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Perhaps she's crying because she couldn't go out with Mrs Reed in the carriage this morning, suggested Bessie.

I hate going out in the carriage, I said quickly.

I gave her a carriage and jewels, in fact I threw away a fortune on her, just like any fool in love.

I heard her carriage arriving.

One day when Mr. Rochester was out alone on business, a stranger arrived in a carriage, and introduced himself as an old friend of the master's.

Now, doctor, is Mason ready to be moved? I have a carriage waiting outside.

and so there were no witnesses to see Mason being helped downstairs and put in the carriage.

I'll do my best, Dick, as I always have done, replied Rochester, shutting the door of the carriage, which rolled away.

and Mr. Rochester had gone to London to buy a carriage for his wedding.

Well, you must see the carriage I've bought, Jane. It will suit Mrs. Rochester perfectly.

I insist, Jane. Today I'm taking you in the carriage to Millcote to buy you some elegant clothes.

I hired a carriage to drive there at once.

Suddenly a large old carriage drove up, and a large old lady sat in it

Now all the people went out of church, and the old lady got into her carriage.

and he lifted her in the carriage, but her feet continued to dance so that she trod on the old lady dreadfully.

And he poured out a great glass of mead, and went out with it to the dead grandmother, who had been placed upright in the carriage.

Then he put her on a carriage, and drove off to the town with her, to where the apothecary lived, and asked him if he would buy a dead person.

And Great Claus was so frightened that he jumped out of the surgery straight into his carriage, and whipped the horses, and drove home.