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Excuse me Dr Johnson May I speak to you for a minute

It may therefore be difficult to fit trees into the local landscape

Besides help with academic problems you may also need personal counseling

You'll have to start adjusting to teaching and learning methods that may be unfamiliar to you

you may have left a lot of what you might call unfinished business back in your own country

or you may have interrupted personal relationships or even sometimes have broken them out to come overseas

Or there may be other things bothering you

There may be a huge amount of family pressure on you to succeed

You may also be out your food or you may have dietary problems because

The employees may be involved but they're acting in the first place for the company

they may not even realize they're committing a crime or they may realize but they feel it's excusable because it's policy

or because otherwise they may lose their jobs

So when we look at the effects of corporate crime we may find it's very difficult to assess the costs

many millions of people may be paying a small amount extra for their carton of orange juice

Now small amounts like this may seem insignificant for individual customers

but of events which may affect the lives of innocent people and yet very often companies

And finally as it's summer you may wish to see some of the Festival performances that are being presented outdoors

We appreciate that some of our ideas may not be feasible in the circumstances

You may also be out your food or you may have dietary problems because

they may therefore have to pay for nursing care because they don't have a spouse to look after them

If no one else has booked the computer out then you may be able to have another hour if you want

But Pedal Power still needs your help You may have read about some of our recent problems in the British media

You may be familiar with coffee processed by freeze drying which preserves the quality of the food

since these may have profound effects on world sea levels and on ocean currents

to you individually that a number of you may be looking for some experience in industry after the course is that all our science

that's it OK and dates when did we start I remember my birthday's on May 4th and it was the day after it must have been May 5th

If you have any information that may be useful please let David know so that it can be included in these newsletters

Some of you may be interested to know that the library is offering specialised training sessions on writing a dissertation

I expect by this time you may also be in need of a rest and some refreshment

Now my dear fellow in the matter of these explanations we have if I may ask for your cooperation a hard and dangerous night's work in front of us

You may have read of the remarkable explorations of a Norwegian named Sigerson but I am sure that it never occurred to you that you were receiving news of your friend

She works it from the front so that her shadow may never be seen

You may or may not have just cause for arresting me said he but at least there can be no reason why I should submit to the gibes of this person

And now Watson if you can endure the draught from a broken window I think that half an hour in my study over a cigar may afford you some profitable amusement

You may have some recollection of the death of Mrs Stewart of Lauder in 1887

You may think that I read the papers with some attention during my sojourn in France on the lookout for any chance of laying him by the heels

You have not made it clear what was Colonel Moran's motive in murdering the Honourable Ronald Adair Ah my dear Watson there we come into those realms of conjecture where the most logical mind may be at fault

Each may form his own hypothesis upon the present evidence and yours is as likely to be correct as mine

Meanwhile come what may Colonel Moran will trouble us no more

You may have to wait

They had taken the room because during the month of May they had made love only one more time

We may be together for another six months a year

It may be death by fire or by water or fifty other deaths

You may welcome Miss Catherine home, like the other servants

Your welcome may change my plans

You may visit her this afternoon, Ellen, if you like

How may I help you?

This may include singing or dancing, mime or other activities

Yes, that may be true but I think one of the most important tasks of managers is to consider the needs of the individual on one hand

In fact, for some organizations creativity and individuality may be the last thing they want to see during working hours!

And at times like these managers may have to give priority to profit rather than individual staff needs

It may be disrespectful to the people of that culture, and certainly don't make fires, however romantic it may seem

There are many different ways of getting round the city and we'd like to suggest some you may not have thought of

She may be beautiful, I thought, but she's not very polite

And if you are angry and rude, Mrs Reed may send you away, added Bessie

It may have been from a lamp outside, but in my nervous state I did not think of that

I think I may have some, who are very poor, but I know nothing about them, I answered.

At the door, my judge turned and said, She must stand half an hour longer on that chair, and nobody may speak to her for the rest of the day.

and by May more than half the girls were seriously ill with typhus fever.

