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I don't think I could have done it in cold blood

Holmes was cold and stern and silent

Holmes's cold thin fingers closed round my wrist and led me forward down a long hall until I dimly saw the murky fanlight over the door

It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen

His hair was fair and the skin on his face which used to be pink was red and rough from cheap soap old razor blades and the cold of the winter that had just ended

His face was the clear thinking cold face of a man of about thirty five

It was bright with cold light

The cold faced young officer stepped into the cell

The door was opened and a smell of sweat came in with the cold air

He felt very cold and shook uncontrollably

He had met her by chance in the park on a cold day in March

Two days later Yesterday afternoon was misty and bitterly cold, but I walked the four miles to Wuthering Heights and arrived just as it was beginning to snow

But instead, my fingers closed around a small, ice cold hand! It held my hand tightly, and a voice cried sadly, Let me in Let me in

As soon as the cold fingers let go for a moment, I pulled my hand quickly back, put a pile of books in front of the broken window, and tried not to listen to the desperate cries outside

But I did not want them to stay out in the cold all night, so I kept my window open to look out for them

Mr Edgar put his head out of the window and called to his wife, Don't stand there in the cold, love! Bring the person in, if it's anyone special

How strange! I always thought everybody loved me! Now they are all my enemies ? Isabella and Edgar and you! I'll die with cold faces around me! I've had terrible dreams these past few nights, you know

The cold air seemed to calm her

I wish I were a young girl again, wild and free, out on the moors with Heathcliff! Open the window again, wider this time! Why won't you? Because I don't want you to die of cold, I replied

Mr Edgar caught a bad cold, which seemed to get worse and worse

Come and visit me! As she kissed me, her face felt as cold as ice

You'll catch a bad cold or a fever! Leave me alone, Ellen, he replied

There was such a freezing cold wind, and such heavy rain, that we all stayed indoors

I used to hate coming home when it was almost dark, with ice cold fingers and toes, feeling miserable because Bessie, the nursemaid, was always scolding me

The red room was a cold, silent room, hardly ever used, although it was one of the largest bedrooms in the house

What? cried Mrs. Reed, her cold grey eyes full of fear, staring at me as if I were a ghost.

He was a tall, thin man dressed all in black, with a cold, stony face at the top of the column.

I got dressed quickly in the bitter cold of the room, and washed when I could.

When the bell rang again, we all went downstairs, two by two, and silently entered the cold, badly lit schoolroom for prayers.

I stood alone outside, watching some of the stronger girls playing, trying to forget the bitter cold, and thinking about my life.

It was freezing cold in all the rooms.

Miss Temple did not reply. She looked straight in front of her, and her face was as cold and hard as marble.

Jane, your feet are cold. Lie down with me and cover them with my blanket. I did so.

I waited, cold and tired, in his room for what seemed a very long time.

I'm glad I happened to be awake, I said, but I must go now. I'm cold.

Why don't you tremble? I'm not cold.

I can prove that you're cold, and ill, and a fool, she said.

Listen. You're cold, because you're alone. You're ill, because you lack love. And you're a fool, because love is near you, and you won't take one step to reach it.

Please go back to your rooms. You'll catch cold otherwise.

My blood ran cold. It wasn't Mrs. Fairfax or any of the servants, it wasn't even Grace Poole.

"That man nearly made me his mistress I must be ice cold to him, " and ice cold is what you'll be.

I spent another night on the moor, but this time the air was cold and the ground was damp.

Their brother, however, seemed stern and cold.

Although his cold manner made it difficult for me to talk to him,

I felt cold and unhappy. No doubt Mr. Rochester had left England for a life of wild pleasure in the cities of Europe.

It was a delight to see Diana's and Mary's faces when they arrived cold and stiff from their long journey,

From then on his manner towards me was as cold as ice, which caused me great pain.

He's good and great, but as cold as ice.

The room was cold and dark, and there was a horrible smell in it.

It sat very quietly on the chair in the cold, dark, dirty room, and looked at the table.

The creature had a cloth over its head, because of the cold.

