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The first boat leaves at 8 am and the last one at 6 30 pm

Besides the boat tours, there are city buses Two companies offer special services

Each of the floats is dropped in the ocean from a boat at a set point and activated from a satellite

you can hire rowing boats at the boat shed, which you can't see from here

She said that she had met the prisoner on the boat which had carried her and her father from France to England.

We're going on the same boat as Helen.

I suppose he's used to it, Maxim said quickly. It leads to a small bay where we used to keep a boat. Come on, Jasper, old boy, this way.

In the bay was a green and white buoy, but no boat.

At the edge of the woods was a low stone building, a cottage or a boat, house.

Another door at the end of the room led into a small boat, house.

Why is there a buoy in the bay? I asked. There's no boat there. What happened to it? Was it the boat Rebecca was sailing when she died?

A strange name for a boat I'll come back.

And that boat would never come back now.

There was a sound in the boat house and Jasper ran up to the doorway, barking angrily.

I sat on my bed until after five. Then I put on my coat and went down to the bay. I saw at once that the boat had gone.

It was a little sailing boat. It's the boat that belonged to the late Mrs de Winter.

l'm sorry, I said. Must you tell Mr de Winter? Can't the boat be left there?

This was the reason for the strange fear in my heart. Someone had been in the boat with Rebecca that night.

Maxim, I whispered. What are you trying to tell me? Captain Searle told me about the boat. There was someone sailing with Rebecca. You have to find out who it was. That's it, isn't it, Maxim?

I shot Rebecca in the cottage. I carried her body to the cabin, took the boat out that night and sank it.

It's no use now, said Maxim. We have no time. They've found the boat. They've found Rebecca.

There was no moon and it was very dark, Maxim went on. I carried Rebecca's body to the boat.

I laid the body on the floor of the cabin. Then I took the boat out into the bay. I wanted to take the boat a good way out, but the wind was too strong for me.

Rebecca's boat was already sinking. I sat and watched it go down.

Then Maxim began to speak again. I knew the boat would be found one day, he said.

The diver has seen the body. They're going to get the boat up tomorrow morning. They'll find out that it's Rebecca's body in the cabin.

They will think the boat sank when Rebecca went down into the cabin. They'll think she was trapped there.

He is the local magistrate. He has to be there when they get the boat up tomorrow.

Mrs Danvers stared at me. Is it true, she asked slowly, that Mrs de Winter's boat has been found and that there was a body in the cabin?

We found a body in the boat this morning. It is the body of the late Mrs de Winter.

Frith and Robert were in the room and no one wanted to talk about the boat. At last Frith served coffee and the servants left us.

De Winter will have to say that the body in the boat was the late Mrs de Winter. Then the boat, builder will say that the boat was in good order when he last saw it.

Mr de Winter has just finished giving his evidence. There's only the boat builder, Mr Tabb, to speak now.

Tabb, the boat, builder, standing in the centre of the room, was answering the Coroner's questions.

Was the boat in good condition? the Coroner was asking.

Yes, it certainly was the last time I saw it, Tabb said. It was a strong little boat. I can't understand why it sank that night.

Excuse me, sir, said the boat builder. I would like to say something else.

Very well, go on, said the Coroner. It's this, sir. There was nothing wrong with that boat when I last saw it. So what I want to know is this. Who made those holes in the planks? Rocks didn't do it. The boat sank too far away from them. And those holes were made with something sharp.

There were three of them, in different parts of the boat. And that's not all. The sea, cocks had been turned full on.

They must be kept tightly closed when the boat is sailing. Otherwise the sea water comes in.

It was hot in that crowded room, far too hot. I wished someone would open a window. The boat builder was speaking again.

With those holes, sir, and the sea cocks open, a small boat like Mrs de Winter's would soon sink.

It's my opinion that there was no accident. That boat was sunk on purpose.

Then whoever took the boat out that night also made those holes and opened the sea, cocks. I suppose so.

Her death was a great shock. Then I read about Rebecca's boat and the body in the cabin. So I went to the inquest. I heard the boat builder's evidence.

What about those holes in the boat, Max? You heard the verdict, Maxim told him. I have nothing more to say.

I'll tell you what I think, he said slowly. Rebecca never opened those sea, cocks. She didn't make those holes in the boat. Rebecca didn't kill herself. I say she was murdered.

Proof? said Favell. Aren't those holes in the boat enough proof for you?

Now listen to me, Ben. You remember the lady with the boat. Were you on the beach when she took her boat out for the last time?

He looked like an Arab, which was not unusual in those parts. Africa was only a few hours from Tarifa; one had only to cross the narrow straits by boat.

He lives on a beautiful old boat in Paris.

Back on his boat he reads the newspaper stories.

I'm going to get on my boat and sail away;

When it was over, two boys happened to pass by, and one of them said, Look, there is a tin soldier. He ought to have a boat to sail in.

So they made a boat out of a newspaper, and placed the tin soldier in it, and sent him sailing down the gutter,

for the rain had been very heavy. The paper boat rocked up and down, and turned itself round sometimes so quickly that the tin soldier trembled;

Suddenly the boat shot under a bridge which formed a part of a drain, and then it was as dark as the tin soldier's box.

Ah, well, if the little lady were only here with me in the boat, I should not care for any darkness.

The boat sailed on and the rat followed it.

He was too close to it to stop, so the boat rushed on, and the poor tin soldier could only hold himself as stiffly as possible, without moving an eyelid, to show that he was not afraid.

The boat whirled round three or four times, and then filled with water to the very edge;

He now stood up to his neck in water, while deeper and deeper sank the boat,

Then the paper boat fell to pieces, and the soldier sank into the water and immediately afterwards was swallowed up by a great fish.

But all was not yet over. A boat, in which were a few young girls, came rowing up.

The boat now came close to our beetle's ship, and the young girls fished it out of the water.

Have you ever had one, Dan? When I was 14 I fell out of a canoe into a river and got stuck between the boat and a rock with my head underwater.