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and how we can better plan our cities using trees to provide a more comfortable environment for us to live in

Initiatives such as this can give women the economic skills and knowledge they need fo r a comfortable independent retirement

so they're much more comfortable now

They made sure he was not comfortable and was in slight pain

The new cell was more comfortable than the others he had been in

They put Catherine on a comfortable sofa, cleaned her wound and fed her with cakes and wine

OK. In that case the quickest and most comfortable is a cab and of course there are always plenty available

I hope that you're all wearing your most comfortable shoes and that you can keep up the pace

We went to her warm, comfortable room upstairs.

No, sir, not because of that, but because you forgot about it, and because you care whether a servant of yours is comfortable or not, I gladly agree.

They were large, round, comfortable looking men, with books and papers in their hands.

Now they were in another place, in a room which was not very large, but comfortable.

He isn't at all happy or comfortable, although he's rich.

As he was walking, he suddenly noticed one of the comfortable looking gentlemen who had come to his office to ask for money for the poor.

Dr Manette was now well enough to work as a doctor, and he, Lucie, and Miss Pross led a quiet, comfortable life.

The library was a large comfortable room. Its walls were covered with books from the floor to the ceiling.

I think you will be very comfortable there.

But this is a very charming room. I'm sure I shall be comfortable here.

And I'm sure we'll be very comfortable in these rooms.

He was comfortable, the master of his house.

Of course, Maxim said. I prefer to be comfortable.

I'm in Eastern dress, too. I'm wearing a veil and lots of jewellery. I'll be cool and comfortable. That's all that matters.

He told himself that he would have to start reading thicker books: they lasted longer, and made more comfortable pillows.

Now, she can wear the rubber tail all day and stay comfortable.

The soft gel makes artificial body parts much more comfortable to use.

What struck me was that when people became more comfortable with me and less suspicious, we really connected with each other in a meaningful way.

He crept into a fold of the damp linen, which certainly was not so comfortable a place to lie in as the warm stable, but there was nothing better,

We live here, they said, and we are very comfortable. May we ask you to step down into this rich mud, you must be fatigued after your journey.

The following day passed very pleasantly, and the next was tolerably comfortable; but on the third it became necessary for him to think of getting food for his wife, and, perhaps, for children.

It is very comfortable here, he said to himself, and soon after fell asleep.

Then, when I have made a step forward in the world, and found out a comfortable position, just as I could wish it to be,

Oh, it is very cold, said the little mouse, or else we should be so comfortable here, shouldn't we, you old fir tree?

Well, if you grow up in a small town, it can feel claustrophobic which means not having enough space to feel comfortable.

Cosiness, meaning warm, comfortable and safe.

And finally we had cosiness. Cosiness comes from cosy, which means warm, comfortable and safe.

That's the feeling of being warm, comfortable and relaxed.

It does look cozy at least that's warm comfortable and relaxed,