The cold inside him made his eyes red, and his thin lips blue, and his voice high and cross.

The frost in his heart made the air around him cold, too.

In the hottest days of summer his office was as cold as ice, and it was just as cold in winter.

It was cold, frosty, foggy weather.

It was very cold in the cupboard, and Bob had to wear his long white scarf to try to keep warm.

Now the fog was at its thickest outside, and the cold was biting.

It was dark and cold outside.

and it was a clear, cold, winter day, with snow on the ground.

It's nothing I've got a cold, that's all.

Why did his cold heart beat faster when they went past, shoutingMerry Christmas! ?

Inside, in the long, cold, silent classroom, a lonely boy sat reading near a small fire.

There was cake and hot meat and bread and cold meat and fruit, and all kinds of drinks, on a long table near the door.

The food, the room, the fire all disappeared, and they were standing outside in the cold, snowy streets on Christmas morning.

Two men lived here in this cold, unfriendly place, far away from their families, but the spirit smiled to see them shake hands, wish each other a merry Christmas, and sing a carol together in front of their fire.

It's sad to think of him sitting alone in his cold room.

They were thin and poorly dressed, with cold, mean eyes and dry, yellow skin, and their faces showed only a frightening and murderous hate.

Scrooge's body shook, and he felt cold.

No fog at all, a clear, bright, cold day, golden sunlight, blue sky, sweet clean air, merry bells.

You've been away for a long time, said the Marquis, with his cold, polite smile.

Darnay was taken to the prison of La Force and put in a cold empty room with a locked door and bars across the windows.

Madame Defarge said nothing; her hand was cold and heavy, and Lucie felt frightened of her.

Her voice was as cold as her hand.

The older brother's voice was cold and hard; he seemed to think the boy was less important than a horse or a dog.

You are wrong, I could never forget you, said de Winter in a cold, hard voice.

Far below us lay the sea. I felt cold and a little afraid.

The sun was setting now and the air was cold and clear.

The waiter brought me tea that was nearly cold.

I washed my face with cold water and came out of the bath, room at once.

You haven't got a cold, have you? said Mrs Van Hopper when she saw my face.

The hand she placed in mine was cold and heavy, like something dead.

The woman began to speak in a cold, lifeless voice.

The room was cold. The fire was laid, but not lit. I looked round for a box of matches, but I could not find one.

I thought I would light the fire in the library. It's rather cold in there.

My dear, the water is always far too cold here, said Beatrice.

The path was steep and the trees were thick, and dark. It was cold now and my legs ached.

The weather was wet and cold for over a week.

I could see the sea from the terrace and the lawns. It looked cold and grey.

I am so much older than you. I felt cold and frightened.

It was cold and smelt of the flowers in the Happy Valley.

What is it? I said. What have I done? When Maxim answered, his voice was cold and hard.

His eyes were cold and hard, not the eyes of the man I knew and loved.

Clarice had brought me some tea. It was cold now, but I drank it.

I hear the servants call ing you Mrs de Winter. And all the time, the real Mrs de Winter, with her smile and her lovely face is lying cold and dead in the church.

Just before seven, the rain began to fall heavily. I opened the windows to let in the cold, clean air.

The early morning was very cold. The sky was dark now and there were no stars.

Have you been with the Bandar log, the Monkey People? Mowgli could hear that Baloo was angry, and he saw too that Bagheera's green eyes were cold and hard

this is not some cold one catches, I'll take a turn round the block and it will pass.

It’s a cold March day in Nome, Alaska.

During the cold winters, ice and snow kept ships and planes from bringing supplies.

Although it's cold and snowy there in the winter, the earth is baked so hard in the summer sun that rainwater can't penetrate.

But when he thought to complain about the burden of its weight, he remembered that, because he had the jacket, he had withstood the cold of the dawn.

When he was finally able to concentrate on what he was reading, he liked the book better; the burial was on a snowy day, and he welcomed the feeling of being cold.

The travelers adopted the practice of arranging the animals in a circle at night, sleeping together in the center as protection against the nocturnal cold.