It may be Grace Poole, she answered calmly.

He may seem like that to a stranger. I'm so used to him that I never notice it. And he has had family troubles, you know.

Pleasure may taste bitter, sir.

but one day you'll come to a point in life's stream where the wild force of the waves may destroy you, where the noisy rushing water may drown you!

She may be, although I doubt it.

Mr. Rochester is always very popular with the ladies at these parties, so he may not come back for a week or so.

Well, tonight you may leave early, but I want to see you with my guests every evening.

I may not be able to agree to this particular request.

All right, I shall have to confess although you may be angry with me, Jane as angry as you were last night, when you told me we were equal.

That may prove I've been married, but it doesn't prove that she's still alive.

but remember I am only a poor country vicar, and can't offer you a job with a high salary, so you may not wish to accept it.

She may be very disappointed if you don't marry her.

What can you mean? It may mean nothing to you.

But he may not want to see you, warned Mary, as we sat together in the kitchen.

It's the month of May now, she said to herself, so perhaps the Hare won't be as mad as he was in March.

Are these the shadows of the things that will be, or are they only shadows of the things that may be?

Those were only shadows of things that may be!

But we may not live to see the end.

Monsieur, once the Marquis I am in prison, and I may lose my life, because I worked for a landowner who has left France.

I saw you come out of the Conciergerie today. I followed you, said Carton, and I found out what you do. And I've decided that you may be able to help me. Come with me to the office of Mr Lorry.

Before I go, said Sydney Carton, may I kiss her?

Here are your papers, Jarvis Lorry. You may go.

But I'm afraid that my husband may warn them and let them escape, Madame Defarge went on, and I must do something myself.

On the front page there was some writing hard, clear writing in black ink Max from Rebecca, 17th May.

We came to Manderley early in May.

She may be rather strange at first, but don't worry about that. She will soon get used to you.

She may not like me at first, of course.

She frightens me a little, I said. She may try to make things unpleasant for you, Beatrice went on.

I must get him, I said. He may be hurt.

Maxim may be some time, Frank told me. They may have to go over the evidence again.

Will you be all right now? Frank asked me. I shall go back. Maxim may want me.

Favell laughed. You know Rebecca didn't kill herself. I've a note here that may interest you. I kept it because it was the last thing Rebecca ever wrote to me.

There you are! What did I tell you? Favell shouted. ·Be quiet, will you. Let Mrs Danvers read the note. She may understand it, Colonel Julyan said.

We have come about the death of the late Mrs de Winter. You may have read the report in the papers.

Shall I send you my report? Dr Baker asked. We may not need it, said Colonel Julyan. We'll write to you if we do. Thank you very much.

I don't think the papers will bother you any more. There may be some talk; but I'll make sure that people hear about Dr Baker. Thank you very much, Maxim said.

Depending upon your level of knowledge and experience, these ideas may sound familiar.

You may have heard of the Six P Formula for time management. It says, Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Second, you should have a monthly list that you make up the end of the month for the month ahead. This may contain items transferred from your master list.

Ignoring her, the blind man asked, May I remove my chin, doctor, Of course, forgive me,

Only out of caution, only because I do not want to build up hopes that may turn out to be unjustified, I understand, That's the situation,

however difficult it may be to speak, with any accuracy, of normal vision.

Although it may be evident just how much cloud there is in Juno, it is not entirely licit, to insist on confusing with a Greek goddess what is no more than an ordinary concentration of drops of water hovering in the atmosphere.

Here is an interesting discovery. Each of these tasks may take the same amount of time to accomplish. But one or two of these tasks will contribute five or ten times the value of any of the others.

this idea, on the other hand, and however paradoxical it may seem, was somewhat reassuring, considering that her husband only stole cars,

that is why he is professionally trained at medical school, and if this doctor here, apart from having declared himself blind, openly admits that he has been infected, who is his wife to doubt him, however much she may know about medicine.

that is what we say when we do not wish to play the weakling, we say Fine, even though we may be dying,

The Statue of Liberty may be one of the biggest presents in history!

