trundled through the wood.

There was a little flower garden with painted wooden palings in front of it;

Inge's mother was sitting on a stone to rest, with a fagot of sticks lying before her, which she had picked up in the wood.

a poorly clad woman, who picked up wood in the forest.

This he would place over his head, and fancy that he was in the beech wood while the sun shone, and the birds carolled gayly.

which washes the gardens round about the town, and flows on under the wooden bridges from the dam to the water mill.

The young man took it out as he walked through the dark wood alone, and kissed the flower so often and so violently, that the little elf was almost crushed.

As soon as night came on, she slipped out of the house, and went into the wood, to the spot where the linden tree stood;

she took the head and a little sprig of jasmine that bloomed in the wood, near the spot where he was buried, and carried them home with her.

Here the beetle was put into an old broken wooden shoe,

Look, yonder is an old wooden shoe sailing along, said one of the younger girls.

Within the little garret lived a poor woman, who went out to clean stoves, chop wood into small pieces and perform such like hard work, for she was strong and industrious.

In the autumn, as usual, the wood cutters came and cut down several of the tallest trees,

I know nothing of that place, said the fir tree, but I know the wood where the sun shines and the birds sing.