Then he turned to the boy: this time his expression was cold and distant.

The desert nights were cold, and were becoming darker and darker as the phases of the moon passed.

If you feel cold while you're there and need the radiators on, this needs to be turned to maximum.

When the tourists go and the cold winds blow, And my girl is on a plane, home

That cold north wind they call La Bise Is swirling round about my knees, Trees are crying leaves into the river;

Lords and ladies lie in stone, Hand in hand from long ago, And though their hands are cold they'll love forever,

But like a lost bird in the cold night air, She is lonely

It was terribly cold and nearly dark on the last evening of the old year, and the snow was falling fast.

In the cold and the darkness, a poor little girl, with bare head and naked feet, roamed through the streets.

So the little girl went on with her little naked feet, which were quite red and blue with the cold.

Shivering with cold and hunger, she crept along; poor little child, she looked the picture of misery.

She had drawn her little feet under her, but she could not keep off the cold;

besides, it was almost as cold at home as here, for they had only the roof to cover them, through which the wind howled,

Her little hands were almost frozen with the cold.

Then the match went out, and there remained nothing but the thick, damp, cold wall before her.

where there was neither cold nor hunger nor pain, for they were with God.

the wind caught them so that they danced about, and up in the air it was very cold.

for mere cold; yes, it was enough to make one feel cold to think of this.

They uttered a very peculiar cry, spread forth their glorious great wings, and flew away from that cold region to warmer lands, to fair open lakes.

And the winter grew cold, very cold!

while outside it was freezing with a cold far more severe than in the winter with us.

Every day he read in the book, and while stretched on his cold couch, the holy words he had learnt would come into his mind

That very morning the letter had arrived from the cold regions of the north; there, where the absent one was sweetly sleeping under the protecting hand of God.

Oh, open the door! I am so cold and wet through, called a little child outside.

He was shivering with cold; if he had not been let in, he would certainly have perished in the storm.

He looked like a little angel, but was pale with cold, and trembling all over.

I am really rich! How frightened I was when I lay huddled in the sack, and the wind whistled about my ears when you threw me down from the bridge into the cold water!

and as Inge fell she shuddered in every limb, and soon became cold and stiff as marble.

Yonder it is cold and wet. The rats are eating her up alive! Nobody knows of it! Nobody hears of it!

It became very cold, the dew fell, and the wind blew; so he thought the best thing he could do would be to return home.

so she took up the poor head with the closed eyes, kissed the cold lips, and shook the mould out of the beautiful hair.

Oh, it is very cold, said the little mouse, or else we should be so comfortable here, shouldn't we, you old fir tree?

The cold wind blew over the bowed backs of the willows, so that they creaked again.

Last night it was very cold. Well, for me, lying in a hammock under a palm tree on a tropical beach with a cool breeze.

I see Well, what about cold loving extremophiles?

Got an example of that, Dan? The most famous example of this is the Cold War.

Well I love to combine hot sausages and cold vanilla ice cream. It's delicious!

Where's cosy for you Dan? Oh that's easy. On a freezing cold day, it's tucked up in bed with a nice cup of tea.

and not from the sluggish English, or the cold Scotch; but more profoundly, she had ruminated the other problem, of rich and poor,

Our hairs do rise! Yes Tim, they do. We get goose bumps when we're cold, scared, or excited.

there's nothing more refreshing than an ice cold bottle of water straight out of the vending machine

It's just a case of the sniffles. The sniffles is an informal way of saying a cold or flu.

In a survey conducted by Nuts magazine that asked its readers how long they took to recover from a cold or flu,

Man flu is the tendency that many people believe men have to complain about a minor illness, such as a cold or flu, and act as if they were suffering from something a lot more serious.

I asked you in a survey conducted by Nuts magazine that asked its readers how long they took to recover from a cold or flu,

Our first was the sniffles. If you have the sniffles, you have a cold, informally speaking.

Then we had man flu. That's is the name given to the situation where a person, often a man, tends to complain and exaggerate a small illness such as a cold.