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This note was a promise that all men yes black men as well as white men would be guaranteed the "unalienable Rights" of Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

I have a dream that one day down in Alabama with its vicious racists with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of "interposition" and "nullification" one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers I have a dream today

we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children black men and white men Jews and Gentiles Protestants and Catholics will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual

Of course 5p a sheet for both A4 and A3 black and white copies and 40p a sheet for color

The shadow of a man who was seated in a chair within was thrown in hard black outline upon the luminous screen of the window

The face was turned halfround and the effect was that of one of those black silhouettes which our grandparents loved to frame

All was still and dark save only that brilliant yellow screen in front of us with the black figure outlined upon its centre

I heard a little sigh of satisfaction as he cuddled the butt into his shoulder and saw that amazing target the black man on the yellow ground standing clear at the end of his foresight

It showed an enormous face more than a metre wide the face of a handsome man of about forty five with a large black moustache

The face with the black moustache looked down from every corner

There were guards with guns in black uniforms even in the streets half a kilometre away

Once when he had seen her in the canteen she had looked at him in a way that filled him with black terror

Suddenly he noticed someone else sitting near the girl wearing the black overalls of an Inner Party member

But at the same moment the soldier became the face of Big Brother black haired moustached filling the telescreen

There was also some bread a small piece of cheese and a cup of sugarless black coffee

A man in a black suit ran past Winston and pointed at the sky

And although O'Brien had invited him he was still afraid of the black uniformed guards in this enormous building with its strange smells of good food and tobacco

O'Brien started walking up and down one hand in the pocket of his black overalls the other holding a cigarette

Enemies say that black is white they tell lies

But Party members say that black is white because the Party tells them to and because they believe it

One moment he felt certain that it was bright day outside and the next moment he was equally certain that it was black night

A young officer black uniformed with an emotionless face stepped into the cell

Five or six men in black uniforms had hit him with sticks or iron bars kicked him with their boots

There was a time when everything was black and then he was in this room lying on this bed unable to move

Behind him were the officer with the emotionless face and the black uniformed guards

His name is Harry Black, and he is a thief

Janey puts the old newspapers into a black recycling box

Is Harry Black the thief? The men from the recycling truck are angry

They were very disappointed to see only a dirty, black haired gipsy child

This girl is wearing black, and Mr Earnshaw died recently

His face and hands were black with dirt

How funny and black and cross you look! But that's because I'm used to Edgar and Isabella, who are always so clean and tidy

You're too proud, I scolded him as I brushed his black hair

Although I recognized the same black fire in his eyes, the farm boy had become a gentleman

You can watch a variety of water birds, but most visitors expect to see black swans when they come to the shelter

His fierce black eyes followed it with such eager interest that he sometimes stopped breathing for as much as half a minute

I combed his long, black hair from his forehead

When I nervously entered the breakfast room I looked up at a black column!

He was a tall, thin man dressed all in black, with a cold, stony face at the top of the column.

There, next to Miss Temple, stood the same black column which had frowned on me in the breakfast room at Gateshead.

You see this girl? began the black marble column.

She was a little old lady, dressed in black, who seemed glad to have someone else to talk to, apart from the servants.

We went through many large, impressive rooms, finally reaching the top floor, where there was a narrow corridor with several small black doors, all shut.

You must be hesitated, looking at my plain black dress.

She was eighteen then, a lovely girl, with beautiful skin, long curling black hair, and fine black eyes which shone as brightly as her jewels.

In front rode Mr. Rochester on his black horse, and with him rode a beautiful lady, her black curls streaming in the wind.

Her hair still looked black, by candle light at least, and her teeth still seemed perfect.

She played the piano excellently, she sang sweetly, she discussed intelligently, and all the time her flashing eyes, rich black curls and fine figure attracted glances from every gentleman in the room.

She was sitting in an armchair in the library, murmuring words over a little black book.

Her large black hat covered most of her face, but when she lifted her head, I saw her dark eyes.

The old woman laughed and started smoking a short black pipe.

We went quietly up to the top floor, where he unlocked one of the small black doors.

As I looked out of the window into the black emptiness, I wondered about the great mystery of death,

I've got it written down. It's always better to have facts in black and white.

He looked as strong as before and his hair was still black, but in his face I saw a bitter, desperate look, that I had never seen there before.

Now he can see a little, and when our first child was born and put into his arms, he was able to see that the boy had inherited his fine large black eyes.

There were two or three bad apples and some old black bananas: that was all.

He had an enormous black hat on his head, like a big box.

He wore a long black coat, too.

Come and see this, boys! A fat lady in a black coat! And look at that enormous hat!

Scrooge suddenly remembered the words of Jacob Marley's ghost, and, lifting his eyes, saw a spirit, all in black, coming slowly towards him.

It was a tall, silent figure, wearing a long black robe which hid its head and body.

He felt the unseen eyes staring fixedly at him behind the black robe.

He's about forty years old, quite tall, black hair, thin face, said Defarge.

Good day, Monsieur, said Madame Defarge, but to herself she said, About forty years old, tall, black hair, thin face. Yes, I know who you are, Mr John Barsad.