She may never win a race, but she has already set a record.

Bamboo may also be one of the most important plants of the future.

Do you ever feel tired during school? You may not be the only one.

However, some scientists say that human actions may be part of the reason.

Some experts believe that Venice may sink over twenty centimeters in the next fifty years.

They may not be able to survive in the wild.

Good morning. Total Insurance. Judy speaking, how may I help you?

And the focus group may also prove useful in future, by targeting subjects I can easily return to, as the participants tend to be more involved

The solution may well be something that can be easily implemented by those responsible in local government, with centralgovernment support of course

A shepherd may like to travel, but he should never forget about his sheep.

And joining this caravan may have been my decision, but where it goes is going to be a mystery to me.

The oasis may not shelter armies or troops.

The battles may last for a long time, perhaps even years.

Some do come back. And then the other women are happy because they believe that their men may one day return, as well.

The boy made ready to leave, but the old man spoke again: Tomorrow, we are going to break the agreement that says that no one at the oasis may carry arms.

You're the one who may die, the alchemist said.

Some may be difficult to describe learned on the job and well known by workers perhaps, but impossible to describe in a way that's helpful.

This sea creature would have been a totally unfamiliar sight in the inland regions where the image is found and may have been the inspiration behind the early paintings.

I'd like to find out a few more details, if I may.

In fact, and it's possible that in future the house may even generate an electricity surplus, and that the owners will be able to sell some to the national grid.

Shore Lane are hoping to do this soon I think they may start with acupuncture.

Now, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have

In May, the news media began reporting that a foreign government may have illegally entered the FDIC's computer systems.

In today's market, those sacrifices may be necessary.

Lawmakers suspended Rousseff in May over accusations of hiding budget deficits before her reelection in 2014.

He may be one of the few people who can say, I don't know who I work for.

I never knew love could be the sunlight in your eyes, On a day that you may not have seen,

And I know that I was dreaming, of a time that may come,

So the government is interested in supporting technology companies, hoping they may be able to fuel the economy.

And our task is to educate their whole being, so they can face this future. By the way we may not see this future, but they will.

Where worlds collide and days are dark You may have my number, you can take my name

Doing so, may give a business leader an incentive to make decisions that increase profits for a short period of time.

Those same decisions may harm the company over the long term.

They argued that people may become careless if insurance companies fully replaced things that are damaged in an accident, such as cars.

the sole methods (sometime indeed absurdly simple ones) by which he may seduce into error or hurry into miscalculation.

The best chess player in Christendom may be little more than the best player of chess;

When I say proficiency, I mean that perfection in the game which includes a comprehension of all the sources whence legitimate advantage may be derived.

The man who ran up against you as we entered the street it may have been fifteen minutes ago.

I will explain, he said, and that you may comprehend all clearly, we will first retrace the course of your meditations,

It is true that he may not arrive; but the probability is that he will.

I know not, continued Dupin, what impression I may have made, so far, upon your own understanding;

This may be the practice in law, but it is not the usage of reason.

This idea, however simple it may now seem, escaped the police for the same reason that the breadth of the shutters escaped them

The Ourang Outang may have escaped from him.

He may have traced it to the chamber; but, under the agitating circumstances which ensued, he could never have re captured it.

I am not sure to what limit his knowledge may extend.

He is a fierce dog, you may be sure; but you needn't be afraid, for all that.

no one but the king may go in and out there, for it has been prophesied that she shall marry a common soldier, and the King can't bear that.

Help me now, so that I may not be hanged, said the Soldier.

and the pea was put in the museum, where it may still be seen, if no one has stolen it.

You may be sure it is a turkey's egg.

but keep close to me, so that no one may tread on you, and take care of the cats!

yes, I may even say it, swims better.

