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Returning to France I spent some months in a research into the coaltar derivatives which I conducted in a laboratory at Montpellier in the south of France

You may think that I read the papers with some attention during my sojourn in France on the lookout for any chance of laying him by the heels

My pupil was a girl called Adele, seven or eight years old, who was born in France and could hardly speak English.

Next day I shot him in the arm during our fight, thought that was the end of the whole thing, and left France.

We'll live happily and innocently together in a little white house I have in the south of France.

I allowed myself to imagine again the life I could have had with him in his little white house in the south of France.

In France there was a King and a Queen, and in England there was a King and a Queen.

But in France things were bad, and getting worse.

He had carried her in his arms when he came from Calais to Dover, from France to England, many years ago.

Many years ago I brought you from France to England, and Tellson's Bank has taken care of you since then.

You are right, said Defarge. And there are many other reasons why Dr Manette should leave France now.

He travels from England to France and tells the French King secret information about our English army.

She said that she had met the prisoner on the boat which had carried her and her father from France to England.

He had waited for hours at the palace of the King of France, but the King had not spoken to him.

The name of our family is hated everywhere in France.

Twelve months after the death of the Marquis in France, Charles Darnay had become a successful teacher of French in London.

The death of his uncle in France had become, over the twelve months, like a dream to him, but he had said nothing to Lucie of his feelings, nor of what had happened.

He talked about the day, so long ago, when he had brought Lucie, as a baby in his arms, from France to England.

It takes time to prepare for change. The crimes against the people of France cannot be revenged in a day.

If it is, I hope that Miss Manette keeps her husband away from France.

The troubles in France continued.

The citizens of France had fought to win power, and now they used it.

In Paris the King was put in prison, and in 1792 the people of France sent him to the Guillotine as well.

And Tellson's Bank, which the French emigrants used, had become a meetingplace where they could hear and talk about the latest news from France.

But at this moment Charles Darnay was trying very hard to persuade his old friend Mr Lorry not to go to France.

I feel sorry for the people in France, and perhaps I could help them.

You talk about your lovely wife at the same time as you talk about going to France. You must not go. Your life is here, with your family.

Well, I'm not going to France. But you are, and I'm worried about you.

Monsieur, once the Marquis I am in prison, and I may lose my life, because I worked for a landowner who has left France.

He told them where he had gone and why, and he promised that he would write to them from France.

When he arrived in France, Darnay found that he could travel only very, very slowly towards Paris.

And it was all done in the name of freedom the new Freedom of France.

On his third night in France he was woken by an official and three other men with guns.

He was able to see Darnay regularly, but noblemen and emigrants were hated by the citizens of new France, and the Doctor could not set Darnay free.

Charles Evremonde, you are an emigrant. All emigrants must die. That is the new law of France. Kill him! shouted the people.

I have never wanted or used the name of Marquis, and I did not want to live by the work of the poor people of France.

A shadow of fear and hate lay over France, and no one knew what dangers the next day would bring.

And in France, before he became a prison guard for the citizensrevolution, he had been a spy for the King's officers.

Nothing can be more important to a good citizen than the freedom of France.

I did not look at Maxim during lunch. We talked about the weather and Colonel Julyan asked me about my life in France.

In 1886, France gave the United States a huge statue.

One hundred years earlier, France had helped America in its war for freedom from Britain.

He would later build the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Engines came from countries like France, Germany, and Japan.

The leaders of Germany, France and Italy have said there will be no talks on Britain's future relationship with the EU until the government in London triggers the formal legal mechanism to leave.

Makkonen admires countries like France and Denmark.

The word affairehas not yet, in France, that levity of import which it conveys with us,

Then the journey is continued through the tunnel under the English Channel, to France, the land of Charlemagne and Napoleon.

We were thoroughly beaten by our closest neighbour, France.

So France has had some of the lowest obesity rates among western countries, French women especially.

And alcohol in France, at least until now, has been consumed it's much more healthy patterns, and in the UK there has been a lot more binge drinking.

So, France has low obesity, which is a state of being very overweight, compared to the UK's high obesity.

And France drinks alcohol much more moderately than the UK, which tends to binge.