On the front page there was some writing hard, clear writing in black ink Max from Rebecca, 17th May.

The name Rebecca stood out black and strong.

A tall, thin woman dressed in black came towards us.

Then another figure, dressed in black, closed the shutter.

Listen. Favell took a piece of paper from his pocket. I recognized Rebecca's hard, black writing.

I started to dream. I saw the staircase at Manderley and Mrs Danvers standing there in her long, black dress.

There was no moon and the sky above our heads was black.

It was Bagheera the panther, black as the night, clever, strong, and dangerous

Bagheera, the black panther, was not happy about this

The black panther ran quickly to the crowds of monkeys and started hitting, right and left, as hard as he could.

The people who were waiting began to cross the road, stepping on the white stripes painted on the black surface of the asphalt,

But blindness isn't like that, said the other fellow, they say that blindness is black,

that what we call blindness was something that simply covered the appearance of beings and things, leaving them intact behind their black veil.

There was an old man with a black patch over one eye, a young lad who looked cross eyed, accompanied by a woman who must be his mother, a girl with dark glasses,

the black patch was covering a void, and had nothing to do with the matter in hand,

When the old man with the black eyepatch left and the nurse said there were no more patients in the waiting room, the doctor took out the file of the man who had turned up blind,

For this to be effectively the case, the patient would have to see everything black, if you'll excuse the use of the verb to see, when this was a case of total darkness.

The big black cat turned his head away quickly.

The girl was typical of the region of Andalusia, with flowing black hair, and eyes that vaguely recalled the Moorish conquerors.

Take these, said the old man, holding out a white stone and a black stone that had been embedded at the center of the breastplate.

The black signifies yes, and the white no.

The scabbard was embossed in silver, and the handle was black and encrusted with precious stones.

They came in silence and departed the same way, dressed in black garments that showed only their eyes.

But before she fled, she advised the boy that he had better not try to converse with women who were dressed in black, because they were married women. He should respect tradition.

Several women dressed in black came to the well for water, but the boy would speak to none of them, despite the Englishman's insistence.

Finally, a young woman approached who was not dressed in black.

Astride the animal was a horseman dressed completely in black, with a falcon perched on his left shoulder.

He wore a turban and his entire face, except for his eyes, was covered with a black kerchief.

They were tribesmen dressed in blue, with black rings surrounding their turbans.

A monk dressed in black came to the gates.

Hello. I'm Steven Black.

Our team colors are black and white. Cool.

The whole place has been given a new minimalist look with the company's signature colours of black and red.

The switch itself doesn't light up, but the little square below will be black if the switch is off.

I'm telling you, Don't look back, women in the red and black, Don't look back, they're going to take your heart away,

I'm telling you don't look back, women in the red and black, Don't look back, they're going to steal your heart away,

I'm telling you, Don't look back, women in the red and black, Don't look back, they're going to take your heart away; ,

I beg you don't look back, Women in the red and black, Don't look back, they're going to steal your heart away, ,

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue

Beautiful black eyed women live still in the blooming valleys, and the oldest songs speak of the Cid and the Alhambra.

but, instead of snuff, there jumped up a little black goblin; for the snuff box was a toy puzzle.

This is the black goblin's fault, I am sure.

He had no reason for doing so, therefore it must have been the fault of the black goblin who lived in the snuff box.

But of the little dancer nothing remained but the tinsel rose, which was burnt black as a cinder.

so that I am black and blue all over my body. It's horrible!

it seemed to her as if the old figures on the tombs, those portraits of old preachers and preacherswives, with stiff ruffs, and long black dresses, fixed their eyes on her red shoes.

and that in future Karen should only go in black shoes to church even when she should be older.

The next Sunday there was the sacrament, and Karen looked at the black shoes, looked at the red ones looked at them again, and put on the red shoes.

And now the professor of botany presented himself, one who could explain his knowledge in black and white.

And the black forest snails actually spat at the flower.

When the students come out of class, he walks beside them with a book under his arm, and wearing a black coat.

The sealing wax had come off, and she had turned black;

but black makes one look slender, and she thought herself finer even than before.

White walls, and black myself! that looks well, remarked the Darning needle.

The lady birds, with red and black shells on their backs, and delicate wings, were flying about, and one of them said,

Allah sees the black beetle in the black stone, and the black rock. Is not that written in the Koran? he asked.

Marvel has also given Thor's hammer to a woman, introduced a black, Hispanic Spider Man called Miles Morales and created Kamala Khan, a Muslim superhero otherwise known as Ms Marvel.

After that was decompose. When something decomposes, it breaks down and decays. Much like when fruit goes bad and turns black and then becomes liquid.

And previous trends included colouring in these books have black and white outline pictures that you fill in with colours.

Holding her black parasol very erect, and moving with an indescribable air of expectation, as if she were going to meet some one round the corner,

That sounds wrong. But I guess people are choosing to move away from the traditional funeral you know, in church, people dressed in black, all very quiet

Darth Vader does wear black, at least!

How did you look? Oh, it was just a little black dress and I just had, like, a little fancy witch hat on the same as my sister.

Shonnie and her sister chose a Halloween theme for the funeral and wore witches costumes little black dresses with special hats.