Make yourself at home; and if you find an eel's head, you may bring it to me.

Did you not get into a warm room, and have you not fallen into company from which you may learn something?

You may believe me, I speak for your good.

I tell you disagreeable things, and by that one may always know one's true friends!

that we may assist your Majesty in putting on the new suit before the large looking glass?

till thy skin shrivels up and thou art a skeleton! Dance shalt thou from door to door, and where proud, vain children dwell, thou shalt knock, that they may hear thee and tremble! Dance shalt thou !

Now I have suffered enough for the red shoes! said she; now I will go into the church that people may see me!

I may be able to get leave to stop here through the night, thought Little Claus; and he went and knocked.

What does he say? He says you may go and open the chest that stands in the corner, and you will see the demon crouching in it ;

One cannot know, perhaps he may be there still.

I must make haste and throw him into the river, that he may be drowned.

Heaven save us! cried the apothecary, you're raving! Don't say such things, or you may lose your head.

Thanks! said Great Claus; but if I don't get any sea cattle when I am down there, I shall beat you, you may be sure!

Perhaps I may, for we know not what may happen in the future.

Then he gathers a large handful of flowers, which he carries up to the Almighty, that they may bloom more brightly in heaven than they do on earth.

Poor rose bush! said the child, let us take it with us to heaven, that it may bloom above in God's garden.

That's as it may be, said the Fingers; and they grasped her round the body.

she lay there at full length, and there she may lie.

Now I may sing it out aloud, though at other times I may not whisper it.

I may sing of everything that is kept concealed behind lock and bars.

That you may not think this is only a dream that I have told you, he said, you will find on your bed a withered leaf.

Our dear son has engaged himself, said one mother, dear innocent boy; his greatest ambition is that he may one day creep into a clergyman's ear.

We live here, they said, and we are very comfortable. May we ask you to step down into this rich mud, you must be fatigued after your journey.

Ah! well, he thought, who knows? perhaps I may fall down too, and marry a princess;

The more he talked the more he remembered, and then he thought to himself, Those were happy days, but they may come again.

Humpty Dumpty fell down stairs, and yet he married the princess; perhaps I may marry a princess too.

There was once a butterfly who wished for a bride, and, as may be supposed, he wanted to choose a very pretty one from among the flowers.

I am old, and you are old, but we may live for each other just the same; as to marrying no; don't let us appear ridiculous at our age.

You may have nosey neighbours. And a nosey person shows too much interest in other people's business.

A reconstructive process? Yes. We reconstruct or rebuild memories, and during this process, they may be distorted or changed for different reasons.

dogs are perfect for situations where people may be buried under the earth or the snow.

So attention switching ability may well have developed in recent years, in the age of the smartphone and the internet.

Instead, we may actually be better at switching our attention quickly between different tasks.

If you're looking for distractions may I recommend our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages? Goodbye for now Goodbye.

All that's left at this point is a brittle skeleton and any artificial implants that they may have had in their body and they come out almost as good as new.

So they may have a kind of inoculation against the possibility of depression.

But it may be fine. I expect it will be fine, said Mrs Ramsay, making some little twist of the reddish brown stocking she was knitting, impatiently.

You may find something to make you chuckle or guffaw there. Bye!

And I thought that was a great example of how someone from another culture may misperceive or misunderstand

We're talking about hair which may be exciting for some, but definitely won't be scary.

So we may even be able to learn from hair follicles how not to age.

The important thing here is that these cells in the hair follicle may help scientists discover a way to stop other organs of the body aging

So some advertisers may have suggested, for example, that tap water was unsafe to drink

The study was based on a sample of 1163 people questioned between May and June in 2017.

Well, I hope they were happy when they made those purchases or they may feel the pang of regret I'm scared I might get after today's discussion!

You may have heard about the most popular crypto currency at the moment, the Bitcoin.

Well, I think 2004 may have been a little early, and I think 2013 could be a little late, so the smart money's on